Could This Be The Trip For You?

Dw has been invited to lead another 
Legacy Leadership Conference – 
this time it in Eastern Uganda.
This will be a new location and the ride is gorgeous!  
Right passed the African villages with their beautiful mud huts – 
just like you probably have seen in National Geographic. 
Truly stunning.
Pastors and leaders are planning on attending
 from Eastern Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.
We are so excited!  
The team will spend time serving the pastors and leaders at the conference and also serving the orphans in various orphanages 
{one even has 1,000 children}!
The proposed dates {give or take a day or two} are:
February 22nd – March 7th, 2012
Cost:  $1,300. plus airfare
We have found some very reasonable flights, 
and if we book quick enough…whooa. 
 It will be awesome!
The $1,300 team cost includes accommodations, travel in-country, guides, translators, two meals {breakfast and dinner}and water. 
Airfare is not included. 
Dw and Emma will be leading the team and 
they would love to serve with you.  
We have been praying and we know 
that God has been calling some of you.  
{There might even be a pastor God is calling to go?}
Could This Be the Trip for You?
The next trip is tentatively scheduled for June.
Details to follow.
If you are interested, we will send you an application.
Please post a comment {with your email} or email us at:
Attn:  February 2012 Trip 

10 thoughts on “Could This Be The Trip For You?

  1. Hi Linny, My husband would never allow me to go but I wanted to know what one would need to prepare for a trip like this. Immunizations, records, etc. just in case 😉 I always tell him that if it's the Lord's will He will do it regardless…thank you.

  2. I know it is not my time to go yet (God is sending me in my mission field here) but I will be praying for the whole team! I will look forward to all the praise reports coming back!

  3. A young man named Josh and I were talking today. I told him that I felt God was calling him to do a mission. He wants to go to Africa. When I said Uganda He agreed. Please Pray about Josh going in June if God wants him to. Only God! Janet

  4. I wish i could, but we're saving our "pennies" to bring home a treasure or 2 later this year. There will be a time soon, though, when I will go. : )

  5. I would love to go! Could you email me the info too? At this point it looks like I might be more able to go on the June trip though. Do you know if the cost would be about the same? If you could send me the info on both trips (or as much as you have about the June trip) that would be great! My husband might need some Fatherly convincing if he's going to go…so any prayers there would be greatly appreciated!

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