The Streets

I really want to share some Africa stories over 
the next few weeks.  
Stories from when I was there with Emmy
 to bring Ruby home, stories from the team 
Emma and I led this past April 2011 and 
stories from the GO Team
 February 2012 trip.    
I think it is often hard to picture what people are 
talking about, so I tried to capture each element 
in a tangible way.  
I was able to capture a short video 
{it’s only 20 seconds long}
 of the streets of Kampala, watch it below:  
Soon I will show you who we found
 sitting on the side of this road at this exact 
spot a few days after today’s video was taken.
In fact SIX seconds into the above video you
 will see a Graffiti wall on the right side of your screen…
and that is exactly where this particular little 
treasure I will show you was sitting.
“Break our heart God, 
with the things that break yours.”    

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