Before the Bash even Started…..

Friday night my childhood friend (who is also my accountability partner), Joanne (JoJo), came with her hubby, Dave, from the Denver area to help celebrate my big 5-0 with us…it was just so much fun having her here.

Saturday JoJo and I took off and had lunch together at a sweet little mexican restaurant. Then we decided to walk downtown, grab a Starbucks and browse in some of the little shops.

We have an alarm system on our home, which includes a fire alarm system. So while we were heading home we found out that we had a fire alarm going off at home and the fire department was on their way. Jo and I were laughing and laughing. Only in our home would we start our birthday bash with the fire department showing up. I told Jo, it would make a good blog story too.

So Jo and I raced toward the house (laughing much of the way) to find out that indeed the fire department was there. I asked the firemen if they had come to be ready to put out the 50 candles that were about to be lit?!??!! I also invited them to my party, but they didn’t show (party poopers).

The firemen were all very sweet and politely posed for my blog pictures, so glad they could stop by for a few pictures on my special day!


2 thoughts on “Before the Bash even Started…..

  1. Seriously Linn…only YOU! Ok let me the past 6 months you have been kicked by a horse, crashed on your bike leaving gravel STILL stuck in your bee-hind, almost lost consciousness from carbon monoxide, 2 skunk attacks, horses always running away….I’m sure I’m leaving something out but you get the idea. Carie is right, do you have a need for attention woman? Or just willing to do anything for a good blog story??

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