The Plan….

“Man plans his way, but God directs His steps….”
Dw and I prayed together and have been praying and I know many, many of you have been praying also. Thank you!!
This is the plan as it sits right now. He is sitting in the Detroit airport waiting for the fight overseas. It makes me laugh typing that because the skinny on it all is this: Our travel agent doesn’t have reservations for him yet. She is still working on acquiring the tickets and the flight leaves in less than 3 hours…
It is amazing to me how when God writes your story, he doesn’t leave anything dull or bland!! And this is just about as wild as we can get, right?
Three hours before you are supposed to take off and you don’t even have reservations yet. Crazy.
Dw spoke again to both J in DC and her husband and it seemed pretty apparent that God was working behind the scenes because he wants Dw to come for some reason.
Tomorrow night I will kiss that big hunka-hunka man and rejoice that he is here safe and sound and we can proceed with bringing Elizabeth and Elijah home. Praise His name!!
For the record, if you were attending our church last Sunday you would have heard me Skype in via my cell phone here in Uganda to both morning services….. It was really crazy fun to be able to talk FROM AFRICA to our sweet friends who make up the River Church during both services… too fun!!!!….
And then there is this little bit of fun……….I love to be a bit of a stink head and well second service when the phone rang I knew I just had to wait a scond before Dw would say something …and you have to know that the stink head in me just loves, loves, loves to embarass him…he gets all red and flustered and really, there are very few things in life that I find more entertaining than embarassing him a tad…. =)
So when I heard his sweet voice second service I said, “Dw, are we on live?” I could hear him say with great enthusiasm…, “Yes!” To which I replied, “Then it probably is not a good time to tell you that I really miss your body….” I could hear everyone burst out laughing….It was just too fun not to….and yes – I hear he was brilliant red!! Perfect!!

4 thoughts on “The Plan….

  1. Deep red! And folks keep praying… we are down to 2 hours before the flight… they board international and hour before….and so I sit on the cold floor in Detroit awaiting God’s plan. Lord, what are you trying to teach me… ok, I’ll learn – I’ll learn. To Linny —“LYBL” dw

  2. You guys are too cute! And I AM PRAYING! I am so thrilled you will have your hunka-hunka with you… It doesn't sounds as good when I say it!

    Blessings and MUCH LOVE to you both. (And a few hugs and kisses from me to E & E!!!


  3. Oh my goodness I am so excited! OK, so I know this wasn’t the plan but Dw gets to go to Uganda where I knew he wanted to be all along.

    Wow, you guys I know God has Big, Big plans for you guys and I am sure glad you are figuring things out for the rest of the blogger world that your going to have in Uganda someday. So did the tell the director in the baby house to prepare for an empty building because God wants those babies in homes?

    Praying, praying, praying!!!

    PS I know you miss Dw’s body but don’t forget about all of us when he gets there because we would go crazy with no posts.

  4. I second the above post! Please, please keep posting. How would I ever get through a morning of no crying while reading your posts and drinking coffee! I pray DW is there with you soon. Linn, you are so brave and so strong. Like I said before…you are my mentor!


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