While Mommy is On the Phone in the Laundry Room….

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we were looking to hire some staff. I had also mentioned to the Lord that we really, really, really, need the looking to be easy at this season in our lives. =)

Well I also wrote a post a few weeks ago that our dear friends, Steve and Lori, (who also happen to be our daughter Abi’s in-laws) came with six of their kids for a visit. That visit led to hire #1. Yippee Jesus! Steve is joining our staff and together we will partner to see this Four Corners area of Colorado have the opportunity to meet Christ and grow together. We are so grateful for God’s gracious hand in it all.
We have since hired one more new staff person and are interviewing again this week-end. More on all that before long, I pray! =)
Anyway, today I was on the phone with Steve talking about possible rentals in the area. We talked for a quite awhile but the kids (only Elijah and Elizabeth were home) were getting louder in our very echoey, high-ceiling home as they ate their lunch. Just before lunch Elizabeth had pulled out a ton of stuff from the fridge and put it in front of her to assist in her eating time I supposed. No harm. I was right there…..
Except when they grew so loud that I withdrew to the laundry room while still talking to Steve. Amazingly those two kiddos grew very quiet in a matter of a couple of minutes….and no, call me crazy but I haven’t fully remembered the “when toddlers are quiet, better go check and see” rule…….I am getting a refresher course though….cause I came out and found this…..

Yeah, I think I don’t have enough ketchup right here…..

And it smells so good all over my high chair….on top of the Italian dressing that I poured all over the entire thing….

Pictures don’t do it justice, but really, I have two sweeter-than-life African toddlers who were marinading in sauces of all varieties with the floor covered as well. Anyone want a nibble?

46 thoughts on “While Mommy is On the Phone in the Laundry Room….

  1. They are too cute! I know the clean up probably wasn’t fun, but honestly I miss those toddler days. I am praying for God to open my husband’s heart to a little one. They are so precious!

  2. I am totally laughing out loud!! Yes, I’d nibble on those two yummy kiddos any day!

    They are too precious and I bet it was great fun cleaning it up!

  3. Just came to the site, splashing around in God’s goodness. I might stay awhile and come back often. Thanks for letting God wash over us with His grace and mercy through your words.
    Beitos (little kisses) from Costa Rica,
    Sarah Dawn

  4. oh they look positively DELICIOUS!! oh, i had a squeeze parkay moment just like this. . . one was on the floor, and the other was standing over the littler one just squeezing it all over her and giggling his head off. if it wasn’t for visions of butter-soaked kids romping through the house, i would have grabbed a camera. but instead i scooped them both up and plopped them both in the tub. with their clothes on. and trying to stifle a laugh. positively hilarious!!
    your little ones look like that had a fabulous time. i bet their kisses were delicious.

  5. Too funny! At times when I’m on the phone or computer I’m just thankful for the quiet–then I remember once I’m done why we should dread the silence–horrendous messes, or cakes as we call them in our house (because they have so many ‘ingredients’–toys) show up so unexpectedly. Actually it’s fairly quiet right now-I better go check!
    Audrey in Illinois

  6. Bless their little hearts! God KNEW you needed a giggle today, I’m sure! I busted out laughing at the pictures of your precious African treasures.

    Linny, aren’t you glad our God has such a sense of humor?

  7. How I love that you took pictures first and then cleaned up! I have a lesson to learn here…laugh and then clean! Thanks for sharing such a cute story. Am praying much for your family and sweet Autumn these weeks.

  8. It reminds me of when two of mine were young and I was on the phone in the bedroom. My daughter had dropped a carton of orange juice on the kitchen floor while attempting to pour some for her little brother. So what should a responsible five year old do in this case? Take of her socks and her brother’s socks and skate around the room in the O.J!

  9. That is soo funny! Those two are always into something, how cute!

    God Bless you and I’m praying for you and your family.

    Love Denise
    in Michigan

  10. Those two are just the cutest ever. I love seeing pictures like this. Brings back wonderful memories of when mine were toddlers.

    Continued prayers for you guys, for Amber & Isiaih and that the staff interveiw will go well.

  11. As the mother of an African-American 4 year-old, I am always looking for ways to keep her skin moist and get rid of the “ashy” skin. Let me know if this worked. I might have to give it a try. 😉

    Seriously, they are REALLY cute! And you need to make a mental note that when it is quiet, you just might be in for some trouble (or maybe a new recipie).

    Praying for your family.

  12. I have had a horrible week. Tonight I laughed until tears came out!!! Funny doesn’t cover it. I love partners in crime. Maybe ketchup is an old African anti-aging cream? I will have to try it and let you know. Thanks for the laugh. They are just so cute I just want to squeeze them!!
    Peace to you,
    Sheri Keys

  13. I would nibble on those two cuties anytime!! First I’d go for the ears and the cheeks but then would have to have a few fingers and toes- at this point they do look tasty!!

    Sometimes you just have to evaluate- maybe those few minutes on the phone were worth the marinating! They did a good job with the finger painting and had a lesson in gravity at the same time! This is HSing science and art! Way to go with the multi-tasking!

    I will pray for you staffing search!
    Linny, I think you are awesome!
    Blessings from MN,

  14. That was laugh out loud funny. Sort of like the time Stan fell asleep on the couch for just a mintue, to wake up and find Ellie behind the couch covered in diaper rash ointment….oh, she was covered, and so was the back of the couch.
    Have a blessed weekend,

  15. GROAN…. as a mommy who has retreated to a closet to some quiet while on the phone, I sympathize!!!

    That is so awesome that Steve and Lori are coming to live there!! Do you really think that Colorado can handle the two of you?!!?? Seriously…how COOL is GOD???!!!

  16. There is some quote off some cartoon. . .(sleep deprived I can’t think which one)”oooh, I just wanna dunk you in my coffee” lol Yes they are cute as cookies there, but ohhhhh that mess. Glad you can see the fun in it. Glad you are a “cup half full” kind of girl. lol funny what they can do in so short a time frame. :-0

  17. Oh no, tell me it isn’t so. I can totally relate. You know I can. Normally, at our house, it’s white yogurt..yummm. Thinking of you often, Linny. Hugs and prayers!!

  18. I love it that they just continued their marinating as you took pictures! Priceless!!! And I seriously laughed out loud, although you probably weren’t laughing as you cleaned it up. 🙂 They are so precious.

    Hey, we sent beanie babies to Emma today…hope we aren’t too late!

  19. Glad it was your house and not mine!!! Okay mine looked like that just yesterday who am I fooling!!!

    Is that the laptop I see on the table right behind Elijah on the last photo????? I would have had that in the laundry room with me!!!

  20. OK, I am thankful that they didn’t get to the Catalina dressing! Can you imagine? But hey, this is great for sensory development. Who knew? Ketchup and Italian dressing!

    I can’t wait to see their next concoction!!!

  21. Ohhhh girl… I saw that coming from a mile away, LOL. And I only have *one* toddler! But that rule is etched in my mind… any quietness longer than 8 seconds is to be immediately investigated! 🙂

    Too cute!

  22. Linn, I forgot my password, so this is my third attempt to say that I’m sorry we weren’t their to help clean up the mess – after all, you were trying to help me. I’m sure we’ll have many a fun messes between our crews when we arrive.

  23. Bless your heart!! And two of them at it together :-))
    Babypowder, Crisco, dry Tapioca, sharpie markers…. yep, seen it all.
    I’m glad you captured the moment!!

  24. Oh my goodness Linn – I’m *so* happy to hear about the new hire and that it is going smoothly and easily – it’s *exactly* what I’ve been praying for in this season for you and Dw. I know the Lord will bring the right people in to this ministry which is His minsitry.
    Sending love and looking foward to seeing you soon!

  25. I LOVE that you took pictures!!! God bless you, woman, you amaze me! Most of us would have flipped a lid…but not you. Take pictures, chuckle, clean up. Love it! Did you find some fries to dip in the ketchup while you had it so readily available??!!
    Love you and your family!! And yes, I would nibble on them too:)

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