Our Family Bible Study

To every mom and dad out there who is attempting 
to have a daily family Bible study, 
Take heart….
Here was our morning Bible study a few days ago…..
{and no, they never knew I was taking any pictures…}

How would they?
How could they?

They were havin’ waaaaaay too much fun!

It all began when they sat in the same chair together…
Then they covered with a blanket cause they were cold…
Then they disappeared under said blanket for a few seconds…
And the rowdiness began….

 More Giggles…

 Uproarious laughter…

Completely clueless to what the rest of the 
entire Universe was doing….

 By the way…all you other home schoolin’ mamas 
who think that maybe you’re doing something wrong when they 
sometimes wiggle and giggle through Bible Study…
it’s perfectly normal.  

Mine do it too!
Finally I had to separate them….
or we would have never gotten anything accomplished….

Talk about being tuckered…..
I guess all that wrestling was too much for 
this little brother….
 Cause Elijah fell instantly asleep…

I promise, our family Bible study is not that boring…

10 thoughts on “Our Family Bible Study

  1. So sweet!

    I've been meaning to email you for a while wondering whether you'd do a post on your family bible studies. I love to see the way your family all gather together to study the bible – one particular photo of Elizabeth writing in her bible journal really stayed with me from months ago.
    I was wondering how you work it, and how you plan it. How do you make it relevant to all the different ages?

    We don't have a family yet but I can't wait to start teaching my kids about the bible so any tips you have would be great :)

  2. LOVE IT!

    It's so poignant that this beautiful little boy is content enough to sleep wherever he is (like the dentists) after the post of the wedding feast and the boys sleeping there.

    I noticed my girls this morning finding ALL sorts to talk about whilst their Bibles sat on the breakfast table waiting to be read for a few minutes! But hey- they sat down and took the time to speak to one another for a little while- that's precious!!!!

    Lots of love


  3. Did you write this post just for me? You could have been watching our Bible time yesterday. I so needed to be reminded that it is normal for the littles to squirm. Thanks for the nudge to relax.

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