She Walks

Ever so slowly she walks, balancing the jerry can on her head.  She pauses when she reaches me and stops to talk in broken English.  I tell her how I admire her ability to balance that heavy can on her head.  She slowly smiles.  I ask if I can take her picture, which brought a giant grin!  She’s thrilled I want her picture.

When she turns to leave, I thank the Lord for the water that flows freely in our home.  The only water she will have in her home is the water she’s carrying on her head and in her hand.


Later I notice this little guy.  Not much older than six, he struggles as he maneuvers the jerry cans that are 1/4 of his own size.  His family will also have water – when he reaches home.


Later I meet the man who lives in the home below.  He made his own home out of plastic sheets he found.  I can’t imagine what he does during rainy season.  IMG_5997He cooks the fish he catches on his “stove” below.    IMG_5998


Just a teeny-tiny bit of reality from Africa this Thanksgiving.

When I am tempted to get aggravated about dumb, insignificant things, I remember my friend carrying her water and the man I visited. 

Then I pause to regroup and thank the Lord:

For my Bible.

A spouse who not only is a blast to be with, but my best friend and a godly man.

The fact that we will be surrounded by 12 of our 14 treasures this Thanksgiving (a rare treat), 3 spouses and 5 of our 9 grands making for a total of 22.  

The clean water that runs freely from all the spouts in our home.

The beautiful home we live in.

Time with my grands.

A car in the driveway.

A flyswatter.  (I despise flies.)

Our pool out back.

The chairs we sit in.

The privilege of homeschooling.

Our cozy bed with the pretty comforter.

God’s faithful provision every single day.

My liver not having any permanent damage after having liver failure.

A squishy pillow for each of us.

A computer.

Pictures hanging on the wall.

A prayer request we’ve had for many years being answered in a dramatic way!

And the list goes on and on and on and on and on….

What are you thankful for?

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. 

I Chronicles 16:34


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