“Is She Coming Too?”

Once upon a time we were friends with a family.  There was a dad, a mom and they had kids – an average family in many ways.  As our family spent time with their family we began to notice one glaring reality –  the mom was a very, very, very unhappy person.  She would grumble,…


Loving Opio

You guys blow us away!! Opio’s surgeries are covered!!!!!!! I mean it sincerely….I’m sitting wiping tears as I try to type.  They are dripping big and beautiful.  Oh how God loves the orphan and how you demonstrated His love yesterday. If only we could get a glimpse of His matchless love for each of us….

collage-2015-08-14 (3)

Beautiful YOU.

Sunday Graham and Savannah came over after church.  It was so good to see them – we missed them so much!  The day was filled with yummy food and laughter, a wild game of Settlers of Catan, homemade gluten free pie and much laughter and throughout the day we sat together telling Graham and Savannah…


Mr. Isaiah

Thank you all for praying for Isaiah. At every turn we saw God’s favor and it was quite evident that the Lord had prepared the way.  I could totally tell you guys were praying with us!! Such a comfort to this mama!!! The surgery was longer than expected, but our Isaiah did so well!! They…



Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have given so generously. Each shirt, each pair of pants, each sock and each shoe purchased is not taken lightly. We are overjoyed at your response! You are officially part of #GemOfAWedding Just think…it’s not every day that a missionary gets married and it’s really not…

Bear With Me….

Some days are just easy to skip through.  Exciting times.  Joyful events. Then there are other days.   The kind that are marked by grief.   Or sadness. Or trauma.  Still others serve as a solemn reminder of events that were difficult or painful. For one bloggy friend, today is the birthday of her oldest…