That Was Pretty Fun

I admit I can’t always leave replies on your comments, time just won’t permit me, but yesterday – well that was just plain fun.  Usually I can’t because some days my chores just don’t seem to end or they end abruptly with me sitting down for a minute and instantly falling sound asleep.

Some evenings the kids will actually wake me up and say, “Go to bed mom!”  And every once in a while I fall asleep during family Bible study {late morning or afternoon}.  My kids have been known to get up and get the camera and take awful photos of me with my mouth gaping {threatening to post them on the blog or Facebook}…I usually have woken up because they are laughing so hard…how mean is that?

Occasionally when the kids have found a movie that they really, really want me to watch {like Courageous – that movie was awesome just in case you haven’t seen it}…I stood and folded clothes to make sure I stayed awake.  I didn’t sit down at all, not even for a second, cause we all knew what would happen if I sat my weary bee-hind down for even a snippet.  

So, like I was saying, it was really fun to be able to leave some return replies to you all.  I guess that’s a perk of the big guy being in Africa with the team.  Not so many evening responsibilities to tend to…

Today we’ve actually had kind of a ‘lazy day’, working on home schooling {some will do it through the summer months} and swimming in the pool.  So very thankful this rental has one.

Are all you home schoolers done for the summer?  Many of you do it year round?  We don’t normally do it year round, but this year has kind of necessitated it.   May even become a year rounder after this.  Who knows.

Some how it almost sounds fun to do it that way.  And by the way, next year will be my 25th year home schooling.  I’m thinking there ought to be some sort of honorary something for that.  Like at a company, don’t ya’ get a gold pin or something?  Although as I type that, I giggle.  A gold pin?  Big deal.  Keep the pin.  Let me maybe just have a day of a cleaning service.

Now that sounds awesome {and actually probably cheaper than the gold pin}!

34 thoughts on “That Was Pretty Fun

  1. 25 years?! Wow Linny! That's amazing! Yes, you deserve at least a gold pin, but the cleaning lady is a much better idea. My hubby gave me the gift of a cleaning service when we decided to homeschool. I could kiss their feet. They come every other Monday and I literally count down the days. There is NOTHING better than walking into a clean smelling, spotless home…especially when I had nothing to do with. I do enjoy cleaning my own home though. We still have to tidy up in order for them to clean. It keeps me on track and more organized. I think you should put in your request as soon as possible!!! 🙂

    1. Yes, I would imagine that having someone clean every other Monday would be a pretty schniiiice deal. No doubt, a clean smelling home when we had nothing to do with it? The best smell ever!

  2. Once my head hits the pillow- I am out! This summer is a first for us with doing schooling during the summer. My oldest is going into 8th grade with 5 more behind her. This time last year, Leo came to live with us, he officially became a Shafer in April. Leo also just turned 2 in April. He has a genetic syndrome. In the last year, Leo has had 3 surgeries and more specialist appointments then I can count! We are extremely blessed that my mom is our sitter while I take Leo to appointments. She is a great fill in teacher, but can only do so much schoolwork. I feel like we lost a lot of days this year b/c I was at appointments with Leo so that is why we are schooling through the summer. I am making their loads lighter, but I feel like we need to do some not only to make up days but just in case we have another crazy year! Praying for you while DW is serving in Africa.

    1. First, thank you for praying for me while Dw is in Africa. I feel like I am part of the team – cheering and praying {like crazy} from the sidelines…and joyfully sending him/them. So I really I don't mind it at all, but no kidding, some days definitely seem longer than others. Ruby started throwing up yesterday, J, E & E were sooo grumpy so bedtime was 7:30…Isaiah stayed up awhile with mom…and Ruby kept throwing up…I thought at first she was just being Ruby {she throws up more than most – and no, not spit up, THROW UP}…but this turned into every little bit…and Graham had been feeling sick, and there is a virus going around…so all that to say, thank you for praying!

      As far as the school goes, I am really contemplating doing it year round. I think it might help. I had always loved my "june, july, august" but rethinking that whole theory…and praying for wisdom…I wanted to hear what others are doing….thank you for sharing. xo

  3. I admire a year round homeschooler! We have been finished for about a month and my husband wanted me to get a couple workbooks or something so the kids wouldn't become so rusty. That lasted all of two days!!! Momma NEEDS her break 🙂 Love just being momma for a while.
    amy in ga

    1. I so hear ya'! June, July and August used to be my favorite months…but for our family, maybe it's time to rethink that whole thing…thanks for weighing in!

  4. I'm in TX and we sort of do the year-round thing because it's too hot to do anything else in the summer. If we get close to burn-out, we will take a break when it's cooler and we can do more outside

  5. Speaking of Dwight being in Uganda, Please tell him to bring back a baby or two for me 🙂
    This whole waiting thing is KILLING me!

    At least persuade him to take lots and lots of pictures!

    1. Bring one or two back for you? Only after he brings me another one or two. haha. Seriously. We are busy, but if he would find me another precious gem like my Ruby or two, we would in a second…He took another camera with an empty card – so we should see lots of pictures!

  6. We are year-rounders rieght now. Life is learning, and that never stops. We have a lot of ebb and flow in how structured we are, but my guys are still really young. I love doing life with them! I agree that you deserve some sort of honor for 25 years. As a military wife we see our spouses go to all sorts of promotions, etc where everyone says what a great job they are doing and my friends and I joked we should make up our own 'mommy ceremony' in kind so we can get some poitive job feedback also. :o). The truth is that I am starting to get that feedback in getting to enjoy my kids every day and see the payoff of the years of constant training as preschoolers. Praying that God multiplies your sleep as you are single parenting for a while!

    1. Bec – you're a year rounder too? Seriously thinking of doing it too. Kind of enjoying the routine of it. Of course, after my last year? Anything routine is welcome.

      And as a military mom – gracious be! You all deserve an honorary ceremony just like your hubby does! I will vote for it…you should write to Hallmark…they are always up for another holiday, right?

      Thank you for praying for the sleep to be multiplied. Ruby's not been feeling too good, so it has been hours {yes, hours} up in the night…so thank you…xo

  7. Hi Linny! We have had a pretty laid back year, so we will be homeschooling through July. That's pretty normal for us. I try to be done by convention time so I am thinking about next year when I'm there. PS. That is the AFHE convention on July 20-21. I guess 25 years experience makes you a pro, but it might be fun to be with thousands of other homeschoolers. Plus, the only thing that could make my favorite weekend better would be to run into you there!
    Megan (seriously, I've GOT to figure out how to have my own profile and quit using my son's old one!)

    1. Awwww, M, that will be when we are away. I wanted to go sooo badly. I haven't been to one since we pastored in Virginia….ugh, ugh, ugh. Would have loved to have gone. UGH. I keep forgetting Keyblade is your sons. You need to have him give you a tutorial. I always know it's you, but always think, "Keyblade? WHat's a keyblade?" haha.

  8. Yes, we homeschool year round. 6 weeks on-2 weeks off. It works really well for us. We live in hot sunny FL, so having summer off isn't that great. We would much rather have time off in the spring and fall when the days are cooler. We tried 9 wks/3 wks, but the kids were bored the 3rd week and forgot some of what they had learned that's why we switched to 6/2.

    1. Six and 2 sounds pretty good. I am seriously praying about it. 9 and 3 sounds too long to me too. Thanks for weighing in Mom2Six! I will keep praying, but I think it's moving in that direction quickly! I just wasn't sure how many/how often. Face it, for the last 24 years this home schooling mama will honestly admit that June, July and August were my favorite months. =)

  9. That's so funny about falling asleep. When I've had a particularly long night, I will teach standing up. If I sit down, it's all over for me. Regarding homeschooling, we are in our 4th year. No where near your amazing 25 years! : ) This year we are year-round schooling and I really prefer it. We had to take time off here and there this year when I was knee-deep in adoption paperwork and we'll take time off this fall when we pick up our treasure, Isabel TaiYu. (Just love saying that!) Yes, I vote for the cleaning service for a day!!

    1. So excited for Isabel TaiYu. And you ought to love saying that! You've waited long enough to be able to!! Yippee Jesus! Can't believe I moved before you came back for a visit again? ugh. xo

  10. I will take the housecleaning over a silly old pin anyday too!!!! This is my 10th year of homeschooling and I had that same funny thought… that I deserve a plaque or something. I like your idea better though! Lol!

    As for the "year round" issue… we usually try to do math and english all summer to keep the skills up and catch up for when we have lags. Of course public schools never worry about finishing a book, but us homeschoolers think we are horrible if we don't. Of course every year my kids rally for no school but, like you, this year had many challenges with the beginning of our journey into the world of fostering – so the schooling will continue this summer as usual (but I don't make them take school when we camp- that would just be mean :o)

    1. You've thought that you deserve a plaque or something too? See!! It's not just me. Well think about it. Moms are probably the most under-appreciated work force in the world AND a home schooling mama? Who celebrates that? {pondering that for a moment!} Exactly! NO ONE. So we ought to start a movement. National Home school Mama Day. {Although a day would probably be too short, let's just say.}

      I am seriously considering doing it year round. I think it might work. If I only did Math and English I might get lazy {haha, you know me, lazy bones Jones.} Anyway, I am so thankful so many weighed in. I love hearing what others are doing.

  11. I was thinking that in a lot of ways – we are all home schooling whomever is in our home! My girls are grown up, married and live in a different state – but I have a house full of young women often and I get the privilege of "schooling" them on a lot of different subjects. I wouldn't trade it for the world! These young women are such a blessing to me. So . . . year round schooling seems to be way of life, even after graduation (maybe especially after graduation!)

    1. Oh Chrisann, you are surely "schooling" all the young folks the Lord brings your way! I am so honored to call you friend…and I sure wish Chicago was next door to Phoenix! xo

  12. No one is home-schooling here this year. I miss it so much. Especially at the end of the year, come May, when we are all just DONE being slave to someone else's calendar and clock. But it is what it is for now and I am on the countdown for the last day of school – JUNE 13th here we come. Tempered by the gut-wrench of my first baby graduating that day. Sigh. I canNOT believe he's graduating.

    As for the gold pin? I'd take a cleaning lady for a day ANY TIME over a pin. No matter how much gold it bore. OR… I'd sell the pin and buy a cleaning lady for a week 🙂

    Thanks for your kind congrats on the job offer. We're settling into the idea of it and grateful for the provision. No gap in employment, a simple addendum for the homestudy. Now to get that DTC done. And to sell tees. And win that Mary Kay contest. And finish this babysitting job. And keep selling the yard sale stuff…. OY! I WISH I could fall asleep as fast as my hiney hit a soft seat. My brain never gets the message to turn off enough till it's totally dark and quiet in the house 🙂

  13. We homeschool all year long, too, so we can take mental health days off as we need them. Both of my girls are autistic, and if our schedule is too crowded for too long they get stressed and need a day to just play. (And sometimes it's just me that needs the play day! LOL) We also live in hot, humid Houston, so it's nice to take breaks in the cooler months to go to the park or the zoo when they aren't so crowded and it's not so icky outside.

    I would love a cleaning service, too!! I love my family and my home, but I hate housecleaning. Ugh. I really need to work on my attitude about that. 😛

    1. Another year rounder? I have been surprised at how many there are out there. When I first considered it, years ago, there were few. Now I wouldn't feel alone.

      As for hating housecleaning….can I just say, I honestly USED to love it. I loved laundry too {notice past tense}…and I loved making meals. Now 34 years of marriage later, 11 kids later, the novelty has wore off {big time}. The kids are great helpers, but I can see why The Brady Bunch had Alice. Lucky Carol!

  14. Coming from a mama who only has her first year of homeschooling (5th grader and 7th grader) under her belt, you DEFINITELY deserve an award for 25 years!!! We finished school two weeks ago, but are planning on reviewing math throughout the summer so they don't forget. I'm not sure if they or I love June, July, and August more, so we are going to enjoy every minute of our break. We also adopted a baby in March, so it is extra-nice just to get to enjoy his baby days without schooling too at the moment. 🙂 I am all for a National Homeschool Mama Day!!

    Praying for your gang! 🙂

  15. oh man i feel better. My 6 yr old (adopted 3 yrs ago this week!) has to have my lying down beside her in order to go to sleep. And I'm often asleep before she is! Thankfully I can usually wake up early to get all the work done that never gets done at night cause I fall asleep as soon as I lie down.

  16. We are another year-round family! Works best for us having little ones around. We have a curriculum we have stuck with for years and the older kids are pretty independent in it. Of course, I still assign pages and check work though. It works out nicely that way. We do a lot of character and chore training as well, so it's not just "schoolwork"! I feel like doing it year round offers a lotore buffer days when someone is sick or we take a spring trip. Then I'm not stressed and pushing them to get done by a certain time!
    Praying you get some rest and that this virus stops in its tracks. I am sure you are one overworked (in the best way) woman! Where there are no oxen, the stable is clean! Praise God for these blessings. He will meet your needs. Thankfully, it's not up to us alone!

    1. Character training is honestly, far more important then any book learning. Ever. Anywhere. I've met plenty of kids who are "smart" but their character is lacking in a mighty way. Good girl Annie!

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