An Email

This afternoon I received an email from 
my brother-in-law.  
He visited us for a week recently and sadly,
 I really barely got any pictures.
He is a wonderful uncle and the kids 
{and Dw & I} 
love him to pieces.
We are so thankful he was finally{!} able to visit…
it has been too many years.

Uncle Dan, Dw’s next oldest brother with us.

Anyway, in his email today Uncle Dan wrote a very personal 
and tender email in response to the situation with
 the little boy at the pool {he had read the post}.  
It brought tears to our eyes at the love and protective heart
 Dw’s brother has for his nieces and nephews.  
Thank you Uncle Dan.
We love you soooo much!
Lastly, there will NOT be a 
Memorial Box Monday tomorrow.
Thank you for understanding.  

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