Skunk in the Coup – Part 2

It was sweet how people wanted to know what happened in the chicken coup the other night. So here’s “the rest of the story”….

I want to clarify what I wrote the other night. I had misunderstood a bit. As Graham was running toward the house screaming, he did manage to tell Emma it was a skunk. She may look all sweet and shy but she is a “stinker” (pun intended) and decided it was too fun of an opportunity to pass up. He was leading the way and she shrieked, “the skunk is chasing us!” to which Graham jumped about 3 feet in the air and ran even faster. I love that daughter of mine!! =)

After the kids came in Dw then waited a bit and went back out toward the coup and met the skunk who had seen one of our little kitties and was chasing it. Did you know how fast a big ol’ fat skunk can run? Dw said that skunk was high tailing it after that kitty and he could not believe how fast it was chasing it.

At that point we decided to just leave well enough alone. But we wondered about Ezekiel and the two other chickens and we prayed for them. =) Yes, we love our critters.
On Thursdays I meet Chelsea for prayer at 6:30am and woke up at 4:30am. I was praying for my kids and then I started praying for the chickens and Ezekiel again. Ezekiel always starts cock-a-doodling about 5:15am and so I kept watching the clock and praying to hear him. Nothing.

I took my shower at 5:30 and still nothing. I was praying intently. I just love that fluffy white ball of Rooster.

After my shower I was fumbling around in the dark finishing getting ready as Dw slept (or so I thought). At exactly 5:41am I heard his sweet cock-a-doodle doo! Yippee Jesus! I was elated!! The second he started crowing I heard Dw say, “Oh praise the Lord. I couldn’t go back to sleep thinking that something had happened to him and how upset you would be.” Quite a heart change for my man who has despised my roosters over the years and I had no clue that he was lying awake waiting to hear Ezekiel. Miracles do happen! LOL

That day we eventually saw Ezekiel and the other two chickens. We were soooo relieved!

Yesterday we had gone to Farmington for the day to shop. When we got home it was dark and someone needed to go shut the chicken coup door. The kids and I voted for Dw to do it. No one minded doing it until the skunk was in there. Dw wasn’t all that excited either so I said I would go with him. Our yard was absolutely pitch dark and there are lots of shrubs and brush and huge plants.

Dw was carrying the flash light and leading the way. There is just something a bit unsettling about following the leader who has the flash light and I was feeling a downright skittish. I mean, after all, a skunk is a skunk.

When we reached the coup the door was shut again. Ugh. I suggested Dw look in the window of the coup. It is up high and I could not look in unless I was on a ladder or stool, but my 6’2″ hubby could without much effort. I was right beside him when he got up on his toes and peeked in. He instantly grabbed my arm, screamed “there it is” and turned to run.

I almost passed out. I hate skunks!! I turned to run and he stood there laughing his head off. I was weak at the thought. What a dork! Trying to freak me out. He thought he was just so funny. He just stood there and laughed and laughed and laughed. It’s okay though. His day is coming ….it’s not my style to get mad – I get even! =)

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