One Little Guy

The most popular post I ever wrote was titled:  Should a Single Woman Adopt?   I wrote it when we were living in our rental home after we lost our home to the fire.  I can remember how urged by the Lord I felt to write it!!  And I can remember wriring in the middle of the night, so compelled by God…then later standing at the kitchen counter with the beautiful view of the Rockies as I tweaked it throughout that day.

And crazy as it seems, I still receive emails from women who have recently found it and want to thank me.  Their letters have deeply encouraged my heart!!

Why would a single woman even want to adopt?? Well, I can tell you from the ones I know – it’s simple!!  It’s a deep desire placed in the hearts of women around the world by the God of the universe!

I have an extra special place in my heart for single moms.  I’m not sure where my tenderness comes from, but maybe from being married to my pastor-husband who was not home all that much.  And even now, with our ministry he is gone a fair amount.  Two years ago he was gone to be with our Emmy in Africa for 70 days!

Anyway, through the blog world I have made some sweet friends, a large number are actually single moms.

One is Rebecca.  I’ve mentioned Rebecca before.  She was the one who texted me just about 2 years ago today and asked if I’d heard that China was about to lower the age for adoptive parents.  That text sent hopeful squeals through my heart and within months we were pursuing our Vernon (and eventually Birdie).   #faithfulGod

Rebecca, although single has a precious pile of kids.  Some through birth and three through adoption.  Her oldest son recently married.

And although Rebecca could be thinking of winding things down, the plight of the orphan causes her to relentlessly advocate for them!!  She has helped many people bring their treasures home.

One day, several months ago, Rebecca was on an adoption site and saw a little boy whose special need is Albinism.  But as Dw and I say, “His only true need is for a family!!”

Anyway, his sweet face completely stole her heart. I mean –  look at those cheeks!


And the rest is history.

The thing is, friends,….those who are in the process of adopting have the means to care for a treasure once they get home…but the “getting them home” is the financially overwhelming part.   

And how cool is it of God to allow ordinary us to help treasures come home??

So many of you graciously helped bring our Vernon and Birdie home.  To you – we are forever grateful!!

Now I am humbly asking if you would help Rebecca bring Zeke home?

Rebecca and I have been friends for many, many years – all the way back to before our home burned down.  We’ve texted and talked over the years.  She teaches Dave Ramsey classes at her church.  She lives frugally.  She selflessly loves her kids to pieces.

She just needs help bringing her Zeke home.


Would you please be willing to help her?

What a beautiful Christmas gift it would be to Rebecca and her family – bringing a precious little Zeke home!

You can read more of Rebecca and family’s story on Adopt Together where your gift is tax deductible!!  No gift is too small!!

There is also an online PUBLIC auction on Facebook under the name, “Auction to Bring Baby Zeke Home.”  There are tons of fun things including (the amazing) LuLaRoe Leggings, a gorgeous customized cutting board, and even a 4 day stay at a cabin in North Carolina!!

Either way to donate would be a beautiful blessing to my friend.

Thank you in advance for loving (with us) one precious little guy named Zeke!

4 thoughts on “One Little Guy

  1. My friend Autumn found, read, and was encouraged by your post: “Should a Single Woman Adopt” before she adopted as a single mom. She shared that post many years ago and that’s how I discovered your blog (over 5 years ago now right before you were adopting Ruby) through her sharing that very blog post! Though I don’t comment often on posts I’ve been reading your blog ever since and it keeps me encouraged in the Lord to keep pressing on. Now I am thankful to have you as a friend whom I believe one day I’ll get to (as you say) “hug your neck”. So there is one more story of how God used that post 🙂 I’m sure there are many others that you haven’t heard yet too!

    About this little boy, what a cutie! I will definitely check out Rebecca’s story on Adopt Together!

  2. Hi Linny! I sent you an email about the GEMS a few days ago. I think I had the correct email address. Let me know if you can’t find it.
    Zeke is adorable!! I’m on my way to check out the auction. 🙂

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