The Incredible Power of Prayer

Ruby was the most like herself that she has been since 
she entered the hospital 2.5 weeks ago.
She was cooing and smiling….
and then right out of the blue Ruby asked if 
we could take some fun pictures and post them on 
her Sp*cial Ops hero big brother’s Facebook wall
{she’s heard so much about him and 
hears mommy pray for him all the time}
And so like how in the world could I resist her sweet request?

And if that wasn’t enough, of course Ruby wanted big sister Abi to have a special note as well.  Ruby’s heard so much fun stuff about her, and she love, love, loved meeting Autumn last week-end, so now Ruby really can’t wait to snuggle with Abi as well.  
So I helped her make some signs and snap some pictures 
and then post them from my Facebook account.
We all can’t wait till big hero brother is able to check his Facebook.  
{Been pretty difficult to have internet connection this 5th depl*yment. ugh.} 

Giving Thanks.
Rejoicing in the smiles.
Still praying. 

Testing tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “The Incredible Power of Prayer

  1. I can understand how you could not resist any requests that sweet miss Ruby Grace could have, she is so beautiful! I include your beautiful awesome amazing family in my prayers! God is so awesome!!
    Hugs and kisses to all of you!

  2. This post just puts a smile on my face! Oh how I love the power of PRAYER!!! God is GOOD and oh-SO-faithful! <><

    Love you and love your precious girly, too!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  3. What a doll!!! And she has such a wining personality and wonderful sense of humor too (you can see that shining through her notes… and smiles). 😉

  4. What sweet news. And what a smart little cookie she is! Her brother and sister are going to love the FB update!
    Praying throughout the day and into the night for Ruby; for you and DW to be strengthened; and for the medical team working on helping Ruby.

  5. How sweet! I'm so happy to see this little cutie smiling in the pictures! Tonight at the end of my orchestra/symphony rehearsal all the orchestra members were all praying for each other and about the missions trip to Chile we are about to take as a group in December, and then my orchestra started praying for Ruby and your family! It was so awesome! God is really hiding Ruby's life in the depths of His love. God is good!

  6. Praise Jesus! We are so thankful for the great news and praise Him for His faithfulness and goodness! Holding tight to the HOPE of complete and total healing for Miss Ruby Grace! God is a God of miracles and we believe in Him! Praying always!! As deep cries out to deep…

  7. Love the pictures of sweet Ruby Grace! You still are not home yet so every evening at 7 I have been praying as I said when you were in Uganda. Praying for Tyler. So glad that sweet Ruby is cooing! THANK YOU JESUS! Janet

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