Can You Guess What We Have for Just Four Days?

For just four days we have a rare, exciting, unusual phenomenon that’s new to our home since bringing Vern and Birdie home!





Can you guess what it is??




Go ahead!  Guess!!  It’s only for four days though!






What could it be??






Do you have any ideas??







I’m getting such a kick out of it!!  The kids think it’s pretty cool too!






So here it is:


Yesterday, the 24th was Elijah’s birthday…he turned his first double digit – 10!

And with that – we rolled into four days of super-fun stuff!

Because as of Elijah’s birthday we have this going on with our six-pack:

Elijah               10 years old

Elizabeth         11 years old

Isaiah               12 years old 

Nehemiah       13 years old

Vernon             14 years old

Jubilee              15 years old 

Isn’t that just the funnest??

I know there are many who have that cool age-thing …but it’s our first time ever having six in a row and we’re kinda’ tickled by such a rare event!  We think it’s really worth celebrating!


Nehemiah suggested that we take pictures every year- that boy of ours is thinkin’ like his mama thinks!

Then, just four days after Elijah’s birthday… on January 28th, Isaiah turns 13….and it will not be again, until next year…

But we will have another new significant celebration – when Isaiah turns 13 we will officially have five teenagers in our home: ages 13, 13, 14, 15, and 17 and we’ve never had five at once before!

All kinds of celebrating for unexpected blessings and sweet joys!

PS The kids said we just have to add in a 16 year old to close the gap between Jubilee and Liberty.  And then they suggested we just add a 5 year old to close the gap between Birdie and Ruby.  And then a 7 year old, 8 year old and 9 year old to close the gap between Ruby and Elijah.  They made me laugh!!

17 thoughts on “Can You Guess What We Have for Just Four Days?

  1. Happy Birthday everyone! and wow what a line-up!
    God bless each one of you and give you a special closeness to Him through the coming year.
    Love and Prayers from Sandy in the UK

  2. Awww, what a sweet picture!!! I cannot believe that sweet miss Jubliee is 15 years old! It seems like just yesterday my mom was showing me her coming home pictures. 😀

    Miss Linny, I sent you an email over a month ago to the email address on the contact page. I didn’t hear back from you, so I assume it didn’t come through. It’s no problem, but I have a question and would very much like to ask via email. Is there a better email address for you than the one listed on your contact page?

    1. I’m sorry. I will answer you back. I thought you put a time limit on it (I may have misunderstood) and knew it would not be possible in that time frame. The best address (the only one I use) is that one! And yes, it’s crazy that our sweet Jubilee is 15. She’s such a treasure!

  3. Happiest of birthdays to such a beautiful family!
    We only have 4 in that order right now but the the kiddos think it’s crazy fun too. I totally get it! Praying you all have wonderful birthdays!
    Love to you all the Funkhousers

  4. I love it! Praying for God to fill those gaps in to His Glory! Your family continues to point all to Christ and we love you for it!
    His Blessings and favor on all your family’s birthdays!

  5. What? How long have I been reading this blog!!!! Jubilee is 15????? Isn’t she still that tiny little girl from China who waited for you so long????? Congrats on your big kids – yes, I think you should have one of every age! So five more it is…..that brings you to 19 total and you don’t like odd numbers, do you? Better just go for an even 20.

      1. Oh, goodness! Thank goodness we we don’t have to think about Jubilee aging out – she has a home! I’ve been able to do a little volunteer work with vulnerable adults in my city – I don’t think any of them are orphans and they have families but I would hate to think of any of these ones on the street as orphans. I do see vulnerable adults begging once in a while – I don’t know the stories there. Oh, and why I am thinking about it – I am currently in Iowa at my parents home – I came home for the Chinese New year. On my way home on the HOng Kong to Dallas leg – I saw two different families with little Chinese guys. I saw that one couple was wearing t-shirts that said “Love Multiplies” and I thought – those are some of “our” people. I quietly asked them if they were adopters and both families were bringing home their little guys – both about 1 or 2 years old! I just said I was a supporter and I would pray for them. One mama in particular looked especially weary of the traveling. Blessed my socks off and warmed my heart just to know I was in the prensece of two less orphans! Yeah, Jesus!!!!!!! Thank God for these awesome families who said yes to these little guys! Hopefully one day it will be my turn…..

  6. HAha =) We have two 11’s, two 12’s, and two 13’s in our younger crew right now. It’s for 5 months that we have two of each—–and the only 5 months out of each year that I can keep their ages straight!

    1. Yes, I always have to stop and figure out what year anyone was born in…and one of them I had their birthday all wrong as I was trying to get a doc appt with a specialist…they couldn’t find them in the system. The struggle is real! And this silver hair probably isn’t helping any! ha!

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