The Blog Lurker Arrives!!

I have been so excited that my blog lurker friend was coming! The plan was for Lori and her family to get their camper set up and then we would meet up on Saturday. So Friday we were headed as a family to dinner at a friend’s house when a text came in from Lori saying that they had arrived in Durango! Since we were on the road, I was even more excited! Maybe we were passing them at that very moment.

The kids and Dw have teased me mercilessly that maybe Lori isn’t really a she, but rather a he, so about the time the text came saying that they were in town – we were passing The Home Depot and there was man, walking shirtless, down the side of this busy road. Pointing at the man, Graham said, “Oh look Mom – there’s Lori!”
Saturday we met (finally!) at the ice rink where our older kids spent a couple of hours ice skating together! My kids came home saying they’d had a great time. Also, I am very happy to report that Lori is indeed Lori, and just as sweet and fun as she is on her blog! =) It was so very wonderful to hug her neck in person!
Yesterday evening her whole family came for dinner and we sat around for hours and laughed and ate and talked and laughed some more. They are super wonderful people and we have had a blast. Isaiah and Lucy look so precious together, too, and have giggled and played with each other ever so nicely!
A Mouthful of Whipped Cream – straight up……..

Lucy giggled watching Isaiah chow the whipped cream…….
Graham and Nick…….
Today Lori and family came to church for our second service and Dw, while preaching, pointed out the official blog lurker/stalker who was visiting. People thought it was pretty fun, for sure! I was able to introduce her to some fellow lurkers too. After church our families went to our favorite Tequilla’s for dinner.
Isaiah LOVES Lucy……..

Lucy Joy with Alfred…….
Lucy, Liberty and Isaiah played famously……….Once again, just one more blessing that our gracious and loving Father allows adoption to bring us – precious new “stalker” friends!

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