Memorial Box Monday: The Knock at the Hospital Room Door!

“For what you have done I will always praise you in the presence of your faithful people. 
And I will hope in your name,
 for your name is good.
Psalm 52:9

I am soooo excited to share this story with you, 
my sweet bloggy friends!  
Seriously, God is so amazingly faithful!
He surprises us in the most crazy, shocking and 
almost unbelievable ways!
Wait till you hear this Memorial Box Monday story…
and it’s fresh.
It happened on Friday, just three days ago.
Well as most of you know, Ruby went to the 
hospital by ambulance in the wee hours 
of the morning on Thursday.  
She had been sleeping in a tee-shirt 
under the covers tucked in with me. 
When the EMTs and paramedics got her 
ready to transport to the hospital, I flew around 
trying to grab some stuff.  
My mind was going ninety miles an hour…
The ambulance, the giant fire truck out front,
 Graham with the little ones at home, 
Dw and the GO team in Africa….
I actually said to the men working on her, 
“Is it okay if I go take a shower?” 
I smile now thinking of it.
Everyone one of those seven men whipped 
their heads toward me with wide-eyed expressions.
Realizing what I had said {and totally didn’t mean} 
I said, “Ooooh, noooo, I mean, is it okay if I run
 and throw clothes on now to go with you?”  
They seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, 
thinking I was probably looney to have thought of a shower.
Of course, I really wasn’t thinking of anything but dressing, but truly was so scared and not speaking clearly.
Anyway, I grabbed my computer so I could update you when I was able.  I grabbed my cell phone.  I remembered my computer charger as well.  I grabbed my purse.
That was it.  
As fast as I threw clothes on they were ready to go.  
They were anxious to get her to the nearest hospital
 as her seizure had been alarmingly long.
Anyway, there is a whole lot more to share, 
and I think I will do that when I have processed it
 some more and talked to Dw when he is home, 
but suffice it to say on Friday when they 
spoke of sending her home I realized that 
she had come to the hospital in the ambulance 
just wearing a tee shirt and that shirt had 
been soaked from the seizure.  I had wadded it up 
and thrown it in my purse.  
I went to my purse and found it still basically wet and gross.  
Since Graham was already in route to get us, 
I quickly called Graham who was driving 
the back roads down to the hospital.  
The rule is that if the big kids phone is ringing 
they must pull over and see who it could be.  
A few minutes later he called me back.
I explained to him that I really needed him to 
find a Walmart on the way and run in and 
find something to bring her home in.
I asked, “Do you think you can find a Walmart?”
His response, “Mom, that’s where I pulled over to call you!”
Perfect.  God, you’re amazing!
So Graham ran in and found the most darling 
little spring dress for his little Rubylicious  
{as he calls her}. 

{The dress.  And yes, little Miss Ruby has been sucking her thumb some.}

When Graham arrived at the hospital I asked 
him how cold it was out.  He told me it was 
pretty cold actually.  ugh.  He was already at the
 hospital and it was then that I realized that I had no 
booties or socks for her little teeny-tiny feet.
I confide to the Lord about everything.
I whispered, “Ohhh, Lord.  
What can I put on her feet?
It’s cold out.”  
Doctors and medical staff came in and out.
In the back of my mind, again, I whispered
to Him, my best friend, who cares about 
every single thing we care about, 
“What about Ruby’s feet?”
In fact His word says, 
“Cast all your cares upon Him, 
for He cares for you.”
I Peter 5:7 
Suddenly, without warning there was a knock on 
Ruby’s hospital door.
Going to the door and opening it, 
you are not gonna’ believe what we found!
A group of young women, probably almost a dozen or so, 
pulling two overflowing wagons compliments of
Would you believe what was in those two large, 
overflowing wagons?
Little girl slippers
Adult slippers 
I almost fell over.
They said, “We are here from Kohl’s department store, 
could you use any slippers?”
Seriously, I almost fell over again.
I am laughing typing this.
Can you believe that?
Less than an hour after talking to our Almighty God 
about something for my little treasures feet, 
little would I know, that days or weeks or 
even months before He was working behind 
the scenes to prompt folks from Kohls to 
decide to go to Phoenix Children’s Hospital 
and walk on the 8th floor at just the right moment
 to bring us a free pair of booties compliments
 of their beautiful store.
Do you realize all the steps that He had to orchestrate?
Dear friends, that was no coincidence!
Faithful God.
They searched their wagons for the teeny-tiniest booties they could find…and there they were…with princess crowns, no less!

Made me think that the crown represents that 
she is the daughter of the King of Kings – 
a princess, indeed!

They then asked if I would like a pair of slippers.  Little did they know that mine were broke at home {still wearing them, 
but more-than-beat-to-snot-shape} and they handed me a 
new soft pink pair for myself
{My bathrobe is pink! How cool is that?}.

And just for the record, I figure each hospital visit is our opportunity to advocate on behalf of the 163,000,000 orphans 
around our globe.  I invited them all in to Ruby’s room 
and showed them her “before” pictures and
 then introduced them to our sleeping princess:
~sharing with them just how many orphans are in the world
~how they need us to speak on their behalf
~how Ruby is a miracle whose life has been spared over and over by Almighty God because of His deep love for the orphans
Several hearts seemed quite 
moved by our little treasure.
But seriously, can you believe it?

Booties on the way, before I barely
 whispered my prayer to my faithful Father,
because He is our miracle-working, mountain-moving, awe-inspiring, gasp-giving God!

What about you?
How has God moved in your life to show His strength, His power, His love, His healing, His faithfulness?

To understand what exactly a Memorial Box is,
read this!

Please share your own Memorial Box Monday 
stories by placing your permalink below.

I loved, loved, loved reading the ones 
you all posted last week.
Thank you so much for posting them!

24 thoughts on “Memorial Box Monday: The Knock at the Hospital Room Door!

  1. I ABSOLUTELY love LOVE this story! It is SO true. He cares about EVERYTHING! What a perfect example. Faithful God YES! Always. Precious little reminder and SO SO fitting for the booties to be CROWNS! As if the booties weren’t enough, He needed to remind everyone ONCE AGAIN that she is His princess. How amazing. Seriously. How precious.

  2. Got tears in my eyes, AWEEEESOME!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Maybe when little Miss Ruby has grown and the little booties don't fit her, you can put one in your Memorial Box?? πŸ™‚

    Smiling here and giggling in joy, I just love how He is working behind the scenes just for this exact moment!


  3. Our Father is so good and amazing! I love this story and I so totally love how you invited those ladies into the room to share Ruby's story! Indeed hearts must have been moved for your precious treasure and the countless others out there.

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story!… And I might start shopping at Kohls now.
    P.S. I pray that there will be no more hospital runs in your near future, BUT if there are and you would feel better having someone come over and stay with the kids, give me a call! Seriously – day or night.

  5. I am always so touched and inspired when I read about your sweet relationship with our Lord, and the ways He ministers to you. I keep thinking, "of course He would provide!!" He cares. Thank you for being so open with us.

  6. Linny – what a sweet story. I, like you, figure anytime, anywhere we are is the right time to share about how God has brought our once-orphaned, now forever in a family children home. We never tire of telling their miraculous journey home.

    janet and gang

  7. Wow!! As I was reading your post, I had to repent for my impatience and lack of faith. Thank you for sharing this. I totally needed it this morning!

  8. I have tears in my eyes as I write this…of course, I always have tears when I read your posts. God is Awesome…all the time!
    Thank you for sharing stories of His awesomeness and showing his loving care for all the details of our lives.
    Keep up the God work.

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