Please Pray for Gracie

Dear Bloggy Friends and Lurkers,

Quite a long time ago I met another adoptive mom, Gayle, through her Journey to Me adoption journal. Gayle and her husband Curtis live in the midwest and have three birth children. Two years ago they had the unbelievable privilege of adopting a baby girl, Gracie, from China. Gracie was born here in the United States and trust me, their story is one worth going back and reading through. Gracie was born with a very serious condition that greatly affects her heart.

This remarkable couple have had many very difficult challenges with Gracie’s health and still this past July went back to China to bring home a precious 7 year old daughter – Selah!! They have weathered difficult storms with Gracie’s health and continue to put their trust in Jehovah Rapha, the healer of broken hearts (literally)! Their families heart for the orphan is huge and they have hopes to adopt yet again!

Anyway, over the course of Gracie’s life the Lord has touched her little body on more than one occasion. But now she is facing very blue days daily. Her oxygen levels are very low and the situation is extremely serious.
I asked Gayle for permission to share their story on my blog. I have heard from so many of you regarding your love for the orphan and how our story has touched your life.
Gracie situation is such that she needs a miracle – whether God uses doctors/surgeons or His own miraculous hand to touch her. BUT the fact is she needs the miracles NOW.

We, as a family, have been praying a great deal for Gracie. But there are times we feel that a situation warrants a time of prayer AND fasting! This is one of those times.

I was thinking about this: How would I feel if I had a child whose life was dependant on a healing touch from Almighty God?? Yes, if my child needed a healing touch I would be praying that someone would rise up and organize a day of prayer and fasting. I know that when Ch*na said “no” to Isaiah, I felt more than overwhelmed and actually very alone in my deep anguish.
We also knew that we knew that only God would be able to move on the Ch*nese Government’s heart to set our little guy free – and that would probably only come through prayer and fasting!! My sweet friends, Jen and Chelsea, empathized and so strongly felt the burden that they came alongside and asked if they could go before our church body and ask everyone to join in a corporate day of prayer and fasting. It was amazing!! People joined together to set a little orphan free! As you all know, God moved in a gigantic, awe-inspiring, gasp-giving way and Ch*na reversed their previous decision. **tears totally welling** OH YIPPEEE JESUS!!

I don’t make my request flippantly. I just ask you to consider “doing to others as you would want them to do for you or your little girl”….would you join Dw and I in a day of prayer and fasting for little Gracie to be healed by the Lord? We are designating this Monday, November 24, 2008 as a day of prayer and fasting. Fasting is merely missing a meal to take that time to pray. It is saying, “I love food God, but I love little Gracie and want her healed more than I love this meal. Please move on her behalf and heal her heart.” (On this very Monday Gayle will be at Mayo Clinic with Gracie to meet with her surgeon.)
If you would be willing to even write Gayle a note of encouragment you can send it to my email on the sidebar and I will forward all emails to her. Gayle is a precious woman of God who exudes God’s grace and gentleness. You guys would love her, and I still encourage you to check out their adoption journal I mentioned above.
Thank you already on behalf of Gracie, Gayle, Curtis and the other kids! You guys totally rock and are the coolest bloggy friends around! xo

10 thoughts on “Please Pray for Gracie

  1. I will definitely join you in fasting and praying on Monday for Gracie. My heart aches for this family & what they must be going through right now.

    Thanks for sharing…

  2. I am praying and fasting for Gracie. God is so mighty and so ripped with muscles and so powerful. I will ask him to heal her body. We pray to a big mighty and supercool God. He blew me away with Isaiah… He will do it again. I just know it. My thoughts and prayers also will go to her family. What awesome examples of God’s love. 🙂 jen

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