Keeping It Alive…

A long time ago we read that “traditions” are important to keep families thriving together and we have attempted to keep some traditions very alive as we parent all these treasures still at home.

So for the last 38 years married we have held the often wild and crazy tradition of hiking acres of land in hunt for the perfect Christmas tree to cut down.

Just about 30 years ago I remember carrying on my hip our first son in almost waist-high snow as we trekked over hills, heaving our bodies through snow drifts in our annual attempt to find “the perfect tree”.   (I’m still thawing out from that one. And yet another reason why I love Arizona!)

Two different years we did have to break tradition because of serious illness (mine in 1984) and when Ruby was fresh out of the hospital after having 4 brain surgeries.  Cause the reality is, if we can’t all go to cut the tree, we will have to come up with another way!!

We have made incredible memories with this crazy tradition. Nothing beats driving down the road belting “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” while sipping coffee or hot chocolate and munching on those chocolate wax donuts!!   A few memories stand out most…and most seem to always involve that oldest son of ours and his incredible sense of humor.  I still giggle thinking of those precious forever-tucked-in-my-heart memories.

Of course, finding a tree farm in Arizona has been a bit trickier than some states!  And the national forest of AZ adventure  is one we aren’t talking about, yet.

But last year we had the joy of finding the most beautiful tree farm in the world!!  It’s in Kingman, Arizona and only about 180 miles (one way) from Phoenix!  It happens to be owned by a very kindhearted man (and his wife).  But if his kindness wasn’t good enough, imagine this…Doug loves special needs treasures because they have one as well!!  Last year we had such a blast there, that we loaded everyone up, including Autumn and Everlly, and headed to Doug’s farm the day after Thanksgiving!

Vern couldn’t imagine what we were going to do.  The concept of Christmas tree hunting and cutting is a wild idea to our 14.5 year old!  But he was totally game!

He’s loving family-everything.


IMG_2718FullSizeRenderIMG_2723IMG_2729Then the trek home to put up the tree and decorate it….

Birdie thinks this family-everything is amazingly fun!!IMG_0325


I made this ornament the first year we were married…and thankfully, it was in a box that was in the shed the day of our fire.

IMG_0344 IMG_0341



IMG_0328IMG_0349 IMG_0342

In so many ways it seems like last Christmas was just yesterday. We were working so hard to get our two treasures home and here we are preparing to celebrate the birth of our savior and Lord Jesus together with them.

Keeping our traditions alive has brought our pile a lot of sweet memories…

Forever grateful for the faithfulness of God and this beautiful privilege of living my lifelong dream.

God is just so crazy-good to us!

2 thoughts on “Keeping It Alive…

  1. Love all those smiles!! I can believe Vern and Birdie have been home a year already?! Goodness time flies! Such precious memories! Love how God has been so good and faithful to fulfill your lifelong dream, sweet Linny! My heart bursts with joy for you and yours.

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