The “GO” Arm….

As God has continually been stirring our hearts for the orphan, we knew that He was calling us to ‘step it up’.  We are convinced that He is stirring the body of Christ around the world for the orphan.  Never before in history has the plight of the orphan been moving those in the body of Christ like it is today….People are feeling compelled to do something, anything,  for the orphan….

Our hearts desire is to provide simple ways to minister to the orphan…

simple ways to do something on their behalf….

simple ways to do minister daily {even with your young children} from your own home…

simple ways to serve that will change lives forever….

simple ways to see God move on behalf of the orphan….

Yippee Jesus!

I wrote about one of the arms of the new ministry we are beginning here.  If you missed it, please read about it.  We have had quite a bit of interest in it –  the ‘crafting for the orphan‘…and we are thrilled by that.  Ordinary people spending their ‘free’ time making things to sell so that orphans around the world can eat!  How amazing is that?  We are continuing to “tweek” how exactly it will all work…and you will be amazed {as we are!} at what God is doing on that front!!

 My plan is to write more about the “selling wares for the orphan” soon.  

But today I thought I would share a second arm of our new ministry.  And by the way, I cannot wait to share the name of our new ministry, but the web site is not done yet…but soon!!  Seriously, it is driving me crazy not being able to introduce you to it yet.  

The second arm of our ministry I am excited to share today is:

the “GO” arm.  

Many of you know that Dw and Emma have been leading mission teams on a regular basis….and the “GO” arm will be part of our ministry.  Sending teams {regularly} to minister to the orphan.  On that page of the web site will be the application to GO with the teams and information about each trip.

Lord willing, there will be at least two teams each year.  {I may even be leading a team!}  As the ministry expands, the countries we minister in will also expand.  Over the years Dw has led or been part of missions trips to countries like:  Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti, Uganda and Mexico.  He loves to lead teams and watch as God moves on the hearts of those he has the privilege of leading….

We will also have a Paypal account on that page so people {who cannot go on a missions trip} can give to those who can GO!  How cool is that?

Dw and Emmy are leading a team that leaves on Sunday.  They will be ministering to the orphans of Uganda, the street children of Kampala, Uganda and serving those who serve there.  It’s going to be an amazing trip!

We are convinced that when people GO to minister in other parts of the world, God does amazing things in the hearts of those who GO.  Each trip Dw and Emma have led to Uganda has resulted in orphans finding homes.   Another committed to going to minister in an orphanage for an extended period of time.  And still another has since led trips of their own!!  Good things happen when people “GO“!

If you have never gone on a missions trip – pray about being one
who will “GO” soon or help sponsor one going so that you, too, can share a part of the “GO” arm…..

23 thoughts on “The “GO” Arm….

  1. You know we love this! In 33 days I will be taking 9 women to Uganda because my hubby answered the call to "GO" with your hubby almost 2 years ago!

    May this light a fire for "GO" teams allllll through out the year!

    Praise God!

  2. Awesome! I am feeling God calling us to do more, to share more, to tell more….

    Josie-Tatum and I have felt the call to GO back to South Africa this summer.

    Then, several weeks later, my sweet husbanad and I felt the call to adopt again.

    I've been asked more than once…since you're fundraising for your adoption, are you still planning to go to Africa?

    And, my answer is, "The LORD hasn't told me I'm NOT going."

    Taking GIANT leaps of faith,

  3. I love your get up and GO girl!!!

    What exciting things you have GOing on for all things orphan!!!

    Can't wait for the big reveal!

    As for me I hope to GO in 2 weeks for Gracie Mae, praying for TA tomorrow!

  4. What wonderful news. I am so wishing I could GO. Can;t seem to find connections in Australia to do this sort of thing. Would DW have an contacts? If so I would love to know of them. This has been on my heart for sometime and I am sure it is something the Lord is leading me into.

  5. Awesome! I have been praying that my hubby, a pastor as well, would be led to join your hubby on a trip at some point. He has a real heart for missions and orphans (since we adopted or Hope)… we will see how the Lord leads:)

    I will be praying for this upcoming trip… my sweet friend Abbi from Wisconsin is going with you all. She is such a ball of fun… I know the kids will love her… Thanks for letting her join you all… she has been praying for an opportunity like this for a while! Can't wait to hear updates!

  6. Love this! I will be going to Uganda on my first mission trip in June with Visiting Orphans, and I am so excited and nervous at the same time. 🙂 Would so love to travel with you guys someday!!

  7. Linny, my hubby is a pastor too and we want to help! Maybe we could coordinate groups from this area. We've both done international mission trips before. In fact, we have a contact already about a need for a Christian orphanage to be built, staffed, and funded. Email me if you get a free minute (*yeah right!… I know!*).

    I love watching you guys follow this journey to love on orphans as the hands of Christ! We are praying and following behind you!

  8. YES!!!!!!!!!!! The cry of my heart…to "GO!" Finances are always tight, but I could GO…and someone who didn't feel compelled to GO, but had funds…see, we would be a TEAM…both ministering together! Oh, YES!!!!

    I am excited!!!

    Nancy in CT

  9. I love this second arm of your ministry. We would love to GO with our family. Just trying to figure out when and where and how.
    I just threw out invitations for our two oldest to participate in a People to People forum. No way, if we spend that kind of money, it will be on a missions trip. But we just came home with our newest 8 year old, so we're getting settled.
    Okay, I'm rambling……

    Love, Barb

  10. LOVE THIS. I want to go again with y'all SO BAD. Please keep me updated on any trips coming up this summer (and I'll keep a look out for the new website!)

    I can't wait to GO again.

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