Tuesday Around Here….

I cannot believe it is already 6:29pm and I have not gotten to write anything today.  My mind is racing.  The wood stove has been warming our home all day – it is FREEZING out!! Snowed a few specks and more is predicted tonight – and the sky looks like it – for sure!
We have lived here for 11 months now and believe it or not, we have two men in replacing the kitchen countertop.  I will tell that story soon, because in the midst of the chaos God did something in my heart.  Anyway, there is mess everywhere!!  And lots of little people running around in the mess……trying to do home schooling, caring for my mom and all the while today, I was trying to help Dw with something via the phone – every moms idea of a good time, no doubt!!
Moral of the countertop story?  Make sure the person who is installing knows what they are doing!!
‘Nuf said.
 And by the way – I am very excited to be sharing in the next few days something God has been doing in Dw’s and my heart for a long time now.  We have prayed and prayed and God has been moving and we are so very, very, very tickled!!  So Lord willing, I will share by Friday!  
*yippee Jesus*
Abby sent a picture of her arm.  She has been bitten by something that looks really nasty.  She is not sure what it is.  I forwarded the picture to Kathy, who is the director at Redeemer House and she was dumbfounded too.  Abi asks for continued prayers, besides the weird bites, she has a bazillion mosquito bites.  Finn does not have one, but she has been bit to pieces.  
And after meeting with the US Embassy yesterday, there are several pieces of paper that are still needed – some from the other side of the country…please pray that the papers will arrive quickly – so they can begin to process Finn’s visa.  

16 thoughts on “Tuesday Around Here….

  1. Hi Linny,
    Praying for you, your Abi, Finn and the chaos around you!
    Update on a certain 19 year old…
    She is changing schools!!! 🙂
    Please pray that she gets accepted at the new one. We are done with this one at Christmas.
    Can i get a "Yippee Jesus!" ?
    Love you,

  2. Linny, I got to hear a snippit of your hub's speech at FLC through Nate's facebook and I'm so glad he was speaking God's heart! Man, Durango is a crazy town, it seems like there is always something going on. Anyways, lifting up you, Abi and Finn. Our God is good.

  3. Sending the Word ahead of Abby and Finn to the "other side of the country". Let those papers be released to them now, expedited, in Jesus name! And Father, we especially thank you for the testimony in the book of Acts. Paul was bitten by a viper and he simply shook it off into the fire and felt no harm. We claim that for Abby now and say that this thing is shook off! We stoke up the fire to consume it! Every mosquito bite and insect bite…she feels no harm! Thank you Lord for your protection. Nothing shall by any means harm them! No weapon formed against them shall prosper.

    And, we ask for an expedited Visa as well. Glory to you Lord! Amen.

  4. Linny, you know how to tease us and keep us coming back for more! I want to hear the lesson of the countertop, and of course can't wait to see what God is cooking up with you and Dwight.

    Prayed for Abi's arm. Praying now for the paperwork. Our God can do anything!

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