A Surprise Gift For YOU!!

Oh my gracious guys!!  The other day I received a really, really, really exciting email.  As I read it, I thought, “Is this for real?”  I mean, offers like this are incredible!!

Are you ready for this?

The email I received was from YWAM Publishing!!!!



YWAM wrote saying they had found my blog post highlighting their Christian Heroes – Now and Then series and they wondered if I would like to offer my blog friends a special gift?

Are you serious??  Like really serious?

YWAM Publishing has put together a special set for YOU my friends!!  Can I get a Yippee Jesus out there? 

This very special set features missionaries who served orphaned/oppressed children during their ministry!! The set includes the following Christian Heroes:  

George Muller (my personal favorite of all time – life changing for my faith)


Lillian Trasher (Emma’s personal all-time favorite)


Amy Carmichael (she’s one of the ones we all sobbed through – passing the kleenex box around the car on one of our road trips)


Charles Mulli (can’t wait to read his and incredibly he’s still alive!!)


Gladys Aylward (love, love, loved hers and sobbed through hers as well! Such incredible courage!!)


YWAM Publishing put together this amazing set and is offering to JUST FOR YOU for only $30 including free media/mail shipping within the United States!  

$30 for 5 books? And free shipping??

Are you as thrilled as I am?

Here’s the link to follow in order to receive this special offer:

YWAM Special Offer just for Place Called Simplicity

It even says on the link that this is a special offer for Place Called Simplicity blog readers! What wild and crazy fun!! Makes me giggle!

I was dumbfounded! What incredible favor without seeking it out! God is so good!

If that wasn’t generous enough, YWAM also offered that for each set purchased they would donate 10% ($3) to our ministry: International Voice of the Orphan to further promote orphan care!  I am giddy as I type!   Can you believe it?

Translation:  Win/Win/Win

If you already have some of the books in the set, I encourage you to buy it anyway and then pass the extras on to your friends as gifts! These books make inspirational gifts that keep on giving!!  They will challenge lives,  stir hearts, change attitudes, encourage thankfulness and strengthen resolve to make a difference!!! They make excellent graduation gifts, summer reading sets, birthday gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, Father’s Day gifts and anything else!

Please feel free to share the joy friends! 

For other YWAM Publishing purchases shop here:  YWAM Publishing   Using this link enables YWAM to donate 10% of any of your purchases to International Voice of the Orphan for orphan care!! How beautiful is that? 

13 thoughts on “A Surprise Gift For YOU!!

  1. Oh man, I just placed an order through them a couple days just because of your recent blog posts about them. You should totally get a cut of that sale! I am going to email them!

    1. You make me giggle girlfriend!! So happy you are reading them!! They are THE BEST….truly, the only book I like better is my Bible. Other than that they win “second place” HANDS DOWN!! (And I’ve felt that way forever…I think I start reading them when Liberty was a baby and she’s almost 18!)

  2. This is just awesome Linny! We have started reading these with our kids and LOVE them! I just placed my order! And now I’m ordering the book you talked about on fasting….So thankful for the wisdom and encouragement your writing is!

    1. Awwww yippee Jesus!! I love that you are reading the YWAM books and just ordered the set. They are truly LIFE CHANGERS!!

      And the book on fasting is basically solid scripture – so good!!

      Let me know what you think of George Mueller’s life!! He’s the reason we named our Elijah – Elijah Mueller! And Lillian is Emmy’s favorite! And we sobbed through Amy C. Powerful books!

    1. I would say they are about a 4th grade level, however, they are so anointed an adult will be drawn in instantly. They are powerful writers! I have never heard of anyone who does not rave about them! Start with the set!

  3. This is SO COOL, Mrs. Saunders! Brother Andrew is a pretty amazing man of God, isn’t he? I think our family has read the YWAM story of Brother Andrew…one of my favorite books that he has written is called ‘The Calling.’ Have you ever heard of it?
    Yesterday, I was going back on your blog to ollllllld posts…. (cuz that’s what I do on most blogs ;))… and I found the story about the young man who paid special attention to Jubilee at the popcorn stand. That really touched my heart. <333
    Your family has been on my heart a lot lately. Is there any way I can pray for you?

    1. I had not heard of The Calling, but I will definitely have to find it!! Yay(!) for reading old blog posts – there are so many things that we have encountered! And wow Ariel, rarely does anyone ask what they can pray for for us. I will privately emailed you. Thank you. You touched my heart and made my eyes well with tears! Thank you!

  4. Oh, my goodness! I love the Gladys Aylward book and just ordered the set – what an amazing offer! Such a blessing!

    Looking forward to reading the other 4 books!!


    1. I’m thrilled you ordered Kenley!!And Gladys’s book was amazing, wasn’t it?? My favorite Grandma’s name was Gladys – so even that was special to my heart! You will have to tell me what you think of George Mueller?!!

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