And That’s How We Roll Around Here…

Little did we know but our littlest Ugandan princess  Miss Ruby Grace has had a few tricks up her sleeves {or maybe in her naked little armpits since she has no sleeves – haha} this morning!

She was resting comfortably on her blanket on the floor as everyone was getting their home schooling stuff out.    When one unsuspecting mama found that  

this little treasure was being a rather busy little bee and was thinkin’ up some pretty amazing stuff….cause when we turned back to her, our littlest African princess had rolled about 5 feet from where she was originally placed.

One day soon I will share publicly why this normally pretty-average feat is right up near the top of our “miraculous” list for our little treasure –  but for now, can I just say that we are stinkin’ celebrating with all our hearts??

 I couldn’t wait to tell you friends!  Miss Ruby is groovin’ and movin’ and we couldn’t be more delighted!!   Yippee Jesus!

Come on Ruby girlfriend – do it again girly-girl – do it again!!

And yes, Ruby girlfriend, that’s how we roll around here….

48 thoughts on “And That’s How We Roll Around Here…

  1. That smile is so very precious! How awesome to hear she is moving and rolling around…who can blame her with so much going on…she must want to be in on all the action!

  2. Praising GOD! Little Miss Ruby is getting so chunky, and THAT too is a beautiful thing! Its hard to believe that she is the same baby in the pictures from Uganda! Praise God for the great things he has done!

  3. Praising God for this gift to you all and for her accomplishment! Well done Linny and family; you are just what she needed.
    Easter blessings to you and yours.

  4. AMAZING!… Not surprising since that little girl is just a million miracles all rolled into one adorable little bundle, but WOW! YAY little Ruby!! 😀

  5. Whenever I see a picture of her, I think to myself "Sweet little Ruby-dooby-doo!" Way to go sister! So proud of your new skills. Looks like you're thinking your mama needs more to do during her day, like chasing you around! ; )

  6. Ooh, I adore every single roll and dimple on your little chunky monkey! I would love to give her a bath (not that she's dirty!!) and rub baby lotion all over and then put a diaper on (safety precautions) and then sit and rock her and whisper in her little ear: "How much she is Loved". Oh, and bury my nose into that sweet-smelling baby neck. Heaven, I tell you! A Bundle of Heaven on Earth! I can't wait to get to Heaven! There will be a porch, lined with rocking chairs…where we can sit and rock precious babies all day long!
    Congratulations, on the smooth moves, Princess Ruby Grace! I Love You and that great big, wonderful family of yours! ~ Aunt Jo

  7. Wow! Just wow! Liiinn-neee! She looks AMAZING!!! Seriously a miracle! I can't get over how fat her little fingers even look! What are feeding her… whole cream? No, really. She just looks beautiful… but that image in my mind of her at the doctor, Emma holding her… that was NOT her! Wow. Hugs! God is doing and will continue to do miracles in and around her… I have NO doubt.

  8. What an adorable picture! And what an amazing accomplishment. Go Ruby go! She and God are going to knock everyone's socks off. I love getting to see it happen here. And I am so looking forward to your book, although the longer I wait for it, the more miracles you will have to include in it. 🙂
    Love Megan

  9. love it, Love It, LOVE IT!!!!!!! All these thousands of miles away and I was celebrating your little treasures accomplishment!

    Funny, once you raise a special treasure, you never take the "ordinary" for granted again. I remember crying when one of my special ones did something miraculous in a little tumbling class that all the others were doing – but for him it was nothing short of the glory of God! I was sitting in the parent chairs crying and laughing!


    GO RUBY-GIRL!!!!!!

  10. Hurray Ruby! Her chubby little arms are so sweet and so amazing. What a wonderful testament to what love, food, and medical care can do for the life of a precious little one.

  11. Yay Ruby and even more Yay God!! He is moving and using this sweet girl to show His power!! Oh, and I can't wait for you to hear Patrick say "Ruby." Every time I log on the blog,he will point to her and say "baby" but since they are the same age, we thought he should call her by her name, so we told him Ruby. Now, when I log on, he points right to her and says, "Ruuuuby." He says it so plainly, and then grins. It is precious! I think he has a baby crush!! 😉

  12. Wonderful! No question why this is a big feat – kids with vision issues don't orient well, and its probably much worse with hydrocephalus and the conditions she was in until recently. Great going RUBY!

  13. Linny, I look at this picture of Ruby Grace and cannot believe that she is the same little girl in Emma's arms from the picture at the orphanage not so long ago. She is miraculous! And I LOVE that smile! Thank you so much for sharing her story with us.


  14. Celebrating with you on Ruby's rolling! How wonderful! Celebrating too, the stone rolled away from our Savior's grave! Happy Easter to your family from ours! It's a rolling time of year!

  15. Simply precious. I love the title and it's sweet meaning considering the feat little miss Ruby has accomplished.
    Keep up the God work.

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