Our Girl Birdie

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve found bonding to be a delicate dance.

Some steps forward, some back, some round-n-round, some waltzing, some tripping, maybe even some head-banging…always overshadowed with large doses of prayer…and then ever-so-slowly things begin to breakthrough…

True smiles begin…..

And they just keep coming…

And most mornings I’m greeted by this expression on her face now…(instead of the ‘oh no, she’s still here’ look)


And it makes mommy giggle…Birdie!! How your mommy loves your new ‘look’!!

and bath time looks like this now with her BFF…

IMG_1989 IMG_1990

And the days look more like this…

IMG_0028 IMG_0025 IMG_0026 IMG_0027


and it’s clear to everyone that her once-broken little emotional heart is beginning to truly heal…

(and typing that makes my eyes leak, thank you Jesus for your healing touch on her sad little heart)

This Thanksgiving we are so grateful that Vern and Birdie are home. 


We needed them.   We really did. They make our lives more-everything.  

And our hearts truly well with joy.  

We have an amazing gig going on – the very best life ever! 


4 thoughts on “Our Girl Birdie

  1. Oh those pics!!! The morning hair…the infectious smile…the sheer joy bursting forth. Every single bit makes my heart overflow with gratitude for the breathtakingly beautiful dance being produced through prayer, perseverance, and the goodness of God!! Thank you, Jesus!!

  2. We are thankful for you and your pile of treasures!! What a wonderful sight to see sweet Ruby and precious Birdie snuggled together!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

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