A Car for Emma and Josh

First of all, I’m so tickled you all enjoyed Lincoln’s birth story.   It was especially comical how many of you were rooting for me to be “the midwife”.  But for real, I’m just really grateful that I “didn’t need to wash my hands”.   If you didn’t read the birth story, go back a post –…


You Love Big

I sure wish I could spend my days traveling the country, hugging and thanking each of you for your generous showering of love and provision for Emma and Josh!  You guys are completely incredible!  You all shower so well! You have loved them lavishly and Dw and I personally cannot thank you enough. For this…


An Update on Our Autumn

Special thanks to each of you for your outpouring of kindness toward our only blue-eyed one of the bunch.  It means so much to know so many of you care, are praying and lifting her up around the world.  You guys are the best! The spinal tap revealed that it is not intracranial pressure causing…


Loving Opio

You guys blow us away!! Opio’s surgeries are covered!!!!!!! I mean it sincerely….I’m sitting wiping tears as I try to type.  They are dripping big and beautiful.  Oh how God loves the orphan and how you demonstrated His love yesterday. If only we could get a glimpse of His matchless love for each of us….