Emma’s Pictures

I am busy getting ready for my honorary “loyal lurker” (her words, not mine) to come with her family for dinner tonight in our little log home. She has blessed me with sweet friendship, many prayers and much laughter and I can’t wait to hug her neck in person!

Anyway, Emma (15) has loved photography for forever just like her big sis, Abigail. She just got her site up and running, so stop by for a peak – I know she would love it……She named her site Through Emma’s Lens and hopes to one day use her photography to support herself and her work in Africa, as she has known for probably 8 years that God is calling her to minister to the orphans of Africa. Here’s a sample of what she took the other day:

2 thoughts on “Emma’s Pictures

  1. Too, too cute!! Emma is multi-talented no doubt! And it doesn’t hurt to have such a cutie to photograph either!

    Stop dusting and enjoy your day!

    See ya real soon!


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