A Call to All Special Needs Parents!!

Hey Parents!!  Did you hear about this?  Are your kids attending? Here’s the skinny, just incase you hadn’t heard of it before!! Undoubtedly Tim Tebow is one of the kindest, most generous young men alive!!  He rocks the worlds of children around the world!  His love for special needs treasures knows no bounds!! Tim Tebow…


He Can’t Sleep….

Do you ever remember wanting something so bad you thought about it day and night?  And perhaps, even though you wanted it more than anything in the entire world, there was absolutely nothing you could do to make it happen? Did you ever want something so desperately that you can’t sleep at night? For some…


China Friends

What an amazingly cool story there is to share today.  The Lord is so good! Several years ago, through another adoptive mom, I heard about an amazing Irish young man who went often to serve the orphans of China.  Soon we became FB friends and before long we began to exchange emails as he desperately…

Be The Crazy One

Be The Crazy One

A few weeks back I stumbled upon a beautiful flower bed.  Well if you’ve been hanging around here for any amount of time, you know how I love flowers.  In fact I’m a sucker for them.  I oooh and aahh at just about any flower I come upon.  My family would tell you I’m addicted….


Sweet Sunday

It’s Sunday!! And that makes it a Sweet day to advocate for the orphan. Okay, okay, okay.   I guess I have to spill it… In my humble opinion, Monday is a Marvelous day to talk about the orphan…actually Tuesday is Terrific Too, Wednesday Works Wonderfully,  believe it or not, Thursday Thoroughly rocks and Friday is pretty Fantastic, Saturday…


It’s Not Too Late!

Check out these pictures!! Do you see the delight on her face? And look at his pleased grin!! He’s swimming!! And how about this little girl’s kinda’ worried expression – She looks like she’s asking her fully clothed friend, “Ummm, are you gonna’ be okay?” And how about this little patriotic missy and these bubbles!!!…