Shoppin’ With a Purpose

Christmas is speeding toward us
and it is definitely not too soon to begin shopping
Shoppin’ With a Purpose

Sweet friends,  
below are the links to friends around the world 
selling items to help bring their treasures home
Shopping for:
 Your spouse?



 Even that  ornery old Aunt Matilda? ?
{you know the aunt – she belly-aches about
 whatever anyone gives her and says
 “I don’t need anything anyway!” – 
 Go ahead – Rock her world – make a donation in her name!!}
So make yourself a cup of coffee and kick back and shop til’ you drop!!

If you are someone posting a link – 
please read the following four steps

1 – You must link with a permalink 
2 – Your post must be fresh and explain about the child or children you are bringing home and what you are selling  
3 –  You must be a “friend” of mine 
{meaning your face is under ‘follower’ – otherwise we kinda’ feel like you are merely using us and that feels pretty yukky – kinda like having a party and people you don’t know come in and never say hello and eat all the food and leave  – and that would be pretty stinky!  And no it’s not too late to become friends cause over here at our Place Called Simplicity we love meeting new friends – and we are really crazy about friends who are bringing treasures home!}
4 – If for any reason you fail to do any of the above three I will be forced to delete your link {and I really don’t want to do that!}and
lastly –  In the past I have graciously contacted people and tried to work with them to understand that they either have not linked with a permalink or something else.  All of this takes valuable time, which frankly I don’t have any extra of.  So I will not be contacting anyone this time because of their failure to follow the directions. If your link is gone – please read the three simple directions again and make your corrections and then link again.  If you do not know how to link a permalink, then click here {permalink is explained  in that post under the “how do I do it?” section}.
Finally – 
Gasp-giving God 
pour out His abundant blessings 
on this 
Shoppin’ With a Purpose – 
because of His deep love for the orphan!! 

22 thoughts on “Shoppin’ With a Purpose

  1. Linny,
    I'm so thankful you are doing this! I'd so rather be dropping my hard earned money (that I'll be spending anyway to buy Christmas gifts for those I love) to help bring more babies ~ and big kids too ~ home! I've got this bookmarked and can't wait to shop as more links come in!

  2. Thank you so much Linny for offering up your blog to families like ours who are journey toward God's heart and embracing our adorable little gifts – our children. Your blog has encouraged my heart to believe in God even though we may be staring down mountains and giants in our land, He is more than ABLE, He is the God of the impossible! Thank you for your encouragement to live our lives with an eternal perspective and eyes on Jesus!

  3. I have kind of the opposite request. I am looking for someone to make me some Christmas stockings and would love to be able to benefit someone's adoption fund. If you have an etsy store, or would want to make some stockings for us, please email me at barretts08(at)gmail(dot)com. I'm also interested in a homemade felt advent calendar. Thanks!

  4. Hi Linny!

    Thank you so much for doing this!!

    I've uploaded 'Bring Berkeley Home' It is a new blog that I am starting that will be more public. So 'that' user doesn't follow you, but I do!


  5. I'm not adopting (unfortunately) but I'm definitely looking and buying! Thank you, Linny, for doing this for those of us who would so much more love to help families who are helping the orphans than give money to a department store. It makes my heart sing! Jill

  6. So excited you did this Linny! We are in the last two days of our fundraiser for Hip Mom Jewelry and this is such incredibly perfect timing. (as always!)

    56 days 'til Christmas and 56 days (Lord willing!) 'til all my Dumplings wake up in OUR home. Yikes! Did I just say that?!? That means we will have been to China and back in that time. Woohoo!!!!

  7. oh can you leave this linky open for a few days so I can get a fresh post and fresh pictures created?? Thanks again for coming alongside us. . may God do big wowzers!!!

  8. Thanks for doing this Linny. Every year the gifts we give the kids teachers are gifts that we buy in support of bringing one more orphan home. We make sure the teachers know who's life they are changing!

    Love ya!

  9. Thank you so much for doing this. What a blessing for those of us "struggling" to raise the money needed to bring our little ones home! I've had a difficult time because my agency has 'warned' me not to publicly fundraise which has made the journey so much more difficult. But I am pushing forward and know that with God all things are possible (and people like you who offer up your blog to help us spread the word!).

    (BTW…I have a 19 year old daughter named Liberty…don't come across the name very often!)


  10. Thank you, Thanks you, Thank you! We are fully relying on God to provide for this adoption and through you he is working to help all these adoptive families share there stories and sell their items.

  11. Linny, I wanted to thank you for giving our family this chance to broaden our viewers, resulting in possible sales for our fundraisers. I think it is awesome that you are helping other families raise the money they need to bring their child(ren) home.

    I made two purchases from families that are posted now and am looking forward to checking back as more are added.

    Thanks, again, Kelly

  12. What an AMAZING idea!!! Literally this morning I was just telling my husband that I'd like all of our gifts to be used to help adoptive families but I just didn't know how to go about finding all the things adoptive fams were selling!!!

    AND we are selling shirts that say "Live Simply so others can simply live" which reminds me a lot of your blog:)

    I'll go through the steps in a bit to try to sell a few!

  13. I found your blog through friends and was excited to see this post!

    Prior to starting our adoption in Christmas' past we have always tried to find people that we can support or non-profits!

    Now as an adoptive momma, I am blessed to be on the other side- so thank you for creating a platform to help our families raise more support!

    Blessings to you,

    Jessica (

  14. Hi Linny,
    I think I understand that I still have the opportunity to do this? I have been frantically searching for other ways to sell our shirts to help us to go see our beauty in TWO WEEKS!!! So I hope this still works. I would be forever grateful!!!

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