Here They Come!

Dw’s arms have been loaded as he arrives home with the International Voice of the Orphan mail each night now. They’re arriving and we are so tickled!  The generosity of you guys for the orphans and vulnerable street children of Uganda is overwhelming!

Check it out:

It’s not too late to get in on the action and make a difference!  Here’s the post if you want to see how you can help:   Operation Backpack Blessing

Before long, these backpacks, stuffed with lovingly written notes, beautiful family pictures, a treat and possibly a new tee-shirt and packed in suitcases and carried by the June 2012 GO Team {which by the way, the trip is full!}.  The reality is that you are all part of the mission – whether praying, sending gifts for the orphans or going yourself!

What a difference your love makes!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

8 thoughts on “Here They Come!

  1. I love seeing all those L.L. Bean packages. We actually live 15 minutes from the L.L. Bean headquarters. I can just imagine the packers in the warehouse here in Maine wondering why all those backpacks are heading to AZ. Thanks for letting us be a part of Operation Backpack Blessing.

  2. Sooo exciting to see! Just got an email notification from LL Bean that my backpacks were delivered to you today! Woohoo! Hoping to get letters in the mail to you before the team leaves! Thanks so much, Linny, for giving us this opportunity to bless some sweet children in Uganda.

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