It’s Your Chance…

A couple of months ago I felt like the Lord was speaking to me about an idea for a little series of blog posts for the future.

The idea wasn’t all that extraordinary {in the scheme of some of the things I’ve heard Him speak to my heart}….in fact being perfectly honest I thought, “Okay, Lord, I think I’m hearing you right, but why in the world would anyone care?”  Yes, I really said that to Him.

I continued, “And besides where would I get the ideas from?”

The idea was to have a series of Questions and Answers that you, my bloggy friends could ask…you know from your heart to mine…or something like that anyway.

I tucked His idea away and every now and then I would say, “Okay, okay, I’m willing, but where am I going to get the questions from?”

Seriously, not even two weeks later I received an email from a bloggy friend I didn’t know.

Luana wrote,

 “Have you ever heard about the business/marketing statistic that says for every person that writes a letter of complaint or suggestion, “x” percent of that company’s customer base is represented in that letter?  I wish I knew the exact amount, but I want to say it’s nearly 15%, (hence the reason why corporate businesses take customer letters so seriously).

Well, I was thinking, if I wrote a series of interview questions, would you possibly consider answering them in a future post assuming that 15% of your gazillions of readers (smile) are asking the same questions?  Frankly, “I” selfishly want to know. (Wink!)  After reading your blog for 2+ years, I’m filled with questions about your life – personally.  I assume others out there have similar questions.
Let me also say that I am “well aware!!!” this is none of my business. Some questions are extremely personal and I NEVER mean to offend you in any way. Feel free to ignore them. But, because I am a faithful reader, I do feel as though you and your family are a part of my life and that we’re friends. (Ha-ha!  Just typing that makes me laugh because I know how ridiculous that sounds, you don’t even know me!  But through your blog, I feel very connected to you.)  

As I read her letter I laughed out loud and said, “Okay, Lord…not once in the last almost four years of blogging has anyone asked for a Q and A series, so I’m taking it that this is what you were talking about.”

After receiving her email I shot an email back, “Crazy story, can we talk?  Too long to write….send me your cell number.”

We talked soon after that and had a blast visiting, laughing and talking, and I told her about how I had felt the Lord sharing with me that this was something He was orchestrating…and her email only confirmed that.

Just to set the record straight on why I even hesitated in the first place when He first spoke it to me….

Well, frankly, I just didn’t know what kinds of questions to answer.   And as I’ve mentioned about a billion times before, down deep I really, really, truly am shy.  {If you believe that or not, doesn’t matter, ask those closest to me, I really am.}  And then there’s that “vulnerable” part.  Shy people don’t really like to make themselves vulnerable.

And besides all that, quite honestly, I consider us just a normal family.   Well except for the 11 children part.  Well and maybe for the adopting 8 of them from all over part.  But really, other than that, we are just normal people living simply by simply loving God and loving each other and others as best we can…always striving to honor Christ, and Him alone.

But since He said to, and since Luana asked, here goes.

Luana actually said she sat down at the computer to write the original email with questions, and without any effort at all the Lord just directed it into categories and questions.  She knew it was from Him.   So I thought I would give you her categories {there could be others you have}…but for starters….

Here are the categories Luana listed for starters and she had her questions under each category:


Home Schooling

Special Needs

About Me

Nothing of Importance at All 

So here’s your chance.

Ask {Almost} Everything You’ve Ever Wondered and I Will Do My Best to Answer Openly {although I am not obligated to answer anything that I deem too personal.}

Please email your Q directly to me.   Please put in the subject:  “Q & A Post”

It would help a ton if you could please list them according to the categories listed and if you have another category…feel free to add that as well.

Warning:  If anyone sends a hodge podge of questions without any particular rhyme or reason or organized manner, I probably will just have to pass yours over and truly, I don’t want to do that.  So please make my life a bit simpler {haha} by organizing into groups as listed above {or if you have another group, please feel free to use that as a category as well.}

Then over the next weeks, I will make every attempt to begin to answer the questions {in separate posts} that have been sent.

Lastly, I will not be responding to the Q & A emails individually.   The questions will only be answered in upcoming posts.  

 So there you go.  I have been obedient.  Ask away.  It’s your chance.  And oh yeah, please be nice, cause I really am just a shy, kind-hearted silver haired lady who happens to have 11 kids.  xo

***There will not be a Memorial Box Monday tomorrow.*** 
***Thank you for your understanding.***

12 thoughts on “It’s Your Chance…

  1. Looking forward to the upcoming answer posts!!
    I have never commented before, but like Luana, I feel very connected to you through your blog and think of your family often. Many of your posts have touched and influenced me, and I thank you for being obedient even in the bloggy world.
    Good luck with all the questions!

  2. for the first commenter, Amy, if you go to the "ABOUT" on top right corner of Linny's post, you will be able to email her :)

    It's awesome how Luana's email gave you the incentive to do what you feel is the Lord speaking to you, awesome! :)

  3. Wow. That's pretty cool. God must know there's something about you we all need to know! 😉 Wink!

    I think for now I won't be asking anything (but if anything comes to mind…) but I'll certainly be hanging on the adoption questions. I think I have read every adoption post you have linked up.

  4. I wasn't able to use the email me link either. It is something wrong on my end. I couldn't figure out how to configure my outlook or something like that. :( Bummer! I had a question I wanted to ask since one of your recent posts and felt too awkward to ask it. I'm excited about this new Q&A series!! Maybe if I use my hubby's computer it will work for me. I have mentioned before how I feel that you and Dwight are like mentors to us just from reading your blogs. Thanks for your openness and honesty!

  5. it is so funny that you wrote this cause i am one who reads faithfully and prays for your family but doesn't comment alot (i just like to keep my computer time to a minimum!)… but there is this question i've been wanting to ask and i really feel like your answer will be an encouragement to me. i also could not get your email address from the 'contact me' link. i know others have asked so i will try again soon.
    blessings from florida!

  6. Ladies – her email address is under contact me under about

    if you click the link "email me" it will open your default email program to send an email. or you can copy and paste the email address on the contact page or right here.

    if your email program is not set up on your computer (keyblade) then it will tell you to set it up when you click that link – or you can just copy and paste the email address into your email program of choice.

  7. I'm excited for this series and I'm so glad the Lord led me to your blog at the beginning of this series. Gonna subscribe so I don't miss any! :)
    Jessie at

  8. What a great idea. and I just wanted to let you know that I love the changes you made to your blog. Beautiful family photo!
    Keep up the God work.

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