A Present for You for My Birthday!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday!  It was so fun to read them all!   It was definitely a wonderfully grand day! I have so much to be thankful for!!  My family made sure I felt very loved!  As I was preparing for my birthday it really hit me hard that a few months ago we weren’t sure I would be celebrating another birthday this year.  That’s the reality of liver failure and all that went on this spring.  I cannot ever thank the Lord enough for His healing touch on my life.  He is far better to me than I’ve ever deserved.

Although my liver numbers took months to return to normal, I am happy to say that there is not one bit of liver damage in spite of the liver failure.  Only God!!  He has been astoundingly faithful to us!

Reflecting on my birthday celebration I had an idea!!  I was just thinking about how grateful I am for each of you and thought it would be fun to pass a “thankful gift for you” along on my birthday and through Thanksgiving Day.   Dw was able to have Amazon lower the price of my second book – The Memorial Box on Amazon!  So we are having a “I’m So Thankful for You my Friends” sale on The Memorial Box through Thanksgiving!!


Since my birthday was 11/16 we were able to lower the price to $11.16 on Amazon!  Now is the time to grab it and snag some for Christmas gifts as well too.


Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.57.38 AM

It’s also available on Kindle now too!!  Yippee Jesus!!

Lastly, Amazon has a ‘donate to nonprofit’ ability…which costs the consumer zero.  And the beautiful news is that our ministry, International Voice of the Orphan, is listed because we are a 501c3.  Which means that if you go to Smile.Amazon you can search International Voice of the Orphan and select it and in turn each time you make a normal purchase using the “Smile.Amazon” site, your purchase will automatically donate .5% to IVO to feed the orphans!!  How cool is that?  The donations this month through Smile.Amazon paid for 600 meals to orphans and vulnerable children!  That means that friends shop for whatever they want on Amazon and because IVO is their choice for nonprofits, they provided 600 meals in one month!!

So with Christmas coming, if you are shopping on Amazon, please choose IVO as your nonprofit and feed the orphan!

Grateful to be alive and so grateful for each of you this Thanksgiving season!!

2 thoughts on “A Present for You for My Birthday!

  1. I purchased both books and had them downloaded to my Kindle. So many tears of shock, sorry and happiness have been shed. Many Blessings to you and your family, Linny.

    1. Thank you Robin! So grateful you read the books!! God’s astounding faithfulness has been our sustaining peace! If you were to review the books on Amazon it would be greatly appreciated. People often stumble across them while searching for something to read and we pray that God will use our stories to turn hearts to Jesus and also to the orphan!

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