Karl was having some pretty nasty stomach pain yesterday.  
Autumn drove him to the ER and they found that
 he had appendicitis. 
They hurried him into surgery and as it turns out, 
as they were actually removing his appendix
it burst!
He is a pretty sick fellow and will be in the hospital 
for a few days at this point.
I know many of you spent {literally} days, weeks and months praying for Karl. If you should think of him, please pray for 
his complete healing.
Thank you in advance.

35 thoughts on “Appendicitis

  1. Oh Linny…I'm so sorry to hear about Karl! Probably bringing back nightmares for Autumn and Karl…Praying for healing and peace for everyone!

    From Portales, NM

  2. Seriously?? Doesn't he know he's used up his hospital time for like…Eternity!!!!!

    Praying he kicks this hospital stay to the side of the road and gets back to more fun things!!!

  3. Linny, in the middle of our lessons, I had the thought, check Linny's blog. Which was weird since I had already done that a few hours ago. Not to mention that we are "doing school." Never the less, I checked and you have posted about Karl. So glad I checked! Now my children and I have had the privilege of praying for him and you all!

  4. Wow-wee! I just did some back tracking to read about Karl's accident. We serve an amazing God! I know this particular trial is momentary and He is more than able. Count on my prayers!

  5. My goodness!!! Tell Karl if he wants us to pray for him to just ask. He doesn't have to keep doing the ER thing! =) On a serious note, that boy may need some serious prayer covering. Seems the enemy would like to keep him from doing something …. God has bigger plans!!!
    Praying in PA

  6. Praying! We had the same thing happen to one of our daughters last summer. Scary, but after a few days in the hospital and rest at home she was good as new!

  7. Oh MY!
    Thank goodness he got to the hospital when he did- or it could have been even worse- praise GOD!!

    Have Karl take it easy for awhile and do what the Drs say- it may take some time for him to heal.

    Prayin in MN!

  8. Good grief! Karl and Autumn already have some great memorial box treasures to share with their future kiddos. He is faithful. Praying for them and you guys.
    Love Lori

  9. Will pray for Karl. Bless his heart, he has been through so much – he must be dreading being in the hospital again. Praying he has a very speedy recovery.

  10. Ok, didn't you already have this discussion with Karl?! You know the one where he doesn't scare the bejeebies out of Autumn or any of us for that matter ever again!?!!!

  11. Linny, I just about fell over when I read this. I haven't been on the blog in a few days because on March 14th, (which was my birthday) I had an appendicitis! Thankfully mine did not burst, but here in Sweden they did not do laproscopic, so I totally understand. I will be praying for Karl as he recovers.


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