We cannot even begin to adequately express our gratitude to all who have made Orphan Wares launch possible.

We thank Almighty God, first and foremost.

To HIM {and ONLY Him} be all the glory, honor and praise!

Hungry children will eat as a result of every proceed received from each item purchased.

Special thanks to The Orphan Wares Team:

Those who have donated the Orphan Wares official launch items?  You guys are absolutely amazing.  You have worked hard and it shows!  Your products are gorgeous!  {Keep making ’em and keep sending ’em.}  Your hearts for the orphan are huge – We love you all.  

The amazing web designer?  Kim Foo, you my dear, are precious!  The site looks so professional – wow.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  

Kim and Bryan

The provider of the warehouse and your dedication of your time in photographing, inventorying, and placing on the site?  Kala and Brian and kids – You guys are unbelievable!   The products looks beautiful beyond words.

 Kala, Brian and your treasures – you guys rock!

To those who will purchase the items from the Orphan Wares site?  You are part of the entire Orphan Ware team.

 Thank you each for your unfailing love for the orphan and your dedication to loving and feeding the forgotten treasures on the other side of the world.

To God be the glory – great things HE has done!  {And may Almighty God multiply Orphan Wares till that 1600 sq. ft. warehouse is way too small!}  

Lastly, please spread the word:  Artisans, crafters donators and shoppers….the kids in the feeding program need you!

Sweet friends, let the shopping begin:   OrphanWares.com

18 thoughts on “OrphanWares.com

  1. Yeah!!! The post for which I have been waiting. I wonder how many times I loaded and reloaded your blog in the last hour so I could head over and do some shopping just as soon as you posted the link. =D

  2. Love it!!! I am so thinking they need to place a newborn in my house so I can order one of the bonnets 🙂

    I noticed on the clothes that they didn't have sizes. Do you know sizes on the dresses and skirts?

    I can't wait for it to just keep filling up with items. I wish I had time to make something but my hands are a little full right now of wonderful little blessings.

  3. This is amazing! I have been so excited about this from the very beginning! I love how God brought it all together, blending all those talents into something wonderful. Thanks to all for making it happen! I have always loved giving hand made gifts and knowing it feeds the orphans makes it so much better!

  4. I finally got to go to the web site and love it! I can't wait until this adoption is paid for and I can shop there! Also looking forward to buying gifts there. Praying that crafty creations continue to come in! (I would love to help but do not have a single crafty bone in my body:). Blessings on this new adventure!
    Kameron (your sticker friend)

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