Ruby Grace is Ours

The news we had been fasting, praying, pleading
 to hear
Ruby Grace
I skyped a few minutes ago with Dw and all the kids
{and S too}
and little Miss Ruby even smiled for them.
She was cooing
and amazingly 
I was able to translate:

“I can’t wait till I’m home with all of you.

I love you all!

I can tell we’re gonna’ have a blast!

Yippee Jesus!”
Can you believe she knows already how to say “Yippee Jesus!”?
We are weary beyond weary, but there is no doubt, 
this Mom of Many will not stop thanking 
the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  
Yippee Jesus!

*celebrate with us*

193 thoughts on “Ruby Grace is Ours

  1. Praising God!!! What wonderful news!!! I'm continuing to pray for your journey!! Now to get Miss Emma better and Sarah Jane ready too. Then my sweet friend you can, arrive home to your other treasures and celebrate Gods blessings together!!!! What a mighty God we serve! Praying for strength and endurance for the rest of your time there, and for Jesus to love on you both in a tangible way till you return home to your treasures! Love you bunches!!! BIG BIG HUGS!!!!

  2. So pleased for you all. CONGRATULATIONS.
    I prayed specifically this afternoon that it was in Ruby Graces best interest to be in your family and that is what the judge said!!!
    LOTS OF LOVE, HUGS, AND PRAYERS. xxx xox xxx

    How He hears you and has cared for you. And cared for your family in the US in your absence. I've been busy and haven't been able to keep up (thanks for tweeting the posts. That is such a valuable reminder) with all that is going on. I hope you'll be able to share freely once you get home.
    Will continue to pray for health and travel mercies for you and cannot wait to see the reunion with your family. What an amazing journey.
    Godspeed to you!

  4. THIS IS THE BEST NEWS ALL WEEK!!! IT SHOULD BE THE TOP NEWS STORY ON FACEBOOK!!! I AM SO SO SO SO EXCITED. But people don't stop fasting and praying. We have one more precious pie to bring home. Sarah we are praying you home sweet baby.

  5. Hooray!! We have been praying and will continue for Sarah Jane. That was the first question my older DD asked –any news on SJ?? DD is 9 just like her.

  6. shrieking, dancing, and jumping up and down!!! WOOOHOOO!
    Yippee Jesus!!!
    Praise the Lord!

    This is a good day!

    Sending love and congratulations your way!

  7. PTL! Singing praises that there is one less orphan in the world. Love to your family and rejoicing with you. Can't wait to hear that news about Sarah Jane!

  8. WOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOO! It was soooo hard NOT knowing what was going on!!! Praising GOD and shouting HALLELUJAH!!! Oh, and a big ol' YIPPEEEEEEE JESUS!:)

  9. Woohoo!!! We are hootin and hollerin here in Illinois! She looks amazing; completely different than when we were there in June. She has the "I have a momma that loves me glow!" So, so happy for you all!



  11. girl, you know i'm celebrating with you!!! praise God!!! beyond happy for you. and LOVE that S got in on the skype. wish i were there still to celebrate in person with you, but know our home is rejoicing with you. will keep praying all the way x 2!

  12. I am sitting here crying huge tears of such happiness for you all. Cannot wit to see her in your arms ay home, in a safe environment where she can get the best of care.

    I have not stopped praying for your other situation, I hope it's going ok.

  13. All Praise to our Jesus! What amazingly wonderful news!!! Praying for any mountains that still need moving for Sarah Jane to join you as well! Tears in my eyes as we rejoice with you! Texting my hubby and oldest son who are serving in Joplin right now… our prayers have been answered!!!

  14. Yeah!!! She looks so good-must be because her mom is with her. You are the person who taught me how to fast on behalf of the orphan-we now have six kids (3 adopted) and I'm praying for more. Praise God for your newest addition.


  15. Praise God! So happy for you and Ruby Grace. Still praying for Emma to get completely well. Also praying for Sarah Jane.
    God has truly performed a mighty work for the declaration of His glory. This is in direct proportion to the prayers of His people.

  16. Hallelujah! Bring that baby girl home!!!! So happy for all of you. You know that Ruby Grace's story and your commitment has touched us in a special way.
    Blessings, dear sister!

  17. PTL! I am so happy for you and your family. Ruby Grace is blessed to be in your family! BTW, she's beautiful! Blessings! Just one more to go! Praying and believing!

  18. Truly celebrating with you and your family!! What a gift. I was thinking of you and praying for all that is going on with your family earlier and thinking about emailing you. I hopped on the computer and saw Em's note on FB so I checked to see if you had also updated. SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL!! So happy for precious Ruby. What a gift she has received today…joining an amazing family!!

  19. Thank You, Jesus!! I have been praying and am so thankful that Ruby Grace is yours! Praying for Emma as well. Ready for you to be home with your family! I know how it is to be off in another country longing for your husband and the rest of your children. I have only done it for several days, cannot imagine several WEEKS! Yikes.

    ((Big Hugs)) and prayers!

    Lori in SC

  20. Wow God!And Yippee Jesus! When i was praying when you were being vague about what God wanted to whisper, God said send this verse: But I call to God, and the Lord saves me. Evening, morning, and noon I cry out in distress and he hears my voice. He ransoms me unharmed from the battle waged against me, even though many oppose me. Tonight when I pause to pray for you at 7 Colorado time. I will thank God with a victory dance Ruby Grace is coming home!!! Janet

  21. So, so happy! I am so touched by your unwavering determination and faith! I hope you can come home soon. I am not sure what is going on with Sarah. But hopefully all that will come together so you can come home with both girls and see your family. I know your youngest kids must miss you like crazy!
    Y'all are going to have so much fun with little Ruby Grace. The littles at home will see that she was worth the wait.
    Praising God!

  22. You made my day girlfriend!!! Freckles on my arms raised, shivers down my spine kind of day!!! Just how do you say Yippee Jesus in Ugandan?

    You know who says congrats as well!!

    Can't wait for you to get closer to my time zone!!!

    Greater things are yet to come!!!

  23. Oh, such awesome news! Thank you, Jesus! Does that mean she can come right home with you this trip? Still will be praying for a second miracle…Sarah needs to come home, too!

  24. Oh what happy joyous news. The best news…. ever!!! I have been praying for this!!! Come on home Ruby Grace!! There are a whole bunch of people ready to 'meet" you!!
    Praying that Emma feels better soon!!!

  25. Linny:
    That is WONDERFUL news! All those things I have been praying for but haven't had a chance to post about..She is precious and looks so good!

  26. The BEST news…no, really…the BEST!!!! Oh, Ruby…baby girl, you have NO idea…but you will, you will!! And Linny…the chubbiness of that child…oh, so wonderful to see! :) YIPPEE JESUS!!!!!

    Hugs, loves and prayers…
    Nancy in CT

  27. "David and the whole house of Israel were celebrating with all their might before the Lord, with songs and with harps, lyres, tambourines, sistrums and cymbals."
    2 Samuel 6:5

    "David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might, while he and the entire house of Israel brought up the ark of the Lord with shouts and the sound of trumpets."
    2 Samuel 6:14-15

  28. Tears, tears, and more tears!!! Thank you God for the blessing you have bestowed upon this family and for the amazing family you have chosen for this blessing! <3

    I am amazed (and thrilled) to see how good Ms. Ruby is looking! It is easy to see what love and dedication can do for a child. So thankful that God lead you to Ruby Grace :)

  29. Oh Thank you Jesus!!!! We are rejoicing here in WA with you all!!! What a tremendous blessing. Now we are praying for precious Sarah. You are loved and covered in prayers. Give that sweet baby girl big kisses and loves from us:O)
    love and prayers,
    jenn H

  30. Yay! Praise the Lord! What glorious news! I will keep praying. We've been through the international adoption process twice and know there is no easy breathing until the newest members of the family are finally home with us. God bless you!

  31. Awesome. The Lord God Almighty is so good. I am truly celebrating with you as I have been praying every time I think of you. I hope Emma feels better VERY soon. I know your family must miss you, because I do too :) Welcome to the Saunders Ruby Grace, there is no better family for you in the whole Universe! :) I hope Sarah is okay and I hope you hear the same news for her very soon….love to you and yours.

  32. Wow! Praising God with you!! I can't wait to tell my girls tomorrow during Bible Time! We pray for your family and Karl and love hearing how God is moving mountains on your behalf!

  33. PRAISE GOD!!! I've been praying nonstop for both of your girls! I'm so glad to hear that Miss Ruby Grace will be home forever soon! We are also waiting on God to move mountains for a little boy we are hoping is ours! I will continue to lift those princesses up until they are home!

  34. Yippee Jesus indeed! Congratulations on your beautiful new daughter! I am so happy for all of you. I don't comment often but I have been visiting here a while and lately checking in obsessively and praying and I am so thankful for this wonderful news!

  35. Oh! Tears sprung to my eyes at the title. That is sooo marvelous. Praise the Lord! And she is looking so sweet and beautiful. Our family prays for your family regularly. Now we will keep on, for Sarah and Karl, until he who began a good work in you carries it out to completion. He is faithful!
    ~Megan Casteel

  36. congrats!!! I am so happy for you and praising the Lord with you. I am a blog stalker but I read your blog nearly everyday and pray for your family. I admire your courage and strength and love for Jesus. I hope and pray that you will come home soon and for a speedy recovery for Emma.


  37. Oh, Linny, I don't even remember how I came across your blog, but once I stumbled upon it, I had to read it. I've been working night shifts at my second job and when I wasn't tracking flights, I was reading your archives. Such an inspiration! I had been mulling over something regarding involving money and an orphan and after reading your blog, I knew I had to go through with it.

    Thank the Lord for moving the mountains and making Ruby yours. She and Sarah Jane will be in my prayers tonight.

  38. I JUMPED when I read this! Oh happy day! Thank you, Father, for this answer to our many prayers! I think of y'all and Ruby Grace every day. I will go to sleep rejoicing and resting in God that she is YOURS!
    Goosebumps, tears, relief…and happiness spilling over for y'all.
    God bless you!

  39. Congratulations!

    God is able!He is so awsome.
    Just a little bit,…..yes, we will see more, and more, and more.
    Because he loves us. When our hearts are aching for these little ones, we can not imagine how his heart hurts.
    He will move mountains , he is risen.

    So, please keep us even in your prayers on next tuesday.
    We will have our visit from a social worker. We know them very well, because we´re fostering.
    But they won´t like it that they will loose a Fosterfamily because of an international adoption.
    So, this will be our first big mountain on our road. But God is bigger!

    Ruby looks sooo good.
    She is a beauty. It´s so amazing!
    Wish you a good and blessed weekend.

    love Barbara

  40. Oh My!!! !!!!!!
    So excited, praise God!!!
    She looks so great too – I could just eat her up, she is such a cutie!!

    well done and congratulations all of you on your newest 'official' treasure

    Much loves
    Lisa & Leo

  41. Linny, DW and family, Congratulations to you all. I've been a blog "stalker" for probably over 2 years (pathetic, I know). I just love to read about your journey with God. I also pray that your adoption of Sarah Jane is going equally as well. I admire your complete love for the orphan!! We have 1 adopted daughter as well.
    Deana in NJ

  42. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo happy for her and you….. our homestudy is in the mail so we hope to be matched soon and on our way to Uganda too for two little treasures – sooo excited!!!! Praying for Sarah too!

  43. Linny,
    It is amazing how wonderful little Ruby Grace looks, like a completely different child. What an amazing God we serve. So exciting that she is finally coming home where she belongs.

  44. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! SOOOOO excited for you guys!! I let out a gasp when I read the news. Yay, yay, yay! Can't wait 'til you get to bring her home! Praying for you all. Congratulations, and Yippee Jesus!!!

  45. Oh how wonderful! Praise the Lord! Sweet Ruby Grace is looking so good and happy. All that love from her momma and sister is helping too! Praying for Ms. Sarah Jane too! This news makes it an even better Friday. Hoping and praying that mountains continue to move and that God moves speedily to get the family back together as a whole.

  46. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! And she looks good, too! I mean, I know she has so much farther to go, but she's looking so much better than the photos from before. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. PRAISE GOD!!!!!! Never ceases to amaze me how adoption takes the least of the least, and makes them the richest of all.
    Adoption into a home or adoption into the Kingdom.

    God is so cool!

    Congratulations on your amazing little treasure!

  48. O Linny, praising the Lord for the wondrous news we have all been waiting to HEAR!!!!! Glory to God!!!! still storming heaven for the release of sweet Sarah Jane too so you can come home at last! Believing for more miracles!!! love from Montana

  49. HALLELUJAH! Sharing in your joy and praying you all home with special requests for Emma to regain health, Ruby to travel well, and that you'll have strength for this last leg of the journey.

    You have been auspiciously silent on the subject of Sarah Jane and i surmise you have very good reasons for this. We'll pray that she will also be part of the entourage when you all head home from Uganda.

  50. Many congratulations and definitely an answer to prayer. I started reading your blog as the Hujus family is near and dear to me. Since meeting you and your family, my prayers regularly include you and yours. I'm so grateful to be able see your love, dedication and faith be rewarded. Much love to your new addition. Still praying for Sarah Jane!

  51. Praise God!!!

    She looks so much stronger!!! I do believe the love of a mama can do that for a girl! Press on to get that girl home! She will really florish under all that love!

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