Treasures, Sibs and Grands

A little photo peek into our Thanksgiving.  It overflowed with all it should:  Thanksgiving and Gratefulness!  The Lord has been so astoundingly faithful to us this past year.  I cannot praise Him enough through weepy eyes!  He has done great things and a week with the grands was just that – GRAND!  (Albeit way, way, way, way, way too short!)IMG_4577IMG_0457IMG_0356IMG_4598The tramp was the all-time favorite place of the kids and even us adults!

IMG_0355IMG_4678IMG_4589IMG_0266IMG_0318Ruby loved all the flurry of activity.

Celebrating with the grands in the most delicious way….while their parents were out together.  Cause it’s in the job description of being a Mimi and Jaja/DeeDee/Poppa/Boppa.   (Poor guy, every set of grands calls him something different.  But I’m Mimi to all.) IMG_4602

The grands and kids and I did a craft time and made little silverware holders out of burlap ribbon.  I’m an enormous fan of Buffalo check as every Buffalo-born girl should be.  And the upside is they can be used at Christmas too!   It made our table look extra sweet.




I love seeing my treasures love each other.  IMG_4671

Oh yeah.  We had seven dogs here as well.  Twenty-two people and 7 dogs (some being puppies!). IMG_0427

We played games too!  A donut eating contest, a marshmallow relay and left-right-center.


And what do we call all this?

Never enough!

Hurry home to the rest of our pile.  

And Birdie’s thoughts on everyone going home, whichIMG_0527.

echo my thoughts…

Please, please, please hurry back.

And….tomorrow the most exciting news I’ve shared in years!! 

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