A Beautiful Chain of Events….

The other day on my Facebook wall, I found this message from Sarah, a sweet bloggy friend whose neck I have had the privilege of hugging on our nightmare RV trip a couple of years ago:

Oh Linny! 
This morning I put our foster daughter in the little 
gingham dress I got from
 www.orphanwares.com and she looked like a 
Raggedy Ann doll.  
This little 3 year old was sooooo excited about her new dress!
 Little did that person know 
that made that dress and donated it, that not only would it 
bless some kiddos in Africa
 but it would also bless a little girl with a broken heart 
right here in the USA. 
 I love the Orphan Wares site and all it stands for and 
I can’t wait to see God just keep filling it up.  🙂

My eyes filled with tears as I read Sarah’s note on my wall.
Since Kala and her team in California receive the Orphan Wares donations and
 put them on the site I have no clue who made this beautiful dress but 
what a perfect example of what God’s love in action does.
A precious friend somewhere made a dress with great care and love
 putting God’s love into action!  
Whoever she was, she knew that by creating the dress, 
once it was purchased on the
 Orphan Wares site, her efforts would feed kids in Uganda.
She completed the dress and shipped it off to Orphan Wares.
Kala and her team {whose hearts filled with God’s love took action and 
joyfully and willingly are serving the orphan through 
their dedication of time to the ministry of Orphan Wares} 
received it and posted the picture on the site.
And over in the midwest, Sarah and her husband Chris, 
compelled to do something bigger than themselves,
committed to acting on God’s love in their hearts
opened their home to foster care.
After seeing the beautiful gingham dress on the Orphan Wares site,
 Sarah purchased it for her new foster daughter.
{Hence her FB message telling me how a broken hearted little girl has been
 shown God’s love in a tangible way – a new dress!} 
And the money that purchased the dress?
100% of the proceeds goes directly to feeding the street orphans 
through the Front Lines feeding program

That’s what we call Almighty God’s LOVE abounding
and most definitely
 the greatest
of all!

{I asked Sarah if she could take a “hem” picture of her little treasure in her
Orphan Wares dress – to respect their privacy – and she wrote me when
she sent the picture and said, “She was so excited to put her dress on again.”}

Whether one of the 163,000,000 orphans around the world


vulnerable children in the foster care system,

or the modern day “widow” {the single mom}

all just needing to see Jesus in us.  

Thank you to all who make Orphan Wares a reality –
You guys are the best!

If you are interested in donating to Orphan Wares
would like to do some Shopping With a Purpose…
please click here:

Orphan Wares

12 thoughts on “A Beautiful Chain of Events….

  1. I sent a link of the Orphan Wares store to my friend who wants to open a fair trade & God honoring boutique next year. I would love to see her find a way to buy your items and resell them yet again as way to raise money for orphans.

  2. I LOVE This post! It is just so neat to see something from the idea stage come to being like this and to hear this beautiful side of it. I am excited to say that it was my most wonderful and talented mom who made this sweet little dress. Please let Sarah know that her foster daughter's dress was made by the sweetest Grammy to two little boys who has a heart for the orphan and a love of pretty vintage things. She loves to hunt for treasures and no doubt envisioned a beautiful little soul wearing this dress as she created it. She will be thrilled to know how happy and special it has made her feel. Sarah thanks for sharing this story. What an encouragement to carry on creating! Wonderful.

  3. How wonderful to see the full circle of an act of kindness…those on the giving end rarely know the reception found on the receiving end, but stories like this one continue to inspire and motivate for God's Glory.
    Keep up the God work.

  4. Oh I had to go look at the dresses since that one looked so cute!! Ended up buying Macy one in a different style/color. Can't WAIT to get her and photograph her in it!! 🙂

  5. Hey Linny,
    I showed her the picture and I got the biggest smile you have ever seen. She looked and said "I look like a princess."

    Little Z said that you need many, many pictures of her though because she says she's too cute to just have one picture, lol.

    Thanks for making her feel special today by posting this. You have no idea how hard this afternoon was for this little angel and then she got to come home to something that brought her smile back.

  6. Because of Sarah's post, I went and bought 2 dresses for 2 very special little girls. I love the purpose behind the shopping. In fact I would love to donate some things myself should I get my craftiness back 😉 Seriously- so cool! Also shared it. I may never make it to Uganda but when I see the little girls the Lord has entrusted to me from China in these dresses I will REMEMBER the wonders He has done and IS doing…all over the world!

  7. I purchased two handcrafted dolls from the orphanwares site. Oh my goodness!! Just got them in the mail today and they are just adorable! Is there a way to send a little note and ask that the someone who made these dolls could possibly make more and maybe even some little boy dolls??? If she would I know I would probably snatch those up as well. I bragged about orphanwares on my facebook page today. Praying that it will send more buyers and crafty people to the site. : )

  8. I ordered one of the adorable sock monkeys and got in the mail yesterday! I must say, it is even CUTER in person!! A sweet friend of mine leaves in the next few days for Uganda to bring home her precious daughter, and I cannot wait to give it to her when they return. What an awesome story it will be- a gift that helped feed other orphans will belong to a little girl who is orphaned no longer 🙂 thank you for such an awesome ministry!!

  9. How beautiful how He works! What an amazing circle of how His love touched lives that became entwined – all to help the orphan!

    (By the way, tomorrow, the beautiful pink flowered bonnet I bought from Orphan Wares will be given at a baby shower for a miracle baby! How exciting is that? 🙂

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