The Proof is in the Puddin’

There’s an old saying, “The proof is in the puddin'”…which, of course means that someone can say anything, but the reality is found in the substance – and in this case, the ‘pudding’.

So this is “The Pudding” post.

More than a year had passed when I was finally able, in October, to head to my most favorite place.  If you’ve been to The Gem Foundation, you know what I’m talking about!   The place where broken-bodied Gems are loved unconditionally!!

I was able to spend time with the Gems and see, once again, for myself the reality of the powerful healing work that is done there!

The day I arrived I was able to play with many of the Gems…like Tony.

I happened to be there (a couple of years ago) on the day Tony arrived at The Gem.  I was actually taken back at his appearance. He had the most hollow eyes I had ever seen.  Tony arrived battered, broken, bruised, horrifically scarred, clearly someone’s cruel punching bag.  I honestly looked at Tony and thought to myself, “He’s gone.  There is nothing left.  He has been so abused.  His spirit is so broken he looks like he’s beyond repair.”

Yes, I know God heals, but for a moment I wasn’t thinking about that. I was thinking only that Tony was the worst case of broken I had ever seen.  It was his eyes. They were completely empty of life, totally catatonic.

And I well with tears thinking of seeing him last month.  He’s the “pudding” proof.  Proof of the healing power of God working through The Gem Foundation.

See for yourself!!  Tony love, love, loves his Mama Emma.  His once-catatonic self now engages and smiles big, huge, miracle smiles!! 


IMG_2197 IMG_2181IMG_2178 IMG_2181

IMG_2182Totally miraculous what God has done in Tony!!

So back to the Pudding….

Most have probably heard that today has become what is known as #GivingTuesday.  I was thinking about #GivingTuesday this morning and how amazing it is that it began five years ago and that it actually comes before Christmas!

Just think about that reality….

Before the usually very over-indulgent Christmas celebration…where people buy stuff for people who don’t need any more stuff so it can take up space with the rest of their stuff that they haven’t used since they got the last go-’round of stuff…so they can eventually buy storage containers for that same stuff that can sit somewhere amongst a bunch of other stuff until there is enough stuff to rent a storage unit somewhere….to store yet even more stuff.  

So five years ago it was started, “Giving Tuesday” where we have an opportunity to give monetarily before Christmas, rather than give from leftovers!

I’ve heard people say they feel bad about the orphan.  Others say they would adopt, if they could.  And some have even said they want to do something, they just don’t know what to do.

So today I present some amazing opportunities to make a real difference.  To “make some pudding”, if you will, and smile as you lay your head down tonight knowing that your lap is about to get filled up, because here’s what God’s word says about giving:

“Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”  Luke 6:38

You know what that verse actually means?

It means that the more we give away, the more God pours into your lap.  You know why? Because He knows He can trust you!!!

Dw and I have found this to be completely true:  You can’t out give God!!  Whenever we give, He pours out more to us!

And so here are some ways to give:

Over at The Gem there a bunch of Gems without any Gem-Friends (also known as ‘monthly sponsors’).  Tony, above, actually is in need of some Gem-friends.  Precious boy, but he has none.

Or how about Jonah? Would you be one of his monthly Gem-Friends?


Or how about Zeke?  He could use you being one of his Gem-Friends!IMG_9832

Or how about being a Gem-Friend to Shafik?IMG_9841

How about precious Johnie??


Or oh-my-gracious this guy!!  Nehemiah!  IMG_9546

Maybe you always thought a girl would be wonderful…and precious Hannah needs some Gem-Friends….maybe she could be yours?  Jennifer loves Hannah and clearly Hannah loves Jennifer.  IMG_9850 IMG_9851

Check out Hudson!!  Look at his smile!!  His Nanny Eva is so much fun!! And Hudson needs some Gem-Friends!


So here’s what I was thinking of all the Gems needing friends (and there are more needing them – I only showed a few)

What about a gift-list like this for Christmas??

Give a monthly donation in the name of someone on your list.…For instance:  January it’s your Uncle George’s month to be Tony’s Gem-Friend…and February it’s your Aunt Matilda’s month to be Tony’s Gem-Friend…and March is Grandma Gert’s month to be Tony’s Gem-Friend…and on and on…and you just give them a little envelope with Tony’s picture in it that says, “You are Tony Gem-Friend for the month of January….no need to dust this off or find a place to store it!!”  

And Uncle George, Aunt Matilda and Grandma Gert and all the rest won’t have to dust that useless stuff you could have wandered around the stores trying to find them. Instead their gift is making a difference in Tony’s or Zeke’s or Hannah’s or Shafik’s or Hudson’s or Johnie’s life…

And you’ll be able to watch the pudding yourself…getting monthly updates…and a special gift for all who become Gem-Friends!!

Find the Gem you would like to become a Gem-Friend to by looking here: The Gems

Or Make a one-time donation here:  Donate


2 thoughts on “The Proof is in the Puddin’

  1. Great idea! A little goes such a long way. I’ve just moved to Zambia for 6 months to work as an OBGYN in a rural hospital and it really highlights this insanity we live in in the Western world when it comes to materialism. People just don’t have a clue how lucky we are or what it means to REALLY need something.
    I’ve been here since Saturday and already we’ve had a lady die because she bled after childbirth and there wasn’t any blood to give her and a man died when we had a power cut because he was on oxygen so the oxygen concentrator was off for 20mins, and we don’t have any oxygen cylinders… Such simple things that would mean 2 people would still be alive.
    This is my blog if you’re interested, although I haven’t written a huge amount yet from this trip (most of it is from my last trip working in a hospital in Ghana).

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