Making It Count

Dw and the kids and I have been sitting around brainstorming. 
Here we are in this new city.
We want to make a difference.
It’s Easter week-end.
What could we do for someone else, as a family, that 
would make it count,
maybe even for eternity.
We came up with several ideas.
This is gonna’ be fun.
Really fun.
We talked about the 1.9 billion being spent in America this year for Easter candy.
1.9 billion dollars.
Can you believe it?
{And just think, some people will even whine cause they couldn’t find the right kind!}
Yet at the same time there are millions of kids, just like them, 
who might not have a one meal this week-end.  
Not even one meal.
I showed them pictures from Africa and China.
Pictures of hungry orphans and orphaned street kids.
My kids get it better than most.  
They remember.
They were talking about remembering being hungry.
So we’re plotting and planning what we can do tomorrow as a family.
It’s Easter week-end.
Make it count with us!

9 thoughts on “Making It Count

  1. ok – so my friends and i used to do this thing called "rak" or random acts of kindness – and we started it cause all the boys from church would go to a mens discipleship group at the pastors house and for some reason all the girls started going at the same time just for fellowship. sometimes wed do stuff, but usually wed just sit and talk and goof off.

    anyhow – i got this idea to do rak one night – but we took it too far. and the funny thing is it often ended up seeming more like pranks than acts of kindness.

    like the time we tried to deliver flowers to people we knew could use a pick me up, and ring doorbell and run. but for some reason some of the flowers were smelly like fishy smelly and instead of returning them we figured "they wont notice", and moved ahead. and were running all over town speeding off in cars, determined to not be found, running through yards, hiding behind cars, delivering these smelly flowers.

    oh and that was just the beginning. LOL

  2. Let us know what you come up with. We would love to do something as well, but haven't really come up with any great ideas. Love your heart!!

  3. Love, love, love! I'm the missions and outreach director at my church and we did an Easter bag giveaway full of groceries to a local apartment complex, 144 total bags given away to 144 families. The best part of doing this is the way God showed up and led us to pray with some of the families that were hurting. God is so good.

  4. "We must learn to look away from our own worlds to care for what God cares about. Let's not devote our energies into trinkets and mindless self-indulgence that have no eternal value, but instead learn to invest in these children God cares about so much. They truly are the least of these — the ignored, unfed, abused and unloved. And we are told by our Lord that we cannot turn a blind eye to their plight." No Longer A Slumdog by K.P. Yohannan

  5. I don't post much but thought I'd throw an idea out there that I have had this year. My kids are all grown and I miss Easter egg hunts, so I decided to do an anonymous Easter Egg hunt in the park. I am going to go buy those little plastic eggs (a bunch of them) and print Bible verses and maybe fold up a tract along with a hershey kiss to put inside. Then I will distribute them randomly all over town for people to find as they go along their way. Who knows who will find them? God does! I will pray over each one as I place it. I may never know the outcome but I do not really care because God may use one to bring a soul to Him.

  6. I love this. Thank you! I'll be praying about what we can do. I'll also be praying into this more for next year in terms of what our church can do. This year, we are focusing entirely on prayer, worship and evangelism. I'm very excited about that! Also, I wanted to thank you for looking at our blog, seeing our precious daughter who is waiting for us in China, and for your perfectly-timed reminder to me as a pastor's wife, that I 'sing and dance for an audience of ONE'. I can't even tell you how much I needed to hear that. I started crying, and said, "Thank You, Father, for this beautiful reminder which You knew I needed so badly." And it was amazing to hear it from you, how who has walked the road for longer than I have. Thank you!! Sent with love, Heather in eastern Washington

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