Monday Morning – Lil’ Miss Ruby

Ruby’s neurosurgeon came in this morning.
Ruby was awake and ever so slightly interacted with him. 
He is quite taken with her
{as is almost anyone who enters her room}.
So the plan is:
No testing today.
Don’t move her.
Don’t move her.
Don’t move her.
Tomorrow tests to see what is happening with the air in the brain.


The prayer vigil was so effective with Karl’s healing that a sweet bloggy friend, Mindy {a member of the Knee Team} took it upon herself to start one for Ruby Grace.  Thank you sooo much Mindy for inviting friends to sign up for prayer times on behalf of our littlest treasure, just seeing the Knee Team names has moved us with emotion.

Here it is:

Thank you, caring friends, for continuing to pray for our daughter while holding up our arms during this long and difficult season.

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning – Lil’ Miss Ruby

  1. Even though we have never met, Ruby Grace, you and your entire family are continually in my thoughts/prayers! Our kids keep asking how Ruby Grace is doing and they have all been praying for her every night!

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