Tomorrow: {A Fasting Story}

On Saturday I posted about having Wednesday be a day of Prayer {and Fasting}.  
I have received some requests to about how to fast.  Well I have written about it, and here is the post. 
I also want to tell you a little story.  
Recently some things were going on  that were heavy on my heart.  I fasted to hear God.  I only drank water. While fasting the Lord impressed on my heart that I was missing something.   I said, “Lord, what is it?  I can tell you are trying to tell me something, but I’m obviously not getting it.  Is there something that I should be focusing on that I am missing?”
  Instantly the Lord spoke!!  I changed my prayer.  And just as instantly He reminded me of something I had seen 2 years ago.  I had completely forgotten what I had seen.  Not one recollection of it.  But He is faithful and He wanted me to understand something huge.  
I totally think in word pictures, so let me illustrate it like this:  
Pretend a plate of cookies were on your table….

And you didn’t put them there.  In fact you are dumbfounded that they are there.
So you pray, “Lord who put the cookies on the table?”
And you fast and pray and you have no answer.
And you begin to realize that something is wrong.
So you say, “What Lord?  I want to hear you.  Your word says in Psalm 25:14 ‘that you confide in those who fear you’ so you ask Him to whisper to you….’tell me what I’m missing’ ”  and instantly He whispers to you, “Linny, it’s not who put the cookies on the table, it’s WHY they put the cookies on the table.”
“Why Lord, Why?”
And just as instantly He reminds you of something you had completely forgotten about.  Something you had not one recollection of, but when He brings it to mind you remember {with a sick feeling}.  And then He speaks.  Loud and clear!
Sweet friends, that is why I fast.
I just can hear Him so much clearer when I have an empty {growling!} stomach.  When this most recent example happened, I knew that I would never have realized that I was really coming at this situation from the wrong angle.  But through that little change in prayer He spoke.  
I was elated. It didn’t change the situation, but I had incite that I would never have had.
So dear friends, do you have a situation that you need incite to?
Do you have a mountain that needs to be moved?
Do you want a group of friends {literally} around the world praying for you?
Please consider joining us in prayer and {where possible} fasting.
Your life will never be the same again.
I will write and post the place to comment just after midnight.
Please do NOT leave your prayer request on this post.  It will be missed by the thousands around the world praying.  
And in the meantime…. Can I just say something?   I think you guys are awesome and I am honored to fast and pray with you and for you.  God is going to show up big time!   I just know it! 

6 thoughts on “Tomorrow: {A Fasting Story}

  1. Linny, I think YOU'RE awesome! I love praying with everyone!! I like to set my phone alarm hourly on these days to remind me to stop and pray with, for and in thankfulness for y'all throughout the prayer day. I wish you would do this weekly.

  2. Hi Linny :)

    I am trying to understand your post. Do you mean, instead of praying for His solution to the problem situation, we should focus on praying for understanding (and mercy) on whoever is causing the problem situation?

    I think you're awesome too! :) I have a praise report, an answered prayer, I will share it tomorrow, praise the Lord! :)

  3. This is just beautiful! I love how you have explaned what Fasting means to you. :) Fasting is a very important part of my life, and I am so glad you have blogged about it. I am recovering from severe eating disorders. The first thing I had to stop doing was fasting from food, even if for spiritual reasons. HOWEVER, I have learned to fast in other ways! I "fast" from using my computer, I "fast" from reading a book I am dying to finish, I "fast" from watching tv. You get the point. I choose something that is important to me, and I place it before God as my sacrifice. If you feel so compelled, you may want to mention something about fasting from other things than food, just so people like me know that they can fast, too. If someone wouldn't have told me about this kind of fasting, I may have gone the rest of my life feeling so deprived from having to give up that most Sacred act of sacrifice. While telling others about fasting, there may be people out there with a medical condition who cannot fast from food. They may feel so happy to have someone tell them they can participate in the sacred and spiritual act of fasting as well.

    Lots of love,

  4. Due to medication I must take with a meal, I do not fast from food..but like Brenlyn I will fast from TV, the computer except for coming here, or something I snack on daily. I love the idea of having an alarm go off every hour to remind us to pray.
    Looking forward to praying.

  5. Linny

    I too, like Susan am having a little difficulty understanding the post. I struggle in and out of fasting as I was at one time a very legalistic believer (I'll fast because we're told to- God will then have to move)

    I do so want to get Jesus'perspective on this. I have a tendency to swing from one extreme to the other (fast regularly to no fast at all)

    So appreciate your posts and blog as I see how God is working in your life!

    Bee blessed

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