Pausing to Pray….

These last few weeks my heart has had a heavy place in it. This past year two very precious people we know went to be with Jesus.

Many of you remember me mentioning, Brian, a tender-hearted man of God – lover of the orphan and widow. Along with his wife, Cecelia, they were one of the most generous couples Dw and I have ever met in our entire life. Their story is one of compassionate generousity. Not something that can be said about most today. In February of this year Brian went to be with his sweet Savior after a horribly long battle with a very rare and painful cancer. His loss is so hard on Cecelia and their three young kids: Jessica, Brett and Cody – and everyone that knew him!! Dw and I still choke up each time we talk of Brian. Such a precious saint – truly!

Then there is a young man, Joshua. The youngest son of friends of ours and a friend of our Grahams. He was 13 and went to be with Jesus after a horrific and very tragic accident. Josh’s mom, dad and only brother were sitting in the row behind me this past Sunday morning. All through the service, although we have so much to rejoice about I could think of little else except their pain and I kept starting to cry.

Then, of course, there is Stephen and MaryBeth Chapman and their little tiny Maria.

All of these folks are about to celebrate their first Christmas without their precious treasure. My heart cannot even comprehend what that must be feeling.

So in the midst of all your Christmas festivities I am asking each of you to remember those who have lost someone this past year. Pray for them. Bear their burden. Minister to them. Love on them. If you don’t know what to say, tell them you are praying for them. And always be sensitive to their deep pain.

2 thoughts on “Pausing to Pray….

  1. Christmas can be such a heavy time for so many, thank you for reminding us that we are responsible for bearing one another’s burdens. I love your heart Linn, thank you for being a beautiful example.

    Sweet updates on Elizabeth and Elijah! My little ones, Brogan and Teddi, love seeing the pictures of the E’s at hooooome (as Teddi calls it). Brogie’s middle name is Elijah–so he feels a connection to Elijah that is so sweet to watch. Teddi has only been home seven months and is beginning to grasp the meaning of “hooooome” and “family”, she gets so excited when she sees other babies come home. Thank you for sharing with us . . . it is a gift of God’s goodness that I am able to share with my children.

    Christmas blessings to all ~



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