Happy Snowy Sunday

It has been so snowy lately. Snow can be so beautiful and romantic and makes me feel like hunkering down in our little log home next to the fire. Of course, I do not have the same sentiments when it is still snowy in March. =( BUT for now we are hunkering down, all snuggled up – and I am enjoying watching the kids chase each other and giggle and laugh (Isaiah and Elizabeth are becoming buddies!) – my dream come true!!

The view out my kitchen window this morning…..

This afternoon I decided to don winter gear and hike around our property ALONE since it was snowing so beautifully out. I thought hiking around in the deep snow when it was so peaceful would be delightful!!
What was I thinkin’? Obviously I wasn’t!! After hiking about 200 feet in hip high snow I thought I was going to keel over. Truly I stopped dead in my tracks and looked around and thought: Where is my escape route out of this stupid idea?? I opted to climb through the barb wire fence and hike up our neighbors partially plowed lane to the Main Road and hike down the Main Road back to our lane. So much for my bright idea!!
The house looked so pretty when I finally headed back that I had to take a couple of pictures of it sitting in the snowy wonderland with the snow gently falling (and that would be our tree in the front window – still decorated and up – waiting for our Tyler to come home in a few days)…so from our Rocky Mountain Home to yours….Happy Snowy Sunday!!

14 thoughts on “Happy Snowy Sunday

  1. oh MY-LANTA! that is a LOT fo snow. coming from a girl raised in the south, 6 years in teh desert now smack dab in the midwest… it scares the poo out of me. but it does LOOK beautiful!

  2. K-Man here!

    Imagine what a great blog post it would be for you (loaded with dramatic pictures) if I tried pull my camper down your driveway for a visit about now!

  3. Those stars are so beautiful. What a gift from God that you get to see them like that EVERY night. The lights from Detroit are to bright to see stars like that here. We would have to go further up north.

  4. Wow Linn! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much snow! Your right, it is beautiful and even romantic. Too cold for me, nice to visit, but I’m too big of a baby to live there. 🙂
    Glad the kids are getting settled in and becoming big buds!

  5. What beautiful stars. What a gift from God to see stars like that EVERY night. The lights from Detroit are too bright to see stars like that. We would have to go way up north. Enjoy, I like to cozy up at home too in the snow. I LOVE snow days!!!!

  6. I just read your amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing and I praise God for how might He is and for the blatant way in which he moved in your life.

    My husband and I are in the process of adopting a child out of our states foster care. So I have been reading a lot of adoption blogs and every single time, God shows his glory. It’s amazing. I’m praying that he will do the same with our journey.

    God bless you and your family!

  7. We’re loving the snow here too, but it’s starting to get a bit old not being able to travel as easily as we’d like!

    Had me laughing about your hiking adventure… know what that’s like!

    And TYLER’S COMING HOME SOON? Where’s the countdown on the blog??? How exciting!

  8. I agree – the snow is sure beautiful here! (Though, what were you thinkin' going out for a hike???!!!!) My grandchildren & I are hoping to go out and do some snow 'sploring (in other words, exploring) tomorrow. We want to climb the huge piles of snow in our subdivision and to see how many icicles we can find. It'll be a blast!!

    Praise God for answered prayers that Elizabeth & Isaiah are becoming buddy-buddy! Yeah God!

    Your description of Dwight wanting to hear the blog comments again & again was hysterical!! Though in his defense, I must say that he did an amazing job on your behalf while you were in Uganda. (As a matter of fact, I actually miss reading his blog entries – maybe he can send out a message sometime soon?? (hint, hint!)

  9. OH I am jealous of your snow!!! We live in southern Illinois and we rarely get snow!!

    I think it is great your son is coming home soon!!!

    God bless!

  10. Linn,

    Your pictures make me miss Colorado! My 3 kids were born in Colorado and we haven’t been there since 2001. However, I do like the warmth of South Texas but I never got tired of seeing Pike’s Peak everyday.

    Dw comments about missing blogging is too funny. He did a fantastic job keeping us updated while you were in Uganda. Maybe he can have a guest post on occasion. You both have a gift for writing and making us want to read more!

    Thanks for sharing. What’s the lastest on Jubilee? We are getting ready to start our six month post placement paperwork for Claire. Can’t believe 6 months are almost gone already!


  11. OHHH I’m jealous! The cabin, the snow, the fire, SO JEALOUS!

    Back at school today…bummed…I know I should love my job, but miss my girls SO much it hurts. Thanks for posting to give me a perk!

  12. Oh how I miss the snow! My husband and I have been talking about where to “retire” and Colorado looks better all the time! I love the windows on the second story of your house and how they form a cross. So beautiful! Lisa C. coxfamilyupdates.blogspot.com

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