Dw and Corrie

Thank you so much for your prayers, all you bloggy buddies….so here’s a little update. Thank you Carie for coming and sitting with me during the surgery – it made the time go so much quicker!! xoxo

The surgery lasted just about exactly 2 hours. When Cheryl came out she said, “Wow, it was alot worse than the MRI had shown.” The doctor came out and said he could not believe how bad it was – way worse than the MRI had indicated…..he said it was a “horrible injury”. Owww!

One of the rotator cuff tendons was completely severed in half. Others were torn, but not severed. The doc said that most of his bicep was torn from the bone. The doc also said that he had a really nice beefy bicep to attach back to the bone. That’s my man – the guy with the beefy bicep! =) Cheryl said maybe we shouldn’t tell him that because he would get a big head. I said, “I know the guy – bald, 53-1/2 years old….naaah, let’s tell him – he needs it!” So here’s to my beefy bicep guy!!

He now has two titanium screws countersunk into his bones. The doc also said he made lots of little holes through the bones to weave his tendons and muscles through the bones. All I can think about is the sound of that little drill going through his bones time and time again….yeeeshh!
I mentioned that our dear friend Cheryl was not only the director of the OR Dept but also was able to assist in the surgery. (Cheryl’s husband is a trauma surgeon but also serves our country and returned from a recent deployment. – They are great friends and really cool people.) Anyway, we were thankful and thrilled to have our friend Cheryl in the OR with him.
When he woke up he looked up at Cheryl and said, “Hi Prinshess Cheryl” (spelling just like he said it)… We have laughed and laughed about Princess Cheryl…I told him though that if he doesn’t follow the doctor’s orders “Prinshess Cheryl” turns into “Atilla the Hun” and will come ruin his day!
After the surgery they could not keep his oxygen levels up so he has come home on oxygen. He is in alot of pain and we spent a great deal of the night up trying to make him feel comfortable.
Your continued prayers are deeply appreciated.
Special Prayer for CORRIE…..

Corrie is an orphan living in the home of a local ministry there in Beij*ng. 

I know that many of you bloggy buddies have a heart for the orphans. I was thinking about it. Ya’ know when my kids are sick I immediately start to pray for them. After all, I am their mommy. I know you do the same.

But who prays the sick orphans? People caring for Corrie are praying, but mommies like you and me just gotta’ pray for Corrie….together asking Almighty God to touch her precious little body and heal her. Please pray with me for little Corrie….she needs a miracle.

6 thoughts on “Dw and Corrie

  1. So glad that the dreaded surgery is over with..and the bright side of it is the discovery of his beefy bicep!

    Corrie is being heavily prayed for on my end! Sounds like God is already at work healing her!

  2. Hi Lynn,
    First of all, glad to hear that your Hubby’s surgery is over and all went well. Will continue to pray for healing and quick recovery! Second, my prayers are with those in China!! Third, I know your family has a special place for those in Africa. I stumbled upon this blog and immediately thought of your family. Not sure if you already follow or not. Just in case you don’t here is the link.
    What an inspiration!!
    Take care and Happy November!

  3. Hi,Mom of many,I love that you have so many kids and you have adopted 2 or3,and you still waiting for that angel form China..So wanderful for you.You must be very happy.
    I am waiting to adopt from my country,I don’t know how much time it will pass(it’s been two years already),until I will see my baby girl in my arms.But I hope it will be soon.:)
    Take care.

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