The Gang’s All Here {Well Almost All Are Here!}

My two favorite teenagers are in the house!!! Yippee Jesus they are home!! I’ve seen some pictures, heard several stories already….have cried multiple times at the things they have told me….and I am the happiest mom in the world…God is good. They are home safe. Dw is still sick. Autumn just arrived and said, “Dad, you’re yellow.” I had told him the same thing. I am wondering if the Hepatitis A is flaring up. I’ve heard it can do it for a long time after. As I type he is throwing up in the bathroom.

He has lost 12.5 pounds. But he persevered and told people the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, he challenged pastors to live in purity and faithfulness, he held orphans and worked hard……..all the while leading a team of 15. God is always faithful.

So glad he is home with me….and he loved all I had done around the house……loved, loved, loved it. I will share what I did when I have a few moments. I am going to sit out in the sun with my best friend.
PS It’s not too late to participate in the giveaway that I posted about yesterday!! Please do it….I can’t wait to read your stories….xo

21 thoughts on “The Gang’s All Here {Well Almost All Are Here!}

  1. I bet you ARE ecstatic that they are back home.
    Praying for Dw! What a faithful servant he is though, to press on! What an inspiration :))

  2. So glad they are home. DW looks a little like he did last June! Make sure he is drinking and doesn't get dehydrated again!

    Love to all. – K

  3. Linny,

    So happy to hear that your family is home! We are praying for Dw to feel better SOON!
    We are leaving to get Miss Adahlyn next week!! That would be my memory box item… 2 little chipboard letters… T and A… to remind me that God is faithful. It was 2 weeks "late", according to the worlds ideas, but, we know that God has it all planned out! We are now leaving 8 days after TA!
    Yippee Jesus!!!
    Love you,

  4. Your children are shining….with the love of Jesus…

    I am praying about the next mission trip for Josie-Tatum and me, and Brandon may go with us….God will provide…

    And, I am praying for DW as I type. We bind the enemy from DW and from distracting your family from the work of the Father. May you continue to be strong and courageous. He is Faithful! I pray you feel His comfort, His peace, His joy today and always…


  5. Looking forward to all the heart warming stories. Very sorry to hear DW is still ill, please take him to the doctor, it can be Gallbladder issues, and if he gets one stuck in his pancerous(sp) he can very ill. Paying for him..

  6. So glad they are home. Praise the Lord. And what a great man of God you have there. Even while sick giving the Lord all he's got. I know you must be one proud lady. : )

  7. Bless his heart! He works so hard. Maybe he can try dandlion and milk thistle tinctures. They are great at detoxing, strengthening and cleansing the liver.

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