Standing in the Gap Together

On Thursday of last week a defender of 
orphan and widow, Big Dave, 
was leaving a bank in Port Au Prince, Haiti.
He had just withdrawn money to feed the orphans in his care.
 As he left, the car he was in was riddled with bullets, 
his money stolen and he was shot in the stomach. 
With strength that had to come from only the Lord, 
Big Dave ran to a nearby hospital.  
Two surgeries were performed.
But things got really bad and Dave needed to get to the States.  Trouble is that med-evac flights are pricey.  And Big Dave and his wife don’t even have health insurance, let alone the money to pay for med-evac from Haiti to the States.  
So folks hearing of this horrific situation pitched in and in a matter of hours the money was raised for a med-evac flight.  They thought they would take Dave all the way to Columbus, Ohio, where he is from.  But his situation was deteriorating quickly.  Med-evac landed in Miami and he has been fighting for his life ever since.  
His wife, Nicolle is passionate about the orphan and Christ.  Here’s what she wrote this on Dave’s CaringBridge site:
Well, I have really good news!  For now, (and I emphasis for now because we are not out of the woods on his swelling) they are holding on the procedure. Which is absolutely a small miracle.  Which we are going to celebrate every small miracle that we get! Woo Hoo! Hallelujah! 

I want to clarify that if you don’t want to know graphic details do not read the next paragraph. 

They had already told me that they were going to have to cut David’s legs (on both sides) and his left arm to release the fluid.  This procedure is done to save the limbs. When they get so swollen that blood flow is restricted they will cut from the wrist all the way past the elbow and from the ankle past the knee on both sides.  Then they leave it open so that the fluids can escape the body and release the pressure, which is good.  However, It also provides another opportunity for infection. 

I hit a breaking point. I just didn’t want him to go through one more thing.  Enough is enough!  God please!  We sent out the urgent prayer request and then it got worse.  They said they were going to have to do all four limbs.  

There was another group in the TICU waiting room.  Their pastor was shot while she was in her house sleeping in her bed. So, we all gathered and prayed and in the middle of that the doctors called me back and said that they are going to only do his left arm.  I was actually celebrating that.  Then they said they are going to hold for now.  Woo Hoo!  Hallelujah!

For so many reasons it is absolutely essential that the swelling in David’s body start to decline! Please continue to pray.  Prayer changes things! 

And so here we are, bloggy friends gathered around 
the world in prayer {and fasting} asking Almighty God 
to move on Dave’s behalf.  
Many of you have serious concerns too.  
We have concerns.
Please list your prayer concerns in the comments on this post 
and many of us will be praying through all the requests. 
No doubt, corporate prayer changes things!  
Standing together from Phoenix, Arizona…

74 thoughts on “Standing in the Gap Together

  1. Continuing to keep Dave and his family in my prayers!

    My prayer request if two fold. For financial direction. And for God to please either show me a way to motherhood or to take away the desire. The pain of feeling like time is nearly up is just so heavy on my heart.

  2. Been praying for Big Dave. Glad to get to join in for prayer and fasting today. 🙂

    I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in 2005 & have been on medication for it since. I have made improvements, but I feel like the anxiety disorder is holding me back. Not to mention that I'm not sure how I'm going to get my meds once I move to Uganda.

    Speaking of that move, Abba has called me to move to Uganda and I am stepping out in faith to obey. I need several thousand dollars to make this move happen, plus people that will commit to continuing to support me.

    Finally, for the little boy that will always be the son of my heart. I was hoping, praying, and believing that I would have the privilege of parenting him when I got back to Uganda, but just before Christmas I was informed that his birth family came back for him. This gives me mixed feelings, as I don't know what part of his birth family it is and the part he was with before was not at all a good situation.

    Sorry this is so long. To recap: healing from anxiety; financial & prayer support for move to Uganda; information on & protection for J and potential open doors to build a relationship with his bio family.

    I'm excited to check this again when I wake up to see what more to pray for.

  3. I feel touched that my prayer concerns would be considered, thank you! I need prayer for a clear MRI scan tomorrow, I am a cancer survivor of almost 4 years and recently found a new "lump" that I am over the moon concerned about. I would also like to pray for the new Students for Life club some friends and I started on campus, we are being attacked by the campus paper and TV station and feeling discouraged. Thank you so very much!
    God Bless.

  4. I'm in the middle of a 40-day Daniel fast & I'm honored to add Dave & Nicolle to my prayer list.

    Please pray for God to transform me from the inside out. I desire to be the woman, wife, mom & grandmother that HE wants me to be.

    Also pls pray for my precious 9 yo grandson who is struggling with his parent's recent divorce. He's confused, angry, sad and brokenhearted. It grieves my heart to see him in so much pain.

    Thank you for this opportunity to storm the gates of heaven on Dave's behalf & for all the other prayer requests. Our God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine!!

  5. As we prepare to move back to the UK from FRance I would so appreciate your prayers for finding the right house for us, especially as I have a disabled husband.
    I know that God has His plan for us, and I am standing on His words..

  6. Linney, thank you for allowing me to list my concern.

    I need to raise all the money needed to adopt a special young girl in China before her 14th birthday. I am locking her file next week on faith alone that this can happen. I have asked everyone I meet to donate to my spring garage sale, but it will only cover a small portion of the needed funds. As you know first hand, adoption is expensive and doesn't always happen at convenient times. When our hearts are moved to know who our children are, we must do all we can to bring them home. I pray that others are moved, too, and that they will help this young girl by whatever means they can, whether by direct donation, a fund raising idea, prayer, or anything else that I can't think of on my own that will help.

  7. Praying, praying, praying for Dave and Nicole.

    I'm praying and fasting today for a couple of things:

    1) My two sons, Isaiah and Kadeem, adopted from the foster care system at 7 and 9, now 16 and 18. Praying that God would release and heal them from all of the pain of their years of their history of abandonment and abuse, and that He would help them know in deep and amazing ways, how very, very, wanted and precious they are in their mama's eyes.

    Praying especially for Isaiah, who is supposed to graduate this year. He is a very talented athlete with long time dreams of playing professional football. He hates school, however, and his grades are horrible, so right now it looks like he will probably be attending junior college. He has to make a decision by Wednesday, please pray that the Lord would shut that door and open others if he is supposed to go a different direction.

    2) I'm a long time educator- have served in a number of positions- classroom, reading intervention, asst. principal, and district curriculum specialist. This year I'm teaching fourth grade, but my school is closing and I have to look for a new job. I am totally open to whatever job the Lord provides, either in or out of education. Please pray that God would guide my steps and decisions and place me where He can use me next year.

  8. Linny,

    I have two requests…

    1. I have a college friend, who is just 37, has lukemia. Hospice has been called in so it is the end. She has 4 children from 3 to 12. Please pray for her and her family and friends as she passes. Especially for the children and her husband.

    2. For God to show my family where our future is, we gave been offered another church in another country. We need direction.

    I will be praying especially today and fasting. Standing together from Sweden.


  9. I'm asking prayer that two people very close to me simply allow God to transform their lives. That they would see their need for our Savior to be Lord of their lives. Thank you all for praying.. Praying for you friends too!

    ~ To God Be the Glory!

  10. I am excited to be praying, fasting, and rejoicing with you ladies! I say rejoicing because everytime we do this our sweet Savior answers!!! (Remember Karl?!) WooHoo!!
    My prayer requests: My friends little girl Maddison had a brain surgery an hour ago, pls pray for healing, recovery, and strength. My sister-in-law Robin recently had a heart transplant please pray for continued health and no rejection of heart. For financial peace for my family. A JOB preferably this week for me. I have written out my request and God knows just the job I need. And for our sweet baby that God will be adding to our family in the coming year. Love you ladies! Will be checking back, reading and praying all day!!

  11. God's been working in me to just submit to him. How I've fought leaving this request for prayer. Why?

    Details: God made a miracle when he found a way for me to stay home for the past 2 years with my son, immediately after becoming a family (I adopted as a single parent). Absolute miracle. How I prayed for just that! He is now almost 5. All savings are gone. No income in over a month. None. The small mortgage I took on my house to bring him home, is paid up only through January.

    Although well qualified in many professions, NOTHING has worked out. There are times I walk in faith KNOWING he has a bigger better plan. But I admit to faltering to worry, panic and frustration.

    Ask for prayer to submit. To open my heart to hear him. To release me from worry. And for God to continue to show he is here. We need to see some income, a job or massive provision soon. Very very soon. See- there I go… worrying again.

  12. my need seems so small compared to you guys but my son got accepted to college starting in feb and with hubby out of work he has to find a place to stay/gas to get there could you pray to god hell be with my son as he goes to school/help him find a safe place to stay??thanks so much ill pray for everyone today..

  13. Standing in the gap and fastin/praying in middle Tennessee.

    I do have a request that many of you have prayed for in the past

    Reconciliation with my 19 year old son Brock. It has been 28 months since he has spoken to me. He has been estranged from his maternal side of the family for 28 months. His older brother has spoken to him twice in that time. He ran into Brock at a store and stopped him and chatted with him and just two months ago he text Brock and Brock responded, then stopped communicating again.

    Many of you prayed about Brock's graduation in June 2010, and with 19 hours left before graduation, God brought me a miracle, a ticket to watch my son graduate! Thanks to all your prayers.

    Blessingss to you all
    freedom Hollow Farm Girl

  14. I will be praying through all these requests today and tomorrow during nap time. I also have a couple requests, and I'm sorry if this is long.
    1. A lady who works at my husband's office told him of her husband's ex who has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer (she's only 29!) Her health & mind will decline rapidly, and she will probably die within the year. She has an 18 mos old who lives with her and is not the ex's as well as 2 kids who live with the ex. Anyway, she asked the ex if he & his wife would adopt the baby. They cannot for several reasons. The lady from work knowing we've adopted asked my husband if we'd adopt her. Of course, we said yes, but it's not up to us or her. We just wrote a letter to the mom (her name is Angela) expressing our desire to meet her and to adopt her little girl. Please pray that God would reveal Himself to Angela & she would be saved before her mind goes, that she would have wisdom regarding who will take care of her daughter when she is gone, that this letter that we wrote would be received in a positive light, and that above all, His will would be done.
    2. In Nov of 2010, we took in a girl who's mother died suddenly. She is 17 and will be graduating from high school this year. I have been struggling with this situation from the beginning. I know it was God's will that we do this, but because it was difficult, I was angry with God for asking me to do this (especially since I had been earnestly praying that He would allow us to adopt another LITTLE BOY.) I guess I thought that if it was God's will then that meant that we would be blessed in doing it. Instead, we find ourselves in a very steep learning curve, making many sacrifices (one of which is members of my husband's family have disowned us.) She's not a bad kid; she just annoys the crap out of me! We've tried very hard to incorporate her into our family, but she has no desire to be a part of a family (probably because she never knew the true meaning of family.) I've recently decided that I'm just done trying; I'll just tolerate her until she moves out. I know, horrible attitude! But, it's made my life a whole lot easier. God has recently given me some mercy as she is in school or working most of the time lately and I don't have to deal with her; also, she is now planning on moving to campus next year rather than commute as was the plan. Still, I know that I need a change of attitude. Please pray for me in this situation.

  15. Praying for Dave. Please hang in there. The children need anyone willing to be a light in their lives. Please God, not yet.

    My sister passed away this Christmas on Christmas Day. My family is doing ok, but my niece (her daughter) is confused. She has some rough days. If you could pray for my family, that'd be wonderful.


  16. I will also be praying for Dave. Please pray for my husband and I- I feel so strongly that we should adopt again- a special needs little boy is on my heart. Please pray for us come together and follow God's will for our family. Thank you.

  17. I also follow on CaringBridge,,and will continue to pray…I cannot fast as I am starting a whole body detox to get rid of anything that is harming my muscles, neck issues and hand issues…Please keep me in prayer as well because I need to find a dr. I can trust with all of this…We have no insurance, are having money issues, and I am very fearful. And I feel so alone in this quest.
    Thank you for letting me leave my prayer request.
    Love from NC

  18. I have been praying for Dave since I first saw your post. I have been lurking for a year or so. I am blessed by your families strength each time I read a post.
    My husband and I have adopted 4 times from China. 2 non special needs girls and 2 sn boys. Our youngest son is 5. Has been diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum. He is nonverbal…but oh so smart. I attended a conference this weekend that showed me more options for him…please pray for wisdom to know what is the best way to go.
    Thanks for praying for our family.
    Barb P.

  19. Hello ~~ Renee here from The Knee Team. Joel and I are praying for Big Dave and all other requests here at home today as we pray and fast with you.
    I have a request for myself. Tomorrow morning at 8am I will be having a needle breast biopsy on a small area in my left breast that is somewhat suspicious. I had uterine cancer 2 years ago and you prayed for me then…all went well with that and we are standing on God's promises that all will be well with this too. Prayers that I do not react to lidocane, that the procedure goes well and quickly (epinephrine cannot be used on me) and that it is benign!
    Sending love and hugs out to each of you and praises for our God of mercy and healing…

  20. Please pray for my sister to make the "right" decision regarding her marriage/family. She is in an abusive situation (in my opinion) which totally breaks her family's heart. Thank you.

  21. Please pray that our oldest daughter's test results will show a cause for her continuing health issues. The results should come back today.

    We would also appreciate prayers for our toddler daughter. Who has had feeding issues for the last year. She suddenly improved for 2 weeks and is now not eating again. Simply pray that she will eat.

  22. Praying with you friends! My request if that you would pray for a potential adoption situation for our family.

    Pray that the birth mother, Phoebe, feel's peace with her choice. Pray that He will guide her to make the best choice for her child. And, if you feel led, pray that we are the best choice.

    God bless – truly.


  23. Once again, Linny, the timing of your call to fast could not be more perfect. I have several prayer requests and will be praying fervently for all of you. My husband is being attacked by the devil in his weakest areas. I pray that the Lord will pluck this out and fill it with only good things that come from Him. My husband is a good man but just needs God as his warrior right now. We are currently in the process to adopt an older boy so please pray that things will continue to go smoothly. I am also advocating for 2 older orphans in China – Kate and Leon. They are on my heart all the time. I pray that they find their forever families soon as they age out in March and April, respectively, and will lose any chance at a family – both have medical needs that could be problematic if they do not have a family to care for them. I also ask for prayer that if our family is part of their story in any way, that God would prompt us and let us know beyond the shadow of a doubt what we are to do and how we should do it and provide the resources and His perfect timing. I also deal with fear and worry and I pray that they do not become strongholds in my life. Thank you all so much!

  24. I will be praying for everyone throughout the entire day and I am so excited to be a part of this beautiful prayer family!!

    I posted yesterday about my husband's faith. He was raised in a Jehovah's Witness family but has been "inactive" for about 8ish years (which is more than the time that I have known him) as is the rest of his immediate, and some extended, family. Yesterday morning he shared with me that he's going to start attending a local Kingdom Hall 2x a week, and that he's been talking with one of the elders from their congregation. This is something that has always been in the back of my mind and I have been very afraid he would fall back into his childhood "religion". He ended up not getting ready in time yesterday morning so he said he would start next week, which is already a blessing from the Lord! A week is a very long time for God to do His work!!
    I just want him to know Jesus. They do not recognize Jesus as Lord and even though he says prayers at times, he always says "thank you for sending your son so that we MIGHT have a CHANCE at eternal life". Oh that breaks my heart.
    Please pray that God would give me guidance on what to say and what not to say and that He would humble me and use me as a vessel of His love to pour out onto my husband. And that He would instill a deep yearning in my husband's heart, that he would want to know the REAL truth and not the one his church has fed him. Pray for his salvation and that he will spend eternity dancing with Jesus in heaven! Oh just pray to keep him safe from this dangerous religion.

    One other thing: the Lord has blessed us in ways that make it possible for me to stay at home. I am feeling lost about my purpose and His plan for my life. I know He will reveal His plan in HIS timing and I am accepting of that. I just don't know what I should be doing or how I should be preparing my heart or what gifts/desires I should act on in order to glorify Him to the world. Please pray for my direction in God's plan. And that I would actual open my ears to Him and my heart and stop trying to perfect everything on my own, only to end up missing on His plans for me (I have a BIT of the perfectionist bug haha).

    Thank you all so so sooo much! What a blessing you all are!!

  25. Please pray that God brings attention to our son's Ethiopian paperwork and it is taken care of. And for financial provision of our adoption.
    praying in Idaho…..

  26. We have two little girls in Ethiopia. One was cleared by the Embassy for her visa in November. The other has not yet. The Embassy wants to interview her birth mother who is a two-day car trip and a half-day horseback ride away from the city and she has a sick 3 month old baby. Our adoptions were final in August. Please pray for miracles to happen for our little girl to get clearance so we can bring both girls home.

  27. Praying for Dave's healing.
    Please pray for salvation and protection for my husband. For release of the financial bondage my husband has placed on our family.

  28. I've not been able to fast the past few times with you because of work (and needing regulated blood sugar) but today is a holiday from work so I am home and can join you all! Honored to join in praying for Dave and for the other requests here. God hears us!

    My ongoing request- we are in a critical time regarding our mortgage modification and being able to save our home. When we signed with our adoption agency we began to face a mighty storm and our financial world crashed. We are praying for God to allow my husband to be able to provide for our family, for the bank to find a modification that will let us keep our home, and for us to get back on our feet so we can restart the adoption process. The world presents a scary timeline, but we know God is fully in control and I pray for freedom from fear!

  29. Praying in Wisconsin!
    I have a few today:
    1. our church is really experiencing some rather major spiritual warfare in the form of major discouragement, communication issues, and discontent. Lots of people talking about leaving and for no real, solid reason. Prayers for unity and strength.
    2. One of the sweet high school girls that my husband and I minister to has decided that she is gay or bi. I have been able to talk very honestly with her about this and reassure her of God's love, but she is unwilling to change at this point. God has shown me clearly that my job right now is to LOVE her as He loves her. I just want her to see truth.
    3. I promised my husband in November that I would not bring up the topic of adoption for at least a year unless he brought it up first (I was ready to adopt again, he was not). The week before Christmas, he brought it up again! 🙂 So we are in the process of praying and saving and waiting on the Lord for direction and where our next baby is!! Pray for guidance for us please.
    I will check in throughout the day to pray for you all!

  30. My prayer request is the same as it has been for nearly a year now, that the Lord would heal my mother. She is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer.
    Thank you for your prayers. I will be praying with you for all our needs today.

  31. Praying right now for Dave!

    I have a very small prayer request. For the past eight years I have been blessed to have a very good career. But now that we have been blessed beyond measure with our daughter, I wish nothing more than to stay home to raise her full time. Please pray that we would find a way to financially make this change!

  32. I am praying and fasting today and standing with all of you in prayer all day.

    I would like to add to the prayer list our financial situation. The economy has really hit our business hard and we are struggling to keep the bills paid. We have cut back everywhere but my husband really needs work.

    Our family needs healing right now as well. I am asking God to be our provider and our healer.

  33. we need prayer for our future and what the Lord has for us to do. My heart wants to leave and GO serve the orphan. We have 3 small children. I cant see "going on" in this world knowing what I know about other countrys. My heart bleeds and breaks for the orphan that some times it's just too hard so I stuff in down inside of me. Im starting to feel crazy. We just really need to know the LOrd's will for our lives. That my husband and I would be put on the sme page. Thank you friends.

  34. Praying for Big Dave right now. Thank you for keeping us posted! We also continue in prayer for your family's many needs.

    As for our family, there is nothing that I want more in this world right now than God's precious and direct wisdom for how to lead each of my four children to Him and to emotional and social maturity. They have each come into our home through adoption and each have struggles that seem far beyond the reaches of my parenting wisdom. I crave God's wisdom, and I crave His salvation and healing for my children (a boy and three girls, ages 2 to 14).

    Thank you for praying! As my friend Karen often says at the end of prayer requests that she passes along, "It matters that we pray." I will check PCS later in the day and pray for the requests that others have left — such a privilege to pray for other people.

  35. Praying with you over all these requests.
    My request is for a crucially important court hearing tomorrow regarding my cousins, currently in foster care, who need to be reunified into the family God chose for them. THat the Judge, the Guardian, their mother, even the foster parents would see clearly what is best for them, that red tape would be swallowed up and we'd hae no more continuances. That these boys not be made orphans!

    Personally, I ask that a job opportunity come to fruition quickly.

  36. A beautiful young woman that I discipled for years and know very well has made the decision to live with her boyfriend. I'm devastated that she would turn from God's Word and then justify it by saying she prayed about it. Please pray that she would know Truth and that the Holy Spirit would not let her rest in her sin. Please pray that the Lord would redeem this situation as only He can. Thank you!

    Praying for Big Dave. As I was praying this morning, I felt the power of the Spirit in such a strong way. God is battling on Dave's behalf.

  37. Please pray for my daughter, Mia, to receive an awesome speech therapist to help her in her speech and auditory processing disorder.

    Also, for my family to find community.

    Joining in your fast.

    Thanks so much and God Bless.


  38. Linny I want your little girls Liberty & Jubilee to know that they are in my prayers today… i had a dream about them last night sharing at church the significance of prayer in their lives!

  39. Prayers needed for direction for our adoption as we move forward. We're at a point where I really need to hear the Lord clearly. Also, my 10 year old son had some medical tests taken a few weeks ago…prayer that they will come back clear.

  40. Please pray for A who has left her husband because of abuse. He is going to the lawyer right now to file for immediate custody of the children. Her little girls, N, A, and K are very afraid of him and are very happy that they don't live with him anymore. Please pray for truth to be known and all of their protection.

  41. I need direction in my life. My job is challenging (in a bad way), my finances are shaky, and I just feel lost. I have taken steps toward adopting again, but am feeling cold feet (maybe regret) and like I should halt the adoption process. I don't know what to do about anything & I am feeling tremendous anxiety. I need some signs and a direction.

  42. I will continue to pray for Dave. We are coming to a point we are going to have to decide if we can go ahead with our China adoption. We want to with all our heart but the finances are just not here YET. I say yet because I know God can provide. Please pray he allows us to be able to bring our daughter home. Thank you.

  43. I read your blog all the time, but I don't think I have ever posted a comment. Today I am praying for Dave with all of you!

    I have two prayer requests:

    First, that God continues to pave the way for our adoption of the sweet girl He has placed on our heart. Our home study is complete and we are waiting to be officially "matched" with her and for the real process to begin… that God will move, opening doors, and tearing down any walls of opposition that may arise. We just want our daughter HOME!

    Speaking of HOME, that is our second prayer. We have a beautiful home right now, but we have been feeling called lately that we should be downsizing into something more practical (and financially wise). We found a house this weekend that was perfect for our family (including enough rooms for the new member of the family!) Except it is currently under contingency with another buyer. I know that God is bigger than any contingency, and I know that if the house is meant to be ours, He will make it happen!

    Thank you for your prayers… I am praying for all of you here. <3

  44. Friends marriage in crisis

    My husband and his reliance on hard work rather than trusting God's love and provision

    Direction on how to lead a prayer ministry at our mega church

  45. Thank you for the opportunity to join you guys in fasting and prayer today!

    I need prayer for my sweet husband. I feel strongly that God is calling us to adopt. He has confirmed it over and over. My husband is not on the same page and pretty much shuts down when anyone mentions adoption. I have been praying for him for a while, but there is power in numbers!

    If you would, ask our Father that he would give Robby His heart for the orphan. Ask Him to make Robby's heart soft toward what God is calling us to. But above all, will you ask our Father that my husband would desire Him above all else? Thank you friends!

    I have been praying all day Big Dave and for each request mentioned on here, and I know God is going to do some great things in your lives!

  46. I am praying for Dave and his wife (and for Ruby too!) Please pray for my husband Steven. He has been dealing with anxiety since July of last year. We are praying for a release from this. Please pray for God's peace, mercy and healing. Thank you.

  47. Praying for Dave today and working my way thru the other requests too. I cannot fast as I am still battling the anorexia that has stolen my life for the last year and a half. I would love prayer for that. Simply that I can eat no matter how I 'feel' about it and protection for my children as they watch me walk out this struggle. Thank you so much

  48. Please pray for me and my family. We found out Thursday that I have what appears to be stage 3 rectal cancer. I am 35 and have my precious wife and young daughters that I am very concerned for. Please pray for God to heal and restore me so that I might care for and serve them for years to come.
    Your Brother in Jesus,
    The Pauper (aka: Dustin W.)

  49. I am not a blogger, I have been a lurker for over a year. I always enjoy the "fast and pray days".
    I have prayed for all of the other comments and will contiue to check throughout the day.

    My requests probably seem insignificant, but please pray for guidance for my family. My husband and I are both teachers. We would like to move closer to our family and to a smaller town. Specifically, our prayer is that we can move make a positive (financially and emotionally) move to a smaller town, close to my parents and both of us have teaching/coaching jobs.
    -Matthew 7:7"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door shall be opened to you."
    I also ask that you pray for my dad, who had neck surgery 2 weeks ago. He is doing well, but still needs strength and healing from HIM. My mom could also use some prayers, since she's the one nursing him bac to health 🙂

    Have a great day!

  50. Continuing to pray for Dave and his family.

    I have been praying for the same thing for almost two years: the miracle of the restoration of my marriage. I know that God is the God of the impossible and I know He hears and answers prayers in His perfect timing. I can't wait to see the beauty that will come out of this very difficult time. God will receive ALL the glory.

    Thank you,Linny, for facilitating these days of prayer and fasting. Praying that God will move in mighty ways as we join together to pray for one another!


    Dear Family and Friends, Sound the Alarm!!

    Urgent Prayer request! They are concerned that David's Colon is dying. If it doesn't turn and get healthy, they will have to remove it and they are very, very concerned that he will not survive the surgery. We need his body to make a drastic turn in the right direction in the next 24 hours. I will give more details on caringbridge later but we need to activate the incredible praying army that God has raised up on our behalf. We love appreciate each one of you and your willingness to walk through this journey with us!

  52. Please pray for guidance and protection, and provision for me and my 3 little guys. I am raising them alone and am committed to them. I want every detail of are life to speak His name. Praying fo Dave and everybody. L

  53. Please pray for my situation (personal and health), for me to hear Him and know what is next.
    For me to accept what is and what isn't, to heal the sadness involved in that acceptance.
    Also, please pray for my children and grandchildren and their individual circumstances.
    Thanks to all who pray!

  54. Dave has been in my prayers today.

    I know that God provides, I have never gone without food, or shelter, but things are really tough for our little family right now. My husband has been without work for over a year now, needless to say this is not only demoralizing for him as a man, but at times things are down right hard. Our rent is due tomorrow and I haven't any way to pay, last month we were two weeks late. We are selling our books, and his guitar amp to try and raise money while we wait on my next pay check and school refund. Please pray that God provides quickly. That we are able to do right by our so very kind and understanding land lady, and that a job opportunity opens up for my husband. We just don't even know what to do. Pray that we can keep the faith, and not worry.
    Thank you friends in Christ for your prayers. I shall be praying for you as well.

  55. My prayer request is that homeschooling will improve in our family. It sounds like a little request, but it is very big for our family. Our youngest is a 2 year old and a 4 month old. It seems like we are not getting anything done. I think you probably know what that is like
    😉 My other prayer request is that my Uncle will come back to the Lord. After a horrible accident with horses about 3 years ago, he came to the Lord, and has been back and forth scince then. We have prayed, and encoraged, and prayed some more. So, I am asking for more prayer! Praying for Dave and his family!

  56. Please pray for our dear family friend Larry and his family. He received a double kidney Transplant Friday. Please pray that his body doesn't reject them and for strength and healing. And please pray for the family of the person who donated them. Thank you

  57. My prayer request seems so selfish compared to so many of these…My husband is taking this week to consider adopting a sweet child so heavy on my heart. She will be 5 in Feb. and transferred to an institution, where I'm sure she will not live beyond another year. I pray that my husbands heart be moved as much as mine.
    I also have been praying for Big Dave…so sad for him and his family, so not fair. Thank you.


  58. Praying for Big Dave and his family! Please pray that my daughter will return to The Lord. Her boyfriend will get saved and they will get married. Pray that the job that Chuey is being considered for will go through! THANKS! Janet

  59. My continued prays for Dave that he begins to heal from his injuries and for his family to have the strenght to endure this difficult time.

    Please pray that my family is reunited…now we are living in two different states because of inability to sell our home. I know God wants me here and yet, it is so hard not to see two of my children and my husband on a daily basis.

    Thank you,

  60. Just a follow up on my previous post! My son's test results came back normal! They were supposed to take 4-6 weeks to come back…it's been just over three weeks! We've also finally made some decisions on our adoption today. Only prayers of thanks needed for us today!

  61. I know I'm late….and I wasn't going to share, but I'm just weary…weary of praying for the same thing over and over…

    Please pray for my relationship with my adopted daughter…that's all I can share, but I'm beyond tired…

    Also, we've really struggled with WHERE God wants us to be…praying now for confirmation about going on the mission field…just feeling lost…

    AND…we're getting close to a referral from Ethiopia, please pray our little girl's paperwork is in order and ethically much going on over there!! SO ready to see her:)!!

  62. I went to high school with Dave's wife. All our high school friends are staying updated on Facebook. The recent update, 20 min ago, said that he is dying, and his systems are shutting down. PLEASE continue to pray…it is NOT too late for a miracle.

  63. We are just starting on the domestic adoption process. Please pray our insurance company will cover our baby from birth, before we have custody.

    Adoptive parents do not get custody of the baby until after a state-required waiting period of a few days (the length depends on the state).

    We are talking to our insurance company this week about it, as we cannot afford to risk having our baby be uninsured for a few days.

  64. My Prayer request is two things.

    The first is my sister is on a plane to africa as we speak for her court date to adopt two little girls 😀 Please pray that she passes court the first time and that she gets to spend tons and tons of time with her little girls before she has to come home and that its a safe flight.

    Also my husband plans to join the marines and please please pray that he can lose the 50lbs needed before october so that we will not be out of money financially. Thank you so so much…

  65. Please pray for..

    my family..especially my dad. My dad is in the middle of switching jobs and it is putting a strain on the whole family.

    that God would gives us peace and wisdom about if/when we are to adopt again. And that he would make whatever plans he has for us very clear to my dad.

  66. i started the fast on sunday since every need is just so intense! so glad we are doing this again. praying for big dave and his tragic attack! praying for my dear brother and his babies who are separated from each other in poland for 9 months now and with mentally ill mother who is worsening by the day. dear God help them all! i put, "Mighty is the Lord" in big letters on my cell screen. i have to believe it, even before i see it! We all have to believe we serve a mighty God TOGETHER, and that friends, is a comfort like nothing else. May God bless you all and hear our prayers as we fast.

  67. My prayers are with you, your family, and those in medical emergencies. Ruby Grace is never out of my thoughts and prayers.

    My prayer request would be to please allow God to help me learn to listen to the direction he has for me instead of trying to follow my own direction. I am really trying to live my life for the Lord; however, having a hard time listening to what he wishes for me and KNOW that is what his wishes are. Please pray for me. Thank you so much.

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