“Not to speak is to speak…”

In the words of the courageous, braver-than-brave martyr, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who died by hanging for defending Jews in Nazi-Germany, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

This pastor is spot on and shares far more eloquently than I could ever pen. Pastor Hamrick is likely a Deitrich Bonhoeffer of today.

8 thoughts on ““Not to speak is to speak…”

  1. I wish this had been preached a month ago. It is powerful. I had already posted it on FB, but I am afraid that many who need it will not listen. God gave me an opportunity to post it on someone’s FB page that I am praying will be seen by many will see.

  2. Hi Linny, I love following your blog. I love to hear about your lovely family. I so admire the family you have built and the obvious joy and love you share. The work that you and your husband, and Emma and Josh and so, so many others are doing, is truly the work that Christ calls all of us to do. But I must respectfully say that I cannot believe that you can compare this preacher to Deitrich Bonhoeffer. Or that anyone can compare the policies of the Democratic Party in America today to the policies of the Nazi Party in 1930s and 40s Germany. I am not American and I find it so interesting to watch from the outside what is happening in your country. Listening to this sermon has given me a glimpse into the thoughts of those whom I have a difficult time understanding, and that is always useful in building relationships and understanding.

  3. I’m slightly surprised and a bit sad that you seem to support the current administration. Speaking one’s heart surely is important… so at least we agree on that.
    And praying our country (and the world) can learn and heal from the divisiveness, no matter which party prevails.

  4. Thank you Linny for your bravery in posting this. I have been a lukewarm Christian too long. I have always voted for a pro-life candidate but never spoke publicly about politics. But the events of the past year have caused me to reassess my cowardice. Voting is not a personality contest but rather a statement of solidarity with those whose actions most closely support my beliefs. When the Supreme Court sided with the casinos over the churches I reached my limit. Like you I am a mother of teens and I am scared of the future the other side envisions. I am proud that my pastor is one of the very few here in California that speaks out and holds indoor services to those of us who need to be with other believers. Thank you Linny from your Sister in Christ

  5. Jack Hibbs from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, Cali has been doing sermons like this for months….He is unapologitic about what he teaches on Chapter by Chapter verse by verse. He was one of the first pastors in the nation that opened the doors of the sanctuary on the 31 MAY and has not closed even with threat of the stuff Newsome throws at churches. GOD is his Head and he calls all the time for pastors to follow the Lord not what man throws at them….So nice to hear that this pastor does the same thing…Thanks for sharing it…I had not heard of this pastor. Praying for our nation…

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