Time To Pray

The scripture is clear, there was a time to pray.   Several of the disciples would go to the Temple at the “hour of prayer” to pray.   Well 5am MST tomorrow is our time to pray and we would ask you to join us before you go to bed or East Coast 7am when you get up.  

This surgery center is world renowned for this operation and Miss R. get to have the best!   So thankful that Uganda has such a wonderful facility.   God knew that she would need this place and these awesome Doctors in Uganda! 

Again, surgery is scheduled for 5am MST.  You will have to do the math as to your time zone.  Thanks for your prayers.  She needs them, we are comforted by them and God loves to hear from His children.

I will be up early to intercede throughout the surgery. 

19 thoughts on “Time To Pray

  1. PRAYING PAYING PRAYING! now, as i go to sleep, the many times i will be awake throughout the night, and up for the day by 6 est, then all throughout the day! fasting over breakfast for miss R!

  2. We will be and have been praying.
    Did you take down "A JaJa?" I was blown away by that story!!! God is oh so good and amazing and JAW DROPPING!! Please don't listen to the remarks of those trying to bring you down. God knows your heart and those of us who 'get it' know your heart, too. I completely get that you are protecting Sarah – part of our adoption story is for our daughter's ears only for her to do with and deal with when she's old enough. I cannot wait to see how the rest of your trip turns out and if you get to bring Sarah home, too.
    Bless you in bringing home more orphans – orphaned NO MORE!!

  3. Praying and fasting for Miss R, wisdom and skill for the doctors/staff, perseverance and strength for Linny and Emma, comfort and strength for DW as he waits for news. All things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes… Romans 8:28 promises…and His promises never fail…He has every detail under control and He will take delight in giving you blessings and miracles tomorrow. Abiding with you! <3

  4. Praying and fasting today for your sweet little Ruby Grace and her surgeons! Love you guys!

    P.S. – Your hubby's message at church on 9/25 was just what I needed to hear.

  5. I will pray! I've found your blog few months ago and I'm deeply touched by your family and the whole love that you're giving to children. Don't give up and fight strongly for safety and life of Ruby and Sarah! Praying and greetings from Poland! Maria

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