Suddenly, It’s Almost Time….

Ever had to wait for something?
The fun stuff is a different wait then 
the wait for the not-so-fun stuff.
But none-the-less, 
both are a period of waiting…
Ever had to wait 
so long that you began to wonder if it was ever gonna’ come?
Ya’ know how it is…
I can remember when I was about thirteen waiting and waiting 
for our annual Grace Baptist Church youth group 
Christmas formal dinner….
and the night before we wouldn’t sleep a wink…my friend and I whispering into the wee hours, wondering aloud if those two special boys we liked would be there and giggling at that thought of either of them being brave enough to talk to us
 {yeah, I know, times have changed, but that’s how
 it was back in the old days – it was a big deal at fourteen
for the boy you liked to smile at you,
 and if he talked to you? Me-oh-my!}
and then it would finally be ‘the night’ filled with butterflies and nervous glances and suddenly what took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to come without warning would be gone in what seemed like seconds,  leaving us all to gaze at our bedroom calendars in an effort to wish the days away till the following Grace Baptist Youth Group Christmas formal dinner the next year….
we can remember waiting for Tyler’s referral 
from Korea a bazillion years ago….
and then all of a sudden he was in our arms and we glanced away in what seemed like only a few minutes and turned back around and he was standing at the bottom of the aisle waiting for his beautiful bride and our treasured daughter-in-love…..
that not-so-fun wait when Abi had cholic so bad that 
I wondered if she would ever outgrow it….
and in no time, without any warning Miss Abigail 
was cruisin’ around the 
furniture bossin’ me, I mean, the dog around..
then, I turned around and she was married and bringing home our first grandson, a treasure from Uganda……
All the times of waiting and waiting and waiting
and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting some more…
{and an entire year – or even years pass by}
different kinds of waiting….

but the same feelings and often the 
same sorta-kinda’ emotions:
When Will It Ever Happen?
Well that man of mine and I have been waiting….
waiting on something the Lord whispered to us….
something that for a year plus has had us on our knees in prayer, intercession and fasting so that we would hear Him accurately…
A dream only planted by Almighty God – 
after waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting
without really much warning 
it’s time….
time to begin to share the news…

and I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight…

71 thoughts on “Suddenly, It’s Almost Time….

  1. I'm excited for you–you sure do a good job of building suspense, Ms. Linny!

    …and I see the IVO tag, so I'm wondering if it's related to the upcoming trip (come on, brain, heal faster!)

  2. Oh my goodness! The anticipation of what you are going to reveal is too much!!! :))
    He has met us here during this month. We are still waiting… But He is still faithfully encouraging is onward. He has been telling us repeatedly to rest. It's hard to do when in the wait… But it is so necessary in order to find the core of His heart in the matter. We rejoice that you ate seeing an unfolding of answers for this long wait.

  3. And now neither will I!!! Oh my!! I guess we won't get a lick of school done tomorrow because momma will be refreshing the blog page. 🙂 Can't wait to hear.


  4. You can't do that to me Linny… now I won't be able to sleep… I pray it has something to do with Sarah jane… I've been praying for her… but even if it is something else, I know it will be precious news.. can't wait to hear… don't make us wait too long!:)

  5. This is so you…
    You gotta tell us… NOW!

    So now I'm not gonna sleep tonight until I hear the news!

    Spill it Linny!! Spill it NOW!~~

    FYI patiences is not my virtue!

  6. I am SO there right now… we are waiting. I've had confirmations but now we just wait…and wait…and wait. Trusting His plan is perfect and perfectly timed..and someday I'll know why we had to wait. It will all make sense. Can't wait to read the news!

  7. Ahhhh! Am I missing something??? You are torturing us with wait!!! Note to self:stop checking Linny's blog before bed or I too won't be able to sleep that night! Lol cruel! This is just cruel!! But oh so fun!

  8. Linny, You are So Stinking Funny! You sure know how to give us a BIG TEASE so we come back to Simplicity again!!
    I love the way you write & draw us in.
    See you Later. Looking forward to the news.

    Jan Camp GA Foster Mom

  9. You're teasing us!!! I think you mentioned something about whatever this wait is in an earlier post…… and you've got me wondering if you're expecting a new grandbaby!!!

  10. You won't sleep tonight? So you end the post that way to ensure we won't sleep either? 😉 I thought you loved us, Linny? Cruel! Mean! Down-right naughty!!! (LOL!)

    Tell all and tell NOW!!!

  11. Oh Linny! I soooooo know what you are talking about! I know that we often hear testimonies about how long something took to happen, etc, but being in such a long season of waiting was so hard! I am excited to share a praise report that the Office of Licensing is coming out on Tuesday and we will be finally, PRAYERFULLY ready to foster! I will continue to lift your family up as well for what He is calling you to. It is so exciting to watch God move among His people! All the glory and honor and praise to Him alone!!!!

  12. Oh, you are so MEAN, Linny! 🙂 You really should get a job writing cliff hangers for TV shows! I can't wait to hear what God is up to NOW in your lives! You know, you and your family really have a life-changing impact all over this world, and I am so blessed and thankful that has permeated even into my little corner of rural Iowa!

  13. I cant wait to hear the news! Just this morning I was reading numbers 13 & 14, and was reminded of god's promises and how we are to NOT doubt Him, even when the wait takes so long. I have posted prayer requests a few times about our current adoption. God is so big! I am finally able to blog about it because just like you, the "time" has come. If you want to read about god's amazing provision visit my blog at

  14. Ok..I'm a lurker..I admit it..I read every post, I pray for your family, I pray for those you request prayers for… I look forward to each and every one of your blog posts..I get so much strength from reading these and some days when I'm struggling with something your post is exactly what I needed to read. So thankful for that…BUT! You leave me on the edge of my seat too often !! lol 🙂 Can't wait till the next post!!

  15. OK, this may be far fetched (or not) (grin), but it occurred to me as I was driving on an errand at 9:15 this am, that you posted two pics of your kids with their spouses, SO by chance, is Autumn engaged???


  16. OK, OK (BTW, I LOVE GAMES!!!) so if Autumn's not engaged, is Graham?
    OK, if Graham's not engaged, does DW have is new job as an orphan advocate? OK if it's not DW, is Abigail and her fam moving to AZ? OK if Ab isn't moving, are you guys moving to CA so I can RING YOUR NECKS (in a Christian-loving-sorta-of-way) for keeping me STILL guessing at 4:42 pm??? (HA-HA!!!)


  17. I can't believe I missed this post! EEK! I think its about your daughter in Africa, I pray that you've heard wonderful news and can bring her home soon!?!? Can't wait to hear what it is! Blessings to you all and we too have a secret…we'll share in good time but for now the secret stays safe!

  18. (Literally LOL as I type…)

    Part 2

    You're going to be on Focus On the Family, Family Life Today, or Family Talk? OK, you're not on the radio…You found a publisher for your book?…OK, no publisher…TLC wants to do a reality show using your family?…OK, no TV,…You and DW are building something that can house more treasures?…OK, no building…WHAT IS IT????

    Still guessing at 4:55 pm and there isn't even a giveaway involved.

    I'm getting obssessed. Thanks a lot Linny, you're bringing out my OCD on the www for all to see!!! (LOL!)

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