A Call to All Special Needs Parents!!

Hey Parents!!  Did you hear about this?  Are your kids attending?

Here’s the skinny, just incase you hadn’t heard of it before!!

Undoubtedly Tim Tebow is one of the kindest, most generous young men alive!!  He rocks the worlds of children around the world!  His love for special needs treasures knows no bounds!!

Tim Tebow grew up being homeschooled (Go homeschooling!!) by his parents who were missionaries (Yay! Missionaries!) in the Philippines.  When Tim went to college he became a Heisman trophy winner then went on to play football as a NFL quarterback and is now a motivational speaker and a professional baseball player.

I have heard from friends over the years that they worry about kids being raised as missionary kids in foreign countries or kids being homeschooled.  One of the things they worry about it is that they will not be able to adjust to “real” life.  The definition of “real” life is up for grabs in my opinion.

It seems that Tim Tebow’s upbringing didn’t slow him down, shelter him, or inhibit him in the least!!  In fact, quite the opposite!

So how has the Lord used all that in his life?  I’m in awe of this young man!!  At just 29 years old Tim is making an enormous difference around the world because of his generous love and passion for orphans, special needs treasures and terminally-ill kids around the world.


Tim Tebow’s built a hospital for kids in the Philippines where he was born, opened playrooms in multiple hospitals, and ministered to special needs treasures around the world!


And on February 10th, 2017 a most spectacularly beautiful event will be occurring in cities around the world.  (Yes – around the world!!!)  The Tim Tebow Foundation will be having their annual Night to Shine!  Night to Shine is a gala for ages 14 and older who have special needs.  Each participant is honored in a way that likely they have never been honored before!!  It even begins with red carpet walk into the event!!


This year our Vernon and Jubilee will be attending at our very own church!!  (Oh how I love our church!!) Our two are downright giddy!!

There are 375 locations, in all 50 states AND in 11 countries around the world!!  Talk about amazing!

I wanted to share about Night to Shine, in hopes that others will find a Night to Shine near them so their special treasures (ages 14 and up) can attend!! It’s an event that you must register for.  Here’s the link:  Night to Shine

See if you can watch this and not have your eyes well with tears.  And you will love what Tim says to the crowd of treasures!

ABC Good Morning America interviewed Tim Tebow …his heart shines through!

Here’s the link: Good Morning America

So in case you hadn’t heard about Night to Shine – register your treasures ages 14 and up today!! Before it’s too late!  And then help them get ready for the time of their life!  The place to register is on the Night to Shine site above.   Drive to one if there is not one near!!  You won’t be disappointed.  Look at the pictures.  

And if you have treasures who attend, please send me pictures!  I would love to peek at their night and yes, my eyes will leak. 

Happy Saturday!  


9 thoughts on “A Call to All Special Needs Parents!!

  1. Hi, Mrs. Saunders! I’ve been ‘stalking’ *wink* ‘A Place Called Simplicity’ for a good while now, but I figured I would come out of hiding and comment on this post!
    First thing I wanted to say is I JUST LOVE YOUR BLOG. It just seems like God is working miracle after miracle after miracle after miracle in your life, and do you KNOW how much I love reading about that?! You are an amazing lady with an amazing God, Mrs. Saunders.
    And I positively ADORED this post…and Vern and Jubilee are going to be a part of this?? (you’re gonna be posting about it, right? 😉 I want to see!) I can’t imagine how excited they must be!!
    Looking forward to your other awesome posts! =)

    1. Awww Ariel, I love that you came out of the shadows (finally!)!! I will definitely be posted pictures of Vern and Jubilee!!

      And as for miracle after miracle after miracle?? Our God is alive and He loves to bless His beloved ones! He is so faithful!!

      Thank you again for saying ‘hi’! You will love the post I am about to do about Ruby (soon!)…she is our miracle girl over and over and over! ~Linny

  2. What a wonderful event! Yes, I teared up when I watched the video. My 14-year-old daughter would love something like this. She’s a dancing machine LOL! And we have a church in our area hosting. But the website says it’s an invitation-only event and that you need someone to refer you. How does that work? Can I refer myself or do I have to beg one of my friends to refer me 🙂 Thanks for spreading the word and being a champion for special kids. You’re church sounds amazing. I’m working hard to get a SN ministry going at ours.

    1. Liz Tolsma- Our church, as well as others I have spoken with- simply require the ‘registration’ be completed and folks can ‘self- refer’. Based on the information that has been shared with me- churches simply want to avoid having folks show up and not being registered- for several reasons (security, food, and other arrangements). I would contact the host church and ask them specifically.

    2. Your daughter would be welcomed with open arms. Watch the videos – they are amazing! I would contact the church SN coordinator/pastor directly. They can make it happen! I want your girl to go sooooo bad! Our church IS amazing. Seriously, our pastor’s heart is unprecedented in our ministry years! We are so blessed.

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