“Mom! I So ‘Cited For Tomorrow”

Yesterday afternoon I was busy working in the kitchen.  Vern was folding clothes nearby, which is his chore each week.  He turned toward me and said, “Mom, I so cited for tomorrow!”

My mind whirled around, trying to think what ‘tomorrow’ was going to bring and then questioned him, “Why Vern?  What are you so excited about?”

His face broke into a huge grin as he exclaimed, “Me here for Mom’s birthday.”  

My eyes welled with tears and still do as I type that.  Sweet, precious son.  Nearly fourteen years you’ve waited for it to be your turn.  You have a mom!! You have a real-in-the-flesh-mom after all these years!  A mom who couldn’t wait to get you home!  A mom who rubs your sore feet.  Who applies oils to help your broken skin heal.  A mom who makes sure you have your needs met.  A mom who prays with you and for you.  A mom who cheers you on to achieve new goals.

Not a fancy mom.

Not a special mom.

Not a perfect mom.

Just a mom.

And not only is he thankful for his daddy and I, he couldn’t wait to celebrate my birthday, can you imagine?

Oh how many Vernon’s long for a mama and daddy?  To celebrate the days with?  To sleep at night knowing that no matter what someone has their back?  To know that he has a family.  A family name.  Brothers and sisters who lend support when needed.  

This broken-bodied 14 year old son of ours is amazing!  Completely and utterly amazing.

And I have a sneaking suspicion that our Vern represents millions of older orphans.  Just longing for someone to love them.

This morning Dw left to teach at GCU and as the kids straggled out one by one I was ordered back to bed.  Liberty even said, “Go watch a Hallmark movie, mom, and write a blogpost!!!’  They know that writing is my therapy.

Seriously I jumped at the chance, who wouldn’t?  Lounging in bed, writing and watching a favorite Hallmark movie!!

While I kicked back, the kids made me an ever-so-yummy breakfast! (They are so good in the kitchen!!) As they were making it, I heard the clanging and banging of Vern’s walker coming ever so slowly toward our bedroom door.

I had plenty of time to get my cell phone ready.  When he arrived, this is his precious face:



As he entered the room he grinned and bubbled out, “Happy Birthday Mom!!  

This son.  What a joy!

A little later my pile arrived singing:

Gluten-free Pumpkin pancakes, bacon, an egg and berries.  Coffee on the side.

I cannot ever thank the Lord enough for my sweet pile of 14 and I couldn’t imagine my life without each one.  They each add such delight to my own life.

Of course, over the years, there have been struggles.  Life throwing us curve balls we hadn’t anticipated, but oh me, I wouldn’t trade the last 58 years for any other way of living.

No doubt, the Lord has blessed me far more than I’ve ever deserved.

Now back to that Hallmark movie!!

30 thoughts on ““Mom! I So ‘Cited For Tomorrow”

  1. Tears. What a gift beyond description-
    He’s incredible- worth every tear u no doubt shed in the wait for him. What a gift- an indescribable gift given to you because you said “yes.!” Holding this post close to my heart today❤️. Vern, you are incredible. Your parents are immeasurably wealthy in their hearts because of you.

  2. Precious beyond words — your family is such a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing your life, and keeping it real! It is a joy to pray for you and yours. 🙂

  3. That is so precious! I am so happy for Vern, but the others not so blessed keep me up at night. I wanted to do one more older child, but heart arrhythmias and subsequent heart failure and other issues not to mention losing my job have made it impossible. I am so thankful for every one that makes it out in time.

  4. Happiest of birthdays, sweet Linny!! As always, reading your posts and seeing all those precious faces has made my day. Precious Vern! I can’t even fathom his joy! That alone is no doubt one of the sweetest birthday gifts a momma could ever receive!! Praising God for your beautiful boatload!!

  5. Vern’s smile is so infectious! You can just feel his joy and happiness – what a neat kid you have!

    LOVE the singing!

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy, happy Birthday Linny! So blessed by each of your littles! God is so good and I’m so glad you said, ‘yes’ each and every time!!!

    1. Just sharing truth!! We’ve now brought home through international adoption an 8 year old (Jubilee), a 9 year old (Nehemiah) and an about-to-turn-14 year old (Vern) – sweetest treasures and minimal adjustments. If only people would consider these precious treaures more.

  7. Happy Blessed Birthday Linny!!! You are SOOO LOVED by your family and friends, and ALL of us that are encouraged by God through YOU! Blessings and Favor and Love and Joy be poured upon YOU and ALL your family in abundance!!!

  8. Lynne Marris bought me the book Rescuing Ruby. I just finished it. I’m speechless. And now I have added you to my prayers. I’m passing your book on….such an inspiration and a story of Gods love. Thank you 💕

    1. Awww, I love this Anita!! Thank you for praying for us. The Lord has used Ruby in ways that no one would have ever dreamed possible. She’s a miracle through and through. Bless you new friend!!

  9. Happy happy birthday Linny! Thank you for sharing tales of your treasures with us, and always, ALWAYS pointing our eyes to Jesus.

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