The Beaming Lady

A year ago Graham and Savannah offered as my birthday gift to watch our big ol’ pile for two nights so Dw and I could get away alone.  We packed the second they mentioned it and ran for the door before they could change their mind.

We could hardly wait!!  We talked about what we should do and where we should go.  As it turns out we went to one place, but it felt kinda’ like it wasn’t really us.  So the next morning we ditched that hotel and drove a few hours away to a little town that we had passed through before, suspecting it would be more our style.

Unbeknownst to us, that the little town was having a Christmas celebration (that felt straight out of a Hallmark movie) the night we arrived!! Christmas carolers, streets lined with people singing, some even dressed in vintage-period clothing.  It was beyond amazing and we knew that this was a night we would never forget.  The hotel we ended up at was the icing on the cake.  We met some wonderful people and enjoyed making a few new acquaintances.

All year long Dw and I would mention that Hallmark-movie night, dreaming and hoping that this year we could do an instant replay!  But as it turned out, although Graham and Savannah were more than willing to watch the kids, they actually had already made out-of-town plans for the night that this special event would be held.

We were bummed, but ya’ know, life goes on.

Then, last week-end they surprised us to say that they really wanted us to go to our special “Hallmark night” and were foregoing their plans so we could get away to it again and have our ‘instant replay’.  Wow!! We are continually amazed at their selfless love for us and their little sibs.

Then they managed to come a day early and we were still able to turn it into two days away.  Thursday morning, as we were leaving, Ruby had been sick with a nasty stomach virus and Miss Ruby-Ru sighed heavily and turned away as I tried to get her to give me a kiss good-bye.  Clearly, she was a tad annoyed that mommy was ditching out.

But we left and have had an amazing time.  I even brought along my new LuLaRoe leggings that Emma had sent me for my birthday.  Emma had heard me mentioning the desire to try the leggings when I was with her in Africa a few weeks back.   Everyone has been raving about how ‘buttery soft’ they feel…and at this age, buttery soft sounds good to these bones.

So last night was our Hallmark-type celebration in this sweet town, and I donned my long red sweater along with my new LuLaRoe’s (which are every bit as buttery soft as others had described).

We wandered the town, enjoying the music in almost every store, and eventually were in a hotel lobby.  Dw and I found the stairs so I could see over the crowd who were also enjoying the choir singing beautiful Christmas songs.  As I stood watching the choir, you know how you can feel someone staring at you?  Yeah.  I did.

So I turned to see a woman, about my age, seated on the other side of the stairs, about 8 feet from me.  There was no one between us, just people lined the sides of the stairs.  Dw and I on one side, a bunch on the other side of the stairs, including this woman, who was seated on a stair.

Since she was staring at me, I smiled.  I like people.  I like to smile.  It works.  She beamed back.  But it was one of those beams that was “beamier” than normal.  It made me almost uncomfortable. Then she kind of nodded her head.  I smiled a bit more, but kinda’ wondering…

And then, although I wouldn’t have thought it possible, she beamed even more.  I’m laughing as I type.  What in the world was she beaming at? Now she actually was really making me uncomfortable…prepare-yourself-for-christmas-time-1420751

I couldn’t imagine what she was beaming so largely about…I was the only person she could be beaming at, but what the heck?

And then almost laughing she called across the stairs to me, “Are you an elf?”

I just smiled back at her…you know that smile that says, “What in the world are you talking about?”

I didn’t know what to say.  She just continued beaming and now was kind of laughing.

We then decided to move along.

A couple of hours later I had Dw take a picture of me, just as I had been standing, holding my red coat, when she said it.

Maybe it was the LuLaRoes.

Maybe she had visions of sugar plums dancing in her noggin.

Maybe she just lost her filter.

But at 58, this we know: the LuLaRoes are definitely staying!


So Merry Christmas from this old elfy-girl and her Santa-man somewhere near the North Pole.


12 thoughts on “The Beaming Lady

  1. Ok just be careful not to wear a green scarf or boots!
    I thought you were going to say she knew you from here or one of your journeys round to tell Ruby’s story. Happy Birthday!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. The LulaRoes are so cute on you. If I were your size, I would live in them…but alas, I’m not. You’re an adorable elf.

    1. Oh, you would look great in them – trust me! Everything is worn (usually) with a long, long shirt, that is almost long enough to be a dress. I love them! You must try them. PS I laughed when I read, “You’re an adorable elf.” Never will forget her beam or her words and never would have guessed that at 58 I’d be hearing anyone ask that. Haha!

  3. An elf?! Oh my lands!! I suppose some people just can’t handle all that joy, cuteness, and ever-present Christmas Spirit oozing out of your every pore, friend!! And I love the leggings! So, so cute!!! Buttery soft sounds utterly fantastic to me, too!! So glad you and DW got to get away to that sweet place once again! What a precious gift your Graham and Savannah are!!

    1. An elf. I am still chuckling. What a woman! I realized that I should have answered her, “YES!! And because of your question, pretty sure Santa is moving you to the naughty list!” Hahahaha!! True story – Graham and Savannah are amazing and such a blessing to our hearts!

      1. 😂 We can only guess what look she might have given you then!! Lol. I was going to say perhaps she should ask Santa for a filter and a pair of glasses! Hehe.

        1. Okay so your “perhaps she should ask Santa for a filter and a pair of glasses” made me really laugh. That would have been a great response. My grandma used to say, “Takes all kinds to make the world go ’round”…I’m suspecting that she would be one my grandma would have said that about. haha. xo

  4. I have followed your blog for years-and I would love to send you another pair of LLR leggings!! Email me your address! I would also love to do an online sale/fundraiser to benefit your ministry. You could earn free clothes and we could help the plight of orphans! A win win!!!

    1. OH ME!! YES!! I would love, love, love that!! I will email you at the address attached to your name!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I would love to have a fundraiser too!! That would be amazing! Thank you!! Win/Win for sure!

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