The First!!

It’s s-t-a-r-t-i-n-g!!!
Kala texted me on Friday – the very first package 
had arrived and Kala picked it up!!
I got all teary.
Kala said she was emotional.
Sarah, who owns an Etsy shop {Sarah’s Treasure Box} 
has a huge heart {along with her husband Chris and their kids} 
for the orphan and shared some of her 
treasures {literally} to put on Orphan Wares.
I wrote to Sarah {who sent the wares} and said, 
“You were the first to send something 
and no one can ever take that away.  
The orphans that will eat because of your 
love for them – thank you!”
{beautiful and fun necklaces in adorable little gift bags!}
A few days ago I wrote about artists and craftsmen here – sharing the vision of men, women or families making things to donate to sell on the site.  100% of the sale proceeds {with the exception of the shipping, which must be covered} will go to a feeding program that we are partnering with {A Perfect Injustice}  to feed the orphans of the Kivulu slums in Kampala, Uganda.  As the site grows, and the money grows, we will continue to partner with other feeding programs that we trust. 
Can you really imagine, people crafting things that will be sold to feed an orphan?
Faithful God has His loving 
fingerprints all over this. 
And we get to watch what HE does with it!
PS  Some have written with ideas of other things to sell.  I love your ideas!  I just need to talk to Kala.  I will post about your ideas soon.  

12 thoughts on “The First!!

  1. I am very excited I get to take part in this very special project!

    Hey, I have some ideas for people of things I would love to buy 😉

    SURGICAL STEEL earrings for young girls. My daughter is allergic to earrings and it's hard to find cute earrings for a 7 year old that don't cost a fortune.

    Baby doll clothes.

    Knitted blankets (OK I think it's called knitted). You know the kind handmade baby blankets are made of but I want them for twin, full, and queen beds.

    I would love to see these kind of things on the site.

    I can't wait to see the site!

  2. I have several of Sarah's necklaces and they are beautiful! I gave one to my mom for her birthday along with a note telling her that I bought it from an adoption fundraiser. I told her a little about the child that was being adopted too. She loved the necklace, but the story was what she loved the most. Sarah has helped so many families with fundraisers. She has such a beautiful heart and it doesn't surprise me at all that her items arrived first!

    Amy P

  3. Linny, I have 2 baby blankets and a few tag blankets sitting here ready to ship as soon as Cananda Post stops being on strike!! My brain keeps me up at night thinking of things that I can make! I will be sending these out as soon as I can!

  4. So great! I love this so much! I need to come up with something I can make faster than my current projects but I so totally want in on this! Wonderful!

  5. So excited!!! i bake…i don't think we can have that on the site can we? i so want to be apart of this!! Besides purchasing items on the site, can we just give the site donations to go to feeding the orphans without buying anything in return? Just to give? Can't wait to see what the Lord is going to do through all this! Praying for all that is involved in this amazing, wonderful, awesome endeavor of the grandest proportions!!! <3

  6. Got think on where I can help, but wanted to also say how much we love Sarah as she also did 2 wonderful fundraisers to help us bring Kaleb home. She's a "gem" herself! 😉

  7. I'm thinking of making homemade cards. My mom is really into card making and we are vacationing in September together and could knock out a bunch! I'm always having a hard time finding adoption friendly cards to send our daughter's birth family for holidays/birthdays/birthmother's day. What do you guys think? Would anyone be interested in them?

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